51 Deer Puns That Are Deery Funny

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of deer? Are you thinking of one of the first songs you heard during your childhood Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do, as you know how the song starts with Doe, a deer, a female deer? Or you also think of a deer when you are driving far away from the city, and not in a good way. You fear the possibility of hitting one in the dark if you are heading so far out away from the town where deer and other animals are wandering around. 

However, there are plenty of signs on the streets that would warn you of deer crossing, and if there is a danger of deer coming towards your way. Hitting a deer in the dark can be quite a bad scenario for the deer, for your car or truck, or for you! And you don’t want to do that. That is why you want to obey the signs as you drive far away from the city or town that is more heavily populated. But aside from that, deer is an animal that is known to mind its own business. And they are cute but aren’t all that exciting. That can be fixed because there are 51 deer puns that you are going to love deerly.

List of Deer Puns That Are Deery Funny:

Following are some of the best deer puns that are deery funny.

1. If you hit that doe in the dark with your car, you’ll need to hang on for deer life. 

2. What did the stag say to the doe? ‘You are my deerly beloved’.

3. A stag and doe are in love as they are near and deer to each other’s hearts.

4. You had a venison meal? Oh how deer you!

5. If you see deer in the headlights then you know that is an example of deer straits. 

6. Why doesn’t a doe like milk? Because she thinks that deery is scary.

7. Two stags that fight with one another could end up in deer consequences. 

8. How do you know if a deer has had too much booze and junk food? Because of having a deer belly. 

9. There is no stag on the road and the risk of hitting one is low so the roads are all deer.

10. Why is that doe so happy? Because she is just so deerful. 

11. Don’t assume you will hit an animal wandering around if you drive in the boonies. Don’t deer the worst. 

12. The stag and doe have it hard so life’s not all deer and skittles for them. 

13. I cannot ever eat venison because I have a deer conscious. 

14. Why did that stag stop moving and kept staring? Because he was paralyzed with deer.

15. How does an elk keep moving quickly? They shift deers in no time. 

16. Why does that elk like to be active during wet and stormy weather? Because he is a rain deer. 

17. Why did so much attention fall on the baby deer that was born? Because a star is fawn.

18. Why are baby deers so fuzzy? Because they were fawn that way. 

19. That deer is not naive as he was not fawn yesterday.

20. The deer that disappeared is fawn but not forgotten. 

21. What does a deer say as it is leaving? ‘I’m going, going, fawn’.

22. A baby deer is so cute and is a bundle of fawn. 

23. That deer did not like peanut butter as it triggered his stag reflex. 

24. Why did that male deer who had no money suddenly become a millionaire? Because he went from stags to riches.

25. That deer is so skinny, he is really a stag of bones. 

26. That deer is so silent but is unhappy. I have to stag the words out of him to find out what is wrong. 

27. That deer literally ran away and I wish he stuck around. What a stag. 

28. How does an old deer talk about something that he is thinking about happened when he was younger? He says ‘buck in the day’.

29. How is a warm day good for deer the same way it is good for ducks? It is nice weather for bucks.

30. Why did that deer take on such a complex skill early on and become successful with it? Just a case of beginner’s buck. 

31. What do you say to a deer that failed a test? ‘Better buck next time’.

32. Deer never give up so maybe learn something from them because you have to keep on bucking. 

33. Can you doe me a favor and tell me if there is a deer coming near the car?

34. That deer made me so mad, and if you excuse me, I have to doe off some steam.

35. Deer are calm animals because they know how to doe with the flow. 

36. If you want to have a deer as a pet, then you need to learn about the doe’s and cons of owning one. 

37. Why is that stag never to be seen around? He’s keeping a doe profile. 

38. Why are deer constantly tired? That is because it seems as if they are on their doe’s all the time. 

39. What does a stag call his doe? His better hoof. 

40. There is a lot to learn from deer because they are the ones to tell you that every picture tails a story.

41. What game show do you see a doe and stag competing against one another? Deerl or No Deerl.

42. I want to write a book about a doe and a stag getting married. Seeing their picture gave me an i-deer.

43. How does a doe open the door? She manages to turn the deerknob.

44. Why was that buck acting a little crazy? He is simply deeranged.

45. How did the buck get into the house? Through the backdeer.

46. Why was the doe fierce? She wanted to make everyone know she was no deer-mat. 

47. What is another name for a buck that rules other deer? The lea-deer.

48. What do you call a deer that speaks a Chinese language? One that speaks Mandeerin.

49. How do you know for certain that the deer park is open? I got a defawnite answer.

50. Why do deer like mushrooms? Because it is an edible fawngus.

51. Oh deer, this is not good.

These are 51 deer pun that are deery funny, and I hope you thought so doe!

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