51 Crab Puns You Shell Fall in Love With

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Crab. What is the first thing you think of when you hear this word? You may think of a few things such as that sea creature that could hurt you badly if it came into contact with you on the beach. Those claws are brutal. And they are one of the things to watch out for when you are at the beach. Crabs are also delicious seafood dishes. How can you go wrong with crab legs that you can crack open as you dip the meat into butter? Oh, how delicious is that?

One of the things I actually look forward to when I go out for dinner is eating a seafood dish with crab legs and all. It does not matter if it is cold or hot, as long as it is cooked, obviously. It is so good. And the other thing that comes to mind when people think of crabs is the zodiac. The zodiac sign, Cancer, that is.

Cancer is a water sign and it is the most emotional sign around. Anyone who has a sun sign as Cancer would probably refer themselves to as the crab anyway. That is just the easiest association which is why. What else can be said about crabs? Nothing really other than the fact that we can have a good laugh out of them. Let’s go over 51 crab puns that will make anyone less crabby, right now.

List of Crab Puns You Shell Fall in Love With:

Following are some of the best crab puns you shell fall in love with.

1. Why is the most emotional Cancer zodiac sign represented by a crab? Those who have this sun sign are so crabby.

2. What does the crab feel after eating way too much? Clawful.

3. A crab that throws things is referred to as a lobster.

4. Why does a crab like to go on social media? It takes so many shellfies.

5. Why won’t a crab give you any of their time? They are shellfish.

6. What is the name of a church where you’d expect to see a crab? St Crustation’s.

7. A crab would never ever give to charity as they are so damn shellfish.

8. What fruit has the worst disposition? The crab apple.

9. The crab was so embarrassed because, the sea weed.

10. What type of phones do you see crabs using often? Shell phones.

11. What will get you kicked out of the Chinese buffet if you eat too many crab legs? For being shellfish by not leaving any for others.

12. What crab is famous on the Muppets? The Kermit crab.

13. How do you know if a crab has had too much to drink? It walks straight.

14. That psychic hermit crab makes shell-fulfilling predictions.

15. Why won’t a crab donate to charity? Because they are shellfish penny pinchers.

16. What is the name of the pizza parlor that a crab would work? At the Crust Station.

17. Crane evade taxes by setting up shell corporations.

18. Why would a picture of yourself have a crab in it? Because of not smiling.

19. What does a crab wear when it goes out on a motorcycle ride? A shell-met.

20. What Simpsons character does a crab appreciate? Crusty the clown.

21. What do you call a solitary crab? Leonardo da Pinchi.

22. The only bank that a crab is invested in by crabs is the sea bank.

23. What is the best name for a female pet crab? Michelle.

24. That crab never supports his friends because he is just too shell-fish.

25. I had a fight with a crab so I punched the crab he fled, goon.

26. What profession is good for a crab? A crab driver.

27. What vegetable does a crab eat? Crab-bage.

28. What is the difference between a crab dinner by itself and pasta by itself? The spelling (pasta is a carb).

29. Why is it rare to see a crab in a happy mood? They are too crabby.

30. Why don’t crabs like to learn new languages? They can’t expand their vocrabulary.

31. Oh that crab dish was so unbelievably clawsome.

32. That speech by the crab given was so incredibly crab-tivating.

33. Those crab puns are so difficult to crack.

34. What do you call St.Nick as a crab? Santa Claws.

35. Why does the crab need a day off of work? Because it pulled a mussel.

36. Why are jokes told by a crab not at all funny? They are too crabby.

37. Why does the crab hate tight spaces? It is claw – strophobic..

38. Why is Tinder like the ocean? Sometimes you catch fish and other times you catch crabs.

39. These crab puns are seriously making me cray.

40. I’m just a little crabbed because my pet crab disappeared.

41. How do you put a crab to sleep? By making them inhale claw-ophyll.

42. That chitin’ jerk stole my crab dinner.

43. That girl crab will so upset that I lobster favorite brush.

44. Why can crabs be exceptional artists? Because they really can be so brilliantly cray-tive.

45. Why are so many people fascinated by how the crabs move? Because they are such interesting cray-tures

46. That crab doesn’t match its zodiac sign as it is not a Cancer but it is an Aquarius instead. No wonder it is so krill-iant.

47. What gas station will a crab only fuel up at? The Shell station, where else?

48. Why are crabs tend to be the types that prefer to be loners? They are just naturally hermits.

49. What does a crab dish need in order for it to have more flavor? Just a pinch of salt.

50. What is the perfect cleaning agent for a crab to use? Nothing other than bi-crab-onate soda.

51. Oh crab, the list of puns finishes here.

There you go. There are 51 crab puns that will make you feel much less crabby, which I hope has achieved that. Now that I am done with this, I am really in the mood for a crab dinner. I think I can run out in a pinch to grab some! See you later.

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