50 Waffle Puns That Are Flipping Good

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Waffles, oh yum, what an amazing breakfast food or snack, if you want something tasty and filling to eat. I sometimes start my day with an Eggo waffle and pour some syrup on it and put some butter over it too. Or sometimes I make my own Belgian waffles. Okay, I am not known to be the best cook around, but my waffles are sweet and I put lots of fun toppings on them.

I top my Belgian waffles or my Eggo waffles with not just syrup but sometimes I go all out and put chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, sliced bananas, sliced strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. Oh, it is so good, and let me tell you too that it is so worth the calories. Yes, that waffle dish is full of calories but it is worth it and fun. I also don’t eat those waffles daily but I eat them often enough. If I ate them more, I would be gaining more weight!

Sometimes I like to eat out to grab tasty waffles from the restaurant as they come out golden brown and fresh, with some amazing toppings. You just cannot go wrong with them! Let’s see what else we can say about waffles, oh well, how about going over puns about waffles. Let’s go over 50 of them that are too sweet for words.

List of Waffle Puns That Are Flipping Good:

Following are some of the best waffle puns that are flipping good:

  1. My friend wanted waffles and not pancakes so she kind of flipped out over that.
  2. What sea creature likes waffles? Flipper.
  3. Oh you are making waffles for breakfast? Oh sweet!
  4. Make up your mind about what you want to eat for breakfast and stop waffling already.
  5. Pancakes are good, but on the flip side, waffles are more filling.
  6. What are the best waffle building blocks around? Eggo.
  7. Belgian waffles are flipping good.
  8. What vegetable do you eat before eating waffles for dessert? Brussels sprouts.
  9. What naughty statue enjoys waffles? Manneken Pis.
  10. What song does Elton John sing after he enjoys some waffles? Just Like Belgium.
  11. The waffle iron was mad and just flipped out at me.
  12. Ah, you want waffles, which is why all of a sudden you are acting so sweet to me.
  13. What color should waffles never be? Blue.
  14. Waffles or pancakes for breakfast? To be it does not batter.
  15. I wanted to have a tasty dessert which is why I waffled around the dessert cafe today.
  16. Where is the best summer destination for friends who enjoy waffles? Sunny Eggo.
  17. What do you call a breakfast dish composing of waffles and scrambled eggs? Eggo dish.
  18. How do you make a waffle smile? You butter it up.
  19. Hey, I will catch you on the flip side to go for waffles.
  20. How did the blind man hurt his hands? He tried reading the waffle iron.
  21. I love crepes and pancakes a waffle lot.
  22. The shapes for kids’ waffles make them waffle-y cute.
  23. Hey, don’t tough my waffles from the freezer, those are mine so Leggo of that!
  24. Hey, please Leggo of the grudge you have towards me and let’s go and enjoy having a waffle breakfast.
  25. What do you call the result of cooking chicpeaks in a waffle iron? A fawaffle.
  26. I had to write a report at work about the best breakfast ideas but I couldn’t get it done on time because I kept waffling about it.
  27. Why can’t the waffle participate in the pancake party? It is square.
  28. What does a German pilot eat for breakfast? A Luft-Waffle.
  29. I accidentally poured maple syrup on my report and now I feel waffle about it.
  30. What song is the best one to listen to when you are eating breakfast? ‘Today I am Waffling’ by LMFAO.
  31. Do you love a waffle? Then go pass it the syrup.
  32. Making waffles for me for breakfast is a really sweet idea.
  33. The co-worker is such as narcissist since he has to be the one known to make the best waffles in the office, gotta love that big Eggo of his.
  34. Never try waffles in Sandy Eggo.
  35. What is the best waffle topping? More waffles of course.
  36. What do you call a waffle that works out? A pancake with plenty of abs.
  37. I don’t trust the chef since he has done so many waffle things in the kitchen.
  38. I had an affair and I can’t enjoy my delicious breakfast because I feel waffle about it.
  39. What do you call someone who eats cereal and also adds too many fresh pieces of fruit on his waffles? A fruit loop.
  40. No the best waffles are not in Switzerland as they are in Belgium so you have to Leggo of that idea!
  41. I had too many toppings on my pancakes for breakfast and now I just feel too full and waffle.
  42. What do you call someone crazy who packs waffles with fruit and puts layers on pancakes on top? A fruit cake.
  43. What is it called when someone has flatulence due to eating too many pieces of fruit on their waffles? Tooty fruity.
  44. My dog grabbed that frozen waffle before I put it in the toaster and he has to Leggo of it now!
  45. How is a waffle similar to a softball team? They need a good batter.
  46. What do you call waffles underneath the beaches in California? Sandy Eggo.
  47. If you are thinking about a food that is so indecisive, that is the waffle!
  48. Oh I thought you were eating pancakes, I feel waffle about the breakfast confusion.
  49. What kind of setting can make you fat? The waffle house!
  50. I have noticed that breakfast puns are simply so waffle.

There you have it! You have 50 waffle puns that are just too sweet for words. I now have a craving for waffles, what a surprise.

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