51 Dragon Puns That Are As Hot As Fire

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Dragons. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a dragon? That giant lizard mythical creature that breathes out the fire? Or those giant flies that are quite colorful? No one really knows where these mythical creatures came from and how they originated. Some scholars say it likely came from China and Europe, and possibly in Australia and in the Americas as well. In fact, because there are too many possibilities of how they originated, no one can really know for sure.

However, real-life animals had inspired those to create the dragon. Speculation is that the inspiration came from the time when the dinosaurs were around. Perhaps fossils of dinosaurs were found by ancient people and they believed that those fossils were those of dragons. And that had likely happened in China. The creatures were measured at 30 feet long and were about 14 feet tall. They also feature spikes and plates that were armored as well for defense. And they were seen as green with long tongues and fiery breath.

Dragons have been on many TV shows and they have been used for other purposes as well. And as far as we know, because there is not any kind of proof that dragons ever existed, we just know that they are mythical. We can have fun with the imagination of dragons existing, and have fun with these 51 dragon puns that are relevant to the creature as well!

List of Dragon Puns That Are As Hot As Fire:

Following are some of the best dragon puns that are as hot as fire.

1. What is something that stresses out a dragon? Blowing out birthday candles on their own cake.

2. How is St. George different from Santa’s reindeer? One is a dragon slayer and the others are dragging a sleigh.

3. What is a lizard on a portable toilet? A commode-o-dragon.

4. Who is the short ballerina? The girl with the dragging tutu.

5. How is it easy to find out how much a dragon weighs? They come with scales.

6. Dragons are excellent storytellers because they share impressive tails.

7. Dragons have to sleep during the day so they can fight knights.

8. What snacks do dragons love to eat? Fire crackers.

9. What food does a European dragon enjoy the most? Swiss charred.

10. A baby dragon eating ice cream is so cute to the point it will melt your heart.

11. The prepubescent dragon lost the rap because he couldn’t spit hot fire yet.

12.  Do you know why interns make the best Dungeons and Dragons players? It is because they clearly do it for the Experience.

13. Why can a dragon’s story be boring? Because it can drag-on.

14. I am struggling with motivation at work today because I am Dragon Ass.

15. The difference between Hannukah and dragons is that one is eight nights and the other ate knights.

16. The thing that is worse than a dragon speaking to you is the money you need for therapy.

17. The only reason that the dragon wanted to cross the road was to eat some chicken.

18. Dwarves need to hunt dragons in the morning because the early bird gets the wyrm.

19. You know that a dragon would never explode but a dino might.

20. A dragon that lacks silver is a dron.

21. If you think dinosaurs are frightening then imagine dragons!

22. What do you say to a dragon that complains about the heat? You tell them to shut their mouth.

23. Why is it so hot outside but the sun isn’t out? The dragon is blocking the sun and breathing around you.

24. The dragon sadly could not eat the birthday cake because of destroying it when attempting to blow out the candles.

25. What do you call it when a dragon and a turtle interact? A crushed turtle.

26. Dragons make great accountants because of the economies of scale.

27. I really wanted to make some jokes about lizards but I was scared it would just drag-on.

28. There is one way that dragon style Pokemons settle their problems and they let bagons be bagons.

29. Why could dragons not be fire fighters? They cause the fire.

30. Dragons are so good at rapping considering all they do is spit fire.

31. Why is it not advisable to play with a dragon? Because you are playing with fire.

32. Why can’t a dragon keep a job? Because of always getting fired.

33. How does a dragon start the grill? Just by breathing on it.

34. How close is the next dragon village? As fire as the eyes can see where it is.

35. Why was the detective easier on the dragon after doing some investigation? It was found he was flamed for murder.

36. I would never want to get into a fight with a dragon as that would be a fire-ocious battle.

37. Where does the dragon pick up the prescriptions? From the fire-macy.

38. Where do two dragons in love enjoy having dinner? In a romantic atmos-fire.

39. It is not the dragon’s fault for delivering that bad news, so don’t flame the messenger.

40. What old sitcom does a dragon like to watch? ‘Flame-ly Matters’.

41. That dragon had his own reasons for participating in the 40 hour flame-ine.

42. What do you call a cross between a dragon and a flamingo? A flame-ingo.

43. Why are dragons the way they are? They can’t help themselves as they were burn this way.

44. Why was the dragon banished by his community? For committing blas-flame-y.

45. What does a dragon waiter say to diners? ‘Burn appetite’.

46. Why does the dragon want to learn about Law of Attraction? For attracting a-burn-dance.

47. Why was the dragon relieved after seeing the doctor after having a cancer scare? Because the tumor he had was burn-ing.

48. Why does the dragon want to take that walk in the park? To blaze a trail.

49. Dragons only want to make you happy as they flame to please.

50. How can a dragon increase their self-esteem? By saying powerful af-fire-mations.

51. What does a dragon tell to his partner when he wants to show her some love? ‘You put my heart on fire.’

There you go, now I hope that did not drag on too long.

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