50 Gay Puns That Will Give You A Gay Old Time

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Gay. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the term gay? You probably think of a same-sex couple whether it is a male couple or a female couple. And as times have progressed, you see a lot more acceptance with gay couples opposed to how they were viewed decades ago, let alone centuries ago.

In fact, those who were gay that was afraid to admit it ended up in heterosexual relationships for that reason. They must have felt quite trapped to be in a relationship that really meant nothing to them. They must have really felt trapped being in a relationship where they pretended to be attracted to their heterosexual partner. However, it never pans out well when that happens. They may go off and have kids with their partners who they aren’t attracted to because of the fact that they aren’t attracted to those of the opposite sex.

Those are the stories you hear about when they go off and cheat on their partners for someone else who is of the same sex as them. That is just as hurtful to the partner as it would be if they had cheated on someone with the opposite sex. And speaking of gays, let’s go over 50 puns that will give you a gay old time.

List of Gay Puns That Will Give You A Gay Old Time:

Following are some of the best gay puns that will give you a gay old time.

1. I asked two men walking together wearing the same clothes if they were gay. They arrested me right away after.

2. Why would you not wear your gay sweater? It is still in the closet.

3. Why are gay deer penniless? They blow too many bucks.

4. Straight people wonder why gays have good fashion tastes. You develop that after spending so much time in the closet.

5. There is a simple explanation for glow in the dark condoms and that is for gay men playing star wars.

6. A gay guy and a microwave have one difference and that is the microwave doesn’t brown the meat.

7. You cannot compare a gay guy to a freezer considering that the freezer does not fart when you pull the meat out.

8. I would not be surprised if my co-workers are gay considering they mumble ‘what an ass’ each time I walk down the hall.

9. What is a pickup line you hear at a gay bar? ‘Would you like me to put your stool in?’

10. Gay people are messy artists considering they cannot draw a straight line.

11. Why is Pacman gay? All he does is eat balls.

12. Where do gay dwarfs come from? The cabinet.

13. What does being gay and geology have in common? Exploring rocks.

14. What is a gay drive-by called? A fruit roll-up.

15. Why do gay people use phony money to buy their goods and services? Because they are as gay as a three-dollar bill.

16. Why do gay people get mistaken as a drawing of a flamingo? They are as gay as pink ink.

17. What is a homosexual person called who takes dangerous risks? Disaster gay.

18. What is someone who is bi-sexual called who tends to like enough of those of the same sex as they do with the opposite? Just gay enough.

19. Why do lesbians dislike legumes? They are bean flickers.

20. Why do lesbians only want to use edible flooring in their homes? They are carpet munchers.

21. What is the name of a lesbian who is neither butch nor femme? Kiki.

22. Why do homosexual men want to explore the planet Uranus? Because they are gay astronauts.

23. Why do gay men like to hide in the backyard wearing a mask? They are backdoor bandits.

24. What do gay men and Tinkerbell have in common? They are fairies.

25. Who is the woman that has a friend that is gay? Dorothy.

26. Who is a guy that has a friend who is gay? Frankie.

27. Why are gay guys excellent candidates for working in a candy shop inventory area? They are fudge packers.

28. What US state do gay guys like to visit often? Oklahomo.

29. If a gay guy was to date a woman, what would her name be? Mary Louise.

30. Why do gay men get upset over things easily? It doesn’t take much for them to get BENT out of shape.

31. Why do gay guys know how to disappear in thin air? They go poof.

32. What does a gay guy and an apple have in common? They are fruit.

33. What do you expect to see at a gay barbeque? Plenty of hotdogs.

34. How does a genie turn a straight man gay? It goes ‘poof: you’re now gay’.

35. How can you possibly fit 4 gay men on a barstool? You flip it over.

36. What is a police dog that is gay? Gay-9.

37. What was the gay dinosaur called? The Megasoreass.

38. A gay threesome can exist and it is called a sloppy joe.

39. How can a gay guy be both straight and lazy? By coming straight out of the closet and going straight to the couch.

40. What is the only thing that a gay alcoholic can do straight? Vodka.

41. What is something that gay horses eat? Hay.

42. I may be gay because I cannot think straight.

43. How does God deal with overpopulation? Making people gay so they cannot reproduce.

44. When a gay guy asked me for directions, I told him to go straight.

45. What do gay archers use to shoot? A rain-bow.

46. What do a gay beer drinker and a necrophiliac have in common? They both like a cold one sometimes.

47. What is a gay alligator detective called? An investigator.

48. Why can’t gay people be good baseball players? They can’t throw the ball straight.

49. What is something you would never hear a guy person say? ‘Let me be straight with you’.

50. Why do gay people beat around the bush? They can’t get straight to the point.

There you go. You have 50 gay puns to give you a gay old laugh.

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