50 Dentist Puns to Lose Your Nerve

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One of the things that people hate doing the most is going to the dentist, and who can blame them really? I know I hate going. That is even knowing that my teeth or fine or not having a reason to believe otherwise. Going to the dentist is a drag, and there is always that fear that the dentist will tell you that you have a cavity or something else wrong even if you take care of your teeth. That is I think the worst part of going to the dentist. Being told that you have an issue! That is why you want to make sure that you brush two times a day and floss at least once. And even if you do the right things, there is no guarantee that your teeth and gums will be in tip-top shape. One can only hope so you don’t have to go back to the dentist for a while again. How about doing something to brighten your dentist experiences, and that is by going over 50 dentist puns that will make you toothy.

List of Dentist Puns to Lose Your Nerve:

Following are some of the best dentist puns to lose your nerve:

  1. Advice from your dentist is dental floss-ophy.
  2. What did the tooth say to the dentist that was leaving? ‘Please fill me in when you come back’.
  3. The dentist knows that they are the dentist of the year when they receive a little plaque.
  4. What is the term that dentists use when astronauts get cavities? Black holes.
  5. What do you call ten years without brushing your teeth? Horrible tooth decade.
  6. Who has a dangerous job in Transylvania? A Dracula dentist.
  7. Why did the dentist have an interesting time at the North Pole? Because of seeing a molar bear.
  8. How can you get a job at the dentist’s office? Through word of mouth.
  9. What will a dentist give to you for one dollar? Buck teeth.
  10. What did the dentist do before going on a roller coaster? He braced himself.
  11. The dentist is always moody because of always looking down the mouth.
  12. A dentist that cannot stop working on teeth is known to be abscessive compulsive.
  13. The dentist calls the X-rays tooth pics.
  14. The dental point to ponder is why dentist puns make you feel down in the mouth.
  15. The guy went to his dentist for a root canal lost his nerve.
  16. What did Yoda’s dentist say? May the Floss Be With You!
  17. The dentist’s favorite day of the week is Tooths-day.
  18. The dentist does not always extract teeth painlessly because last month he dislocated his wrist.
  19. Al Gore wrote a book about dentistry and it is called An Inconvenient Tooth.
  20. There is one way to go to Tooth Island and that is to board the Tooth Fairy.
  21. What do the bogeyman and false teeth have in common? They both come out at night.
  22. A good dentist may be a bit pricky, but a great dentist will not get on your nerves.
  23. The dentist that worked for Socrates was able to make a mark in history with flossophy.
  24. The old tree had to see a dentist for a root canal.
  25. There is one reason that people don’t like going to the dentist and that is the dentist is boring.
  26. Why did the child send the dentist a note? Toothank him.
  27. You forget about a tooth right after the dentist pulls it since it goes right out of your head.
  28. What is the fear of flossing your teeth? Flosstrophobia.
  29. Thinking about my imminent root canal procedure was incredibly unnerving.
  30. A toothache is a pain that drives people to extraction.
  31. I just heard there is a dentist strike on the horizon so you gotta brace yourself.
  32. The dentist fainted because his son said he had just joined the hockey team.
  33. The procedure orthodontists perform when molars are too close together is known as teeth widening.
  34. Vampires and dentures have one thing in common and that is they come out at night.
  35. Two Transylvania dentists fell in love with each other and it was love at first bite.
  36. The snowman visits an orthodontal dentist to fix his frostbite.
  37. A dentist calls a grizzly that lost its teeth a gummy bear.
  38. A mobile dental clinic goes after-hours goes to a molar home park.
  39. Where do whales go to get braces? To an orca-dontist.
  40. The dentist tells the patient that he is painless, but the patient yells ‘I am not!’.
  41. The old dentist decided to finally retired because of being tired of the daily drill.
  42. The one thing about dentists is that they hate having a bad day at the orifice.
  43. The difference between a vampire with a toothache and a rainstorm is that one roars in pain and the other pours the rain.
  44. Why are dentists tired? Because they have to deal with the same old grind, day after day.
  45. It seemed that the dentist was unusually distracted as he was just brushing me off.
  46. Here is something, nobody realized that she had a dental implant until it came out in conversation.
  47. What did the dentist say to their partner when breaking up with them? ‘No hard fillings’.
  48. There was one reason that Oreo had to go to the dentist and it was that it lost its filling.
  49. Dentists are amazing problem solvers so they know how to get to the root of the problem.
  50. The pet store owner had to call the dentist since his canines were loose.

Did you like these puns? If you have to go to the dentist maybe you will either feel calmer if they made you laugh. However, if you are dreading the visit to the dentist, even more, I am so sorry. That was not my intention at all. Anyway, if you have an appointment to the dentist very soon, I wish you the best of luck with it!

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