50 Geology Puns That Will Rock Your World

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Geology is the study of rocks whereas the study is focused on how the rocks are composed and the different types of rocks found on different continents and other locations of the earth. It is a very fascinating field of science and those who are good at science may end up taking a geology course in university. And they may even decide to become geologists if that is something that they see themselves doing.

And being a geologist would be quite cool actually because this is a field where you would be doing a lot of traveling. And you could find different types of rocks in different places of the world. Some rocks would be composed in different ways than others, and it would be interesting to study.

Geology by the way even includes the study of rocks on other planets such as on Mars, or the Moon (even though the Moon is not technically a planet). But how fascinating. What makes rocks from the Moon and Mars different from the rocks found on the earth? We may not know but a skilled geologist would definitely know. And they could give you a whole lecture on how they are different. How else can the field of geology entertain you? Perhaps when it comes to the world of puns, that is how. And speaking of that, let’s go over 50 geology puns that do rock!

List of Geology Puns that Rock:

Following are some of the best geology puns that rock.

1. The geologist was no longer hungry since he lost is apatite.

2. Why do you want to have a partner who is a geologist? They will rock your world.

3. The geologist says that earthquakes are nobody’s fault.

4. Geologists take their work very seriously because they really take nothing for granite.

5. If you don’t like geology puns, I hear you. Those are my sediments exactly.

6. The professor of geology was so angry with the student that kept skipping his class he accused him of being stoned.

7. What is something you do with geologists who have passed away? You barium.

8. Where do geologists like to sleep? In bedrocks.

9. My geologist professor is so excited because he is going to a Rolling Stones concert.

10. What is another term for a fake Irish geologist? A sham rock.

11. Why do geologists trust minerals? They are in pure form.

12. What does a geologist call a can of pop found in a conglomerate? Coca-Cola Clastic.

13. If you are wondering how I find great geology puns, I just dig them up.

14. Never allow a geologist to drive your car since they can get hammered and stoned.

15. Never lend geologist money! They consider millions of years ago as being recent!

16. The geologist who went to jail was charged with basalt and battery.

17. What did the geologist say when he found out he won millions of bucks? No fracking way!

18. How did the geologist know it was time to clean up his act? He had hit rock bottom.

19. What is the geologist’s favorite genre of music? Rock and roll.

20. The reason that geologists are extremely romantic on dates is that they are very sedimental.

21. The geologist was really depressed because of having a rock hard life.

22. Darth Vader said to the geologist ‘May the quartz be with you’.

23. Why did the geologist file for divorce? The ex was taking them for granite.

24. Never expect perfection from geologists. Remember they too have faults.

25. How do you know the geologist went nuts? He lost his marbles.

26. What does a geologist sprinkle on his scrambled eggs? Basalt and pepper.

27. Why do geologists talk about past problems? They dig things up from the past.

28. Geology is really rock-et science.

29. What do hipster geologists prefer to study? They study the tributary, instead of the main stream.

30. Why do you need a geologist who can support you during the most difficult times? They can be your rock.

31. What did the geologist say to his date? ‘I want to see your cleavage and you can test my hardness.’

32. Geologists believe that plateaus are the highest form of flattery.

33. Geologists are concerned if those protons make their masses look big.

34. How does a geologist defend himself? By saying ‘Don’t blame me, the San Andreas is not my fault.’

35. The way a geologist can flatter his date is by saying how marbellous she is.

36. Why are geologists major hipsters? Everything they handle is underground.

37. The book that makes a geologist cry is Optical Mineralogy.

38. If you are not nice to a geologist you will sulphur the consequences.

39. The geologist is stressed because of just having so much on their plate.

40. What does a geologist say during an unexpected plot twist in a movie? ‘Well… that was anticline-actic’.

41. Why does the geologist have no self-control? He caved in and bought the expensive item.

42. Why are geologists so unbelievably kind? They are generous to a fault.

43. What goal do many geologists have for their lives? To get married and strata family.

44. What type of oil do geologists have in their homes for cleaning? Mineral oil.

45. Why was the geologist angry when disturbed? He doesn’t like any intrusion into his private life.

46. Why was the geologist arrested? He was an intruder that was caught by the police.

47. Why are geologists normally personable? They are amphibole.

48. Why do geologists ignore unexpected knocks on the door? They don’t like silicic-ers.

49. Why did the geologist start with a 12-step program? He realized he is an alkalic.

50. Why are geologists great detectives? They can dig some dirt on you.

There you go! Did these geologists rock? Can you come up with some funnier puns having to do with geology? If you can, I would lava to hear them as I am sure they would be the ones that would truly rock.

Do you wish to add your own geology pun to the list?

Feel free to let us know using the comments section below.

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