49 Bone Puns That You Will Find Humerus

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Bones are the foundation of our bodies as we wouldn’t be functional without them. This is why it is always important to take in that calcium and vitamin D in order to keep them strong whether it is through dairy products or through supplements. When you break a bone, it is always so painful and you need to have a cast supporting the broken bone to fuse back properly so it can grow again.

If you were a kid and you had broken a bone at school, you likely would have very fond memories of having your friends write sweet or not so sweet messages on your casts. Another annoyance with a bone being disrupted is when you end up with a funny bone. And that is a silly name for the strange pain that is associated with that because that is not at all funny. Except for in some cases when it is.

When puns about bones are involved, that is the only time a funny bone is actually funny to the point it is downright humerus. Let’s laugh at 49 funny bone puns now.

List of Bone Puns That are Humerus:

Following are some of the best bone puns that are humerus:

1. I am not lazy because I am just bone tired instead.

2. I tried to bite into a chicken bone but it was not so easy as I had expected since it got me so rattled.

3. Why did the doctor not find your joke funny since he does not have a funny bone.

4. What is an orthopedic doctor’s hobby when he is not treating patients? He plays the trom-bone.

5. What is it called when you end up hitting your funny bone without the light being on? It’s dark humor.

6. What is a bone that does not believe in God called? A blasfemur.

7. Bones have to connect with one another in the body otherwise they will easily get bonely.

8. I hope you got these puns down to the bone!

9. Why was the dog digging so much in the backyard? He needed to get down to the bone.

10. What does a happy and excited bone in the pelvic region say? ‘Hip hip hooray’.

11. What happens when you boil a funny bone? It becomes a laughing stock.

12. Why are my bones comparable to the Holy Roman Empire? Because they are Aachen.

13. What is a dream that is the result of a bone that is broken? A femur dream.

14. How much do a roomful of bones weigh? Probably a skele-ton.

15. I am not happy with the orthopedic doctor right now. I have a bone to pick with him.

16. The orthopedic doctor laughs at his jokes but frankly, I don’t find them all that humerus.

17. What is a professional bone-digging dog called? A barkeologist.

18. What bone in the body is prone to telling one lie after another? The fibula.

19. My brother had his wrist bone crack recently but he knows it will get better which is by he shouldn’t be broken up over it.

20. How many bones do you think are in a hand? Only a handful.

21. Why do cool people have a thing for pelvic bones? Because they are hip.

22. Why are some orthopedic doctors psychics? Because they feel what will happen to the bone.

23. Hitting your funny bone is anything but humerus.

24. Why are orthopedic doctors happy for those doctors that accomplished more than they have? They don’t have a jealous bone in their bodies.

25. Why are femurs so tired all of the time? They aren’t. They are just lazy bones.

26. Why don’t orthopedic doctors get offended so easily? Because they know that sticks and stones will break their bones but names will never hurt them.

27. The orthopedic doctor was so happy to have some extra cash as he really appreciated the bone-us.

28. Why are orthopedic doctors picky about the wines they drink? They only like them to be as dry as a bone.

29. Why was that dog going crazy tearing off the meat that was found on top of the gift box? He wanted to cut the rib-bone.

30. Why are orthopedic doctors against the idea of colonizing Mars? You cannot breathe in the gas on the planet which is car-bone dioxide.

31. What drink does an orthopedic doctor look forward to enjoying after coming back home? A shot of Bour-bone.

32. Why are orthopedic doctors trustworthy and honest? They are Bone-afide.

33. How does a French orthopedic doctor greet you? He says Bone-jour.

34. What instruments do orthopedic doctors play in a symphony? The saxo-bone and the trom-bone.

35. What is an orthopedic doctor’s favorite band? Boney M.

36. Why did the orthopedic doctor not want to take a chance on going outdoors without wearing a mask during a pandemic? He figured it is better tibia safe than sorry.

37. What is the common response by someone who does not believe the funny bone is really amusing? ‘You’ve got tibia kidding’.

38. The tibia and femur do not understand one another because they never had a boned with each other.

39. Macaulay Culkin became an orthopedic doctor, but he remembers his role in that hit movie Home A-bone when he was an actor.

40. Why doesn’t the orthopedic doctor want to hang around on a mountain? Because he thinks that it is bone-ly on top.

41. When an orthopedic doctor wants to be frank about something, how does he start his sentence? ‘Tibia honest with you…’

42. What do you say about a baby that was born that will become both a celebrity and an orthopedic doctor? A star is bone.

43. What did the femur say to the tibia when he was looking for his beloved gadget? ‘Where is my cellbone?’

44. What does an orthopedic doctor say to someone who is insulting his intelligence? ‘I wasn’t bone yesterday’.

45. The bone stirfry is delicious but it is a pain to clean up after the fact because the skull-et needs cleaning.

46. The ceramic skeleton is so fancy because it is a fancy skull-pture.

47. What actor does a bone appreciate? Nicolas Ribcage.

48. Bone puns are so amusing that I crack a rib laughing.

49. Why does the skeleton like archery? Because of the bone and marrow.

I hope this was humerus to you.

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