49 Apple Puns That Are Both Sweet and Funny

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Apples. There are so many things that come to mind when you think of that sweet fruit. Firstly, this was the holy fruit that was in Adam and Eve’s story in the Bible. However, the apple was poisonous. And in many cultures, apples are represented so often for life and sweetness. Therefore, when you think of apples, you may be thinking of the Bible, and of different cultures that use apples to represent different things.

You may also be thinking about how healthy they are considering that you need to eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Applis are full of so many nutrients they are good for anyone to snack on without them having to worry about packing on the calories. However, apples are a good addition to many desserts that are full of extra calories.

You have apple pies, apple juices, and candy apples which are a huge hit during the Halloween season. In other words, apples are just plain good. There is only one time when an apple does not keep the doctor away. That is if you had an apple thrown at you. That can hurt. What else can you associate apples with? Humor? Well maybe when it comes to throwing an apple at someone, that may be funny but not to the one who is being attacked. Perhaps apples are funny when there are puns about it like the ones listed below.

List of Apple Puns That Are Both Sweet and Funny:

Following are some of the best apple puns that are both sweet and funny at the same time.

1. I would like to apple-ogize for the pun but I thought it really was sweet.

2. Why are apples a beloved fruit? Because how can you not love them to the core?

3. The couple that met at an apple picking trip got married and they are going to live apple-y ever after.

4. Eating candy apples are so cool and you have hardcore fun as you sink your teeth into them.

5. That fruit dessert really does look so a-peel-ing.

6. I apple-laud your efforts to make the best-tasting fruit pie around.

7. I apple-solutely love candied fruit!

8. The baker did a great job of making that delicious pie that I really do apple-laud the effort he put into it.

9. Why must you go on an apple diet and exercise in order to get fit? You need to strengthen your core.

10. If you are a true lover of apples, what movie would you want to see? Mr. and Mr. Smith.

11. Who makes the best apple pie around? Granny.

12. What is the cross between a crustacean and an apple? A crab-apple.

13. Who is present at a funeral for fruit? Apple-bearer.

14. What restaurant makes the best apple desserts? Applebee’s.

15. How American is that fruit you are eating right now? As American as apple pie.

16. One core belief is that apple puns are food for the soul.

17. Why are apples really the most beloved fruit around? They are awesome to the core.

18. What does an apple and the Earth have in common? They have a core inside.

19. Those Apple products are truly hardcore.

20. That guy who loves apples has also fallen for me too.

21. Why don’t apples and oranges get along? Because they really are not the perfect pair.

22. What is a piece of fruit that has a not-so-nice side to it? A bad apple.

23. Apples are not full of sugar but maybe that is not true. I just try to look at the bright cider of life.

24. Why was he so anxious to open up the apple that contained the secret behind the mystery? That was the only way to get the in-cider information.

25. Why do apple lovers care so much about being kind and caring? They are their core values.

26. Those fruit desserts are no longer on sale at the bakery and the baker apple-ogized for the inconvenience.

27. Apple-rently she did not want to go apple picking today.

28. What is a fruit that tried to be an apple but could never fit in? A pineapple.

29. I tried to bend over to grab the apple that fell but I am in so much pain I wonder if I broke my core.

30. There is no one else here at the apple orchid, just the tree of us.

31. Both the mother and daughter love fruit as you know that the apple never falls far from the tree.

32. Why are there some apple orchards in New York City? It is the Big Apple.

33. All apple-icants will be considered to work in the orchard.

34. I know that apple pie that is being baked will turn out well to the point I can peel it in my bones.

35. The court that is located by the apple orchard allowed one final a peel for the case.

36. You are a peeler of strength in our apple-picking community.

37. The apple thief was cored in the act of peeling apples.

38. I’m doing a university cores in agriculture as I want to farm apples.

39. I love the core-us of that song about apples.

40. Her dog stood happily be cider in the park.

41. This app’ll make you productive, so download it and make time to bake an apple pie.

42. There’s apple-ace I know not far from here where you can go apple picking.

43. We went for apple-easant stroll through the apple orchard after dinner.

44. Do you have apple-astic cup for the toddler that wants apple juice?

45. We saw apple-ume of smoke on the horizon and it may have been coming from something burning by the apple orchard.

46. There is apple-ain old brick house near the apple farm.

47. In the blink of a pie the apples will be gone.

48. That delicious apple dessert caught my pie.

49. You were the one who stole those apples? Well I’ve got a pie on you.

These are 49 sweet apple puns to make your day!

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