50 Avocado Puns That Will Make You Avo Good Time

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Avocados are one of the best foods for you as they are not just tasty but are full of so many important nutrients and fats that you need to function daily. There are things about avocados that you probably did not know such as the fact that avocados are berries. Yes, berries. How can avocados be berries? Berries are fruits, well, so are avocados. How can they be fruits if they don’t taste like fruits?

You probably know that tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as zucchinis, are also fruits. That is because they have seeds, and avocados have pits inside. That is what makes the fruit. However, they taste much better with vegetables even though they are technically fruits. That is right, the one thing that makes fruits and vegetables different from each other is that all fruits have seeds and pits, and vegetables do not. Avocado is a berry even though they do not taste like blueberries, strawberries, or any type of berry really.

What do you like to put avocado in or on? Avocado is amazingly delicious on toast, and pieces of it are so good in California rolls, and in other sandwiches and wraps. Let’s also not forget about delicious guacamole! What more can be said about avocados? That they are perfect for making puns, so let’s do that right now! Let’s create 50 avocado puns right at this moment!

List of Avocado Puns That Will Make You Avo Good Time:

Following are some of the best avocado puns that will make you avo good time:

  1. I am hungry so I want to know of a good cafe for an icy avocado.
  2. You just made the most delicious toast! Bravocado!
  3. I get so horny after eating so healthily so let’s hop into bed and avocuddle together.
  4. My plan is to eat well and get healthy so I am going to start doing some avocardio.
  5. Okay, let me be the devil’s avocado but its better to eat too many California rolls than eating too many cinnamon buns.
  6. Have you avo had avocado mixed with eggs?
  7. We both enjoy avocado wraps which makes us best friends foravo!
  8. Avocadon’t get me started on how bad trans fats are for you.
  9. I like to eat my avocado toast in an area where the sun avocadon’t shine.
  10. After a slice of avocado toast and a protein shake, let’s go to the gym, avocabro.
  11. It is fitting that my avocadigan is green.
  12. Avocado pits are as hard as a guac.
  13. I don’t know if I want avocados or eggs, I am like between a guac and a hard place.
  14. I started eating avocados to help with my weight loss as I got so heavy I hit guac bottom.
  15. Avocados are grown and harvested in Mexico around the guac.
  16. I make avocado lunches for the kids and I am regular with doing it as guacwork.
  17. An avocado was just thrown at me out of nowhere, I mean well that’s guacward.
  18. If he does not like avocados, then don’t serve him avocados, why must you guac the boat?
  19. After my avocado sandwich lunch, I said to my friend ‘see you in a while, guacodile’.
  20. Where do you learn how to make brilliant avocado dishes? At a cooking private Guacademy.
  21. I need to guaccelerate my time to cut up avocados so I can prepare meals quicker.
  22. I guaccidentally gave a small piece of avocado to the dog which is why he is sick.
  23. You will find hotels with great guaccommodations in Mexico near the avocado fields.
  24. Wow I cut up that avocado in record time, what an guaccomplishment!
  25. I am going to sing a song about avocados using my guacoustic guitar.
  26. I got guaccstomed to the taste of avocado on toast.
  27. I eat clean and eat lots of avocados and go for alternative treatments such as guacupuncture.
  28. We are making amazing avocado dishes thanks to our hard work and guaccumulated efforts.
  29. No I was not the one who ate the last avocado so I do not appreciate the guaccusation.
  30. I avo some more avocado jokes and puns for you.
  31. This psychic predicted that avocados would be the most popular food in five years with great guaccuracy.
  32. I am waiting for avocados to be grown in other parts of the world to guaccur.
  33. I eat avocado on toast on a regular guaccurence.
  34. The chef doesn’t make the best avocado sandwiches as he puts in a half-hassed effort.
  35. We are going to grab some avocados today, hass we can!
  36. I know the frustration about avocados in the supermarket not being ripe but don’t hass a cow, man.
  37. You are right now healthy avocados are as you couldn’t hass said it better.
  38. I am going to avo a great time making guacamole.
  39. I hass to paint you a picture of the avocado I ate today as it is so big.
  40. If you steal my avocado, I am going to bust your hass.
  41. The fact that avocados ripe quickly is an example of how every dark cloud hass a silver lining.
  42. You know how expensive avocados are which means you have to work your hass off to afford them.
  43. You need to put the avocado peels and pits into the composter because somebody hass to do it.
  44. The fact that you have to struggle so hard to cut an avocado is the pits.
  45. I avo hard time believing how expensive avocados are.
  46. Go avo another slice of avocado toast.
  47. The avocado sandwich is so good I couldn’t pit it down.
  48. I feel like I hit the jackpit getting the best avocado that is perfectly ripe.
  49. After my avocado sandwiches that I ate in college I always pit the books after.
  50. The fact that I struggled so much with opening up the avocado made me go into a hissy pit.

There you go, there are 50 avocado puns that are really not the pits! I hope you enjoyed them.

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