50 Butterfly Puns That Will Make Your Day Colorful

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I remember when I was so young I used to watch caterpillars crawl around in the backyard. I would watch for as long as I could until it was time to go inside the home. I remember one particular time when I was laying down on the grass of the yard and then there was this cute caterpillar in the grass, and I wanted to keep it. My mother told me at the time that it was not going to be a good idea if I did that because that would go against what the caterpillar needed to do. I was confused, as I had no idea what that meant.

She told me then the caterpillar had to go away because they were meant to turn into a beautiful butterfly. I was interested in knowing more so my mother explained the change that the caterpillar makes as it goes into a cacoon and then it sheds itself to become a butterfly so it can spread its wings. I did not understand that but after learning about more how it works, it was gross but at the same time fascinating. How could a cute caterpillar turn into an amazing butterfly? Nature is so cool isn’t that right? I think so. I learned more about it too when I went to the museum of butterflies. However, the caterpillars that turn into moths are not so cute even though you don’t know the difference. Moths are far from cute, that is for sure.

Anyway, why are we talking about caterpillars, butterflies, and moths? I don’t know. Maybe it is time for me to share 50 butterfly puns that are so colorful? How does that sound to you? Alright, let’s give it a go.

List of Butterfly Puns That Will Make Your Day Colorful:

Following are some of the best butterfly puns that will make your day colorful:

  1. How did the caterpillar’s metamorphosis go? After that, everything went smoothly as silk.
  2. Which holiday is a butterfly’s favorite? Moth-ers Day.
  3. How do avid collectors search for butterflies online? They use the Butterfly Net.
  4. Which butterfly wears way too much makeup? The Painted Lady.
  5. Which caterpillar plays in the insect band? The tomato hornworm.
  6. Which insect’s larvae destroyed tomato plants in ancient Egypt? The Sphinx Moth.
  7. What do you get if you cross a firefly and a moth? An insect that can navigate inside a dark closet.
  8. What is a caterpillar’s best swimming style? The butterfly stroke.
  9. What is the scariest Japanese insect of all time? Mothra.
  10. Which giant winged insect is actually from the moon? The Luna Moth.
  11. What did the spring robin say to the early worm? I’ll catch cha later.
  12. Which insect is not low fat? The butter-fly.
  13. What is a sweet summer butterfly’s favorite fruit? Nectarines.
  14. Who is second in command of the butterfly kingdom? The Viceroy.
  15. What’s inside an apple that is an avid reader? A bookworm.
  16. What do you call it when worms take over the world? Global worming.
  17. Which butterfly is the fiercest in the garden? The Tiger Swallowtail.
  18. Where do caterpillars come from? Mother Nature.
  19. What is a caterpillar’s favorite way to deny something? Saying but but but all of the time.
  20. What insect has a big bottom? A butt-erfly.
  21. Why do felines relate to butterflies? They have cat in their names (cat for feline and caterpillar for butterfly).
  22. What is a caterpillar’s favorite flower? Butter-cup.
  23. Why must a caterpillar stay around when you are baking a cake or some other pastry? Because of all of the butter you are using.
  24. What is a caterpillar’s favorite turkey? Butter-ball.
  25. Why do caterpillars like to read? They are bookworms.
  26. Why can’t caterpillar’s think straight? Their heads are fuzzy.
  27. Why are old butterflies so exhausted? They have lived colorful lives.
  28. Why are butterflies so brilliant? Because at one time, they were bookworms.
  29. Why are butterflies so creative? They have colorful minds.
  30. Who rules the butterfly kingdom? The Monarch.
  31. What is worse than finding a caterpillar in an apple? Spitting out the other half!
  32. What butterfly has the biggest appetite? The swallowtail.
  33. Why is the supermarket always out of butter? That is because butter flies!
  34. What is a caterpillar mixed with a telephone? Ringworm!
  35. What fancy winged bug has a huge bottom? The BUTT er fly.
  36. What do caterpillars study at school? Moth-a-matics.
  37. How do caterpillars look for the latest fashion? Through the cat-erlog.
  38. The largest type of moth is the ma-moth!
  39. What is the weapon that the caterpillar likes to use? The cater-polt.
  40. Why couldn’t the butterfly go to the dance? Because it was a moth-ball.
  41. What scares a cat-erpillar? Dogs!
  42. What happens when you throw a piece of butter out of the window? Butter-fly.
  43. My friend bet me $500 that I could not a butterfly impression. I thought it was worth the flutter.
  44. What does a chatty caterpillar turn into? A social butterfly.
  45. I was so nervous about the bug-eating contest that I had butterflies in my stomach.
  46. Did you know that caterpillars can swim? They do the butterfly.
  47. What is the one thing that gives you butterflies no matter what? The caterpillar.
  48. What do New Guinea butterfly babies call their fathers? Papua pupa papas.
  49. What is a butterfly that wants to read self-help books? A better-fly.
  50. What plant makes young butterflies high? Cat-nip.

Here you go, here are some colorful butterfly puns! Now, let me head out to the field so I can watch some beautiful butterflies fly around and hope to not deal with any moths!

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