49 Alcohol Puns That Will Raise the Bar

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Sometimes you need a glass of wine or beer to chill during an evening after a hard day at work or a stressful day at home. Or, sometimes, you would want to make yourself a screwdriver or a rum and coke. Either way, there is a time to enjoy a drink or two. However, enjoying more than two drinks on a given day is never a good idea. Alcohol is something that you will only want to drink in moderation and sparingly.

And sometimes, you have the urge to go to the bar with a few friends on a given weekend because how can you not? In addition to that, having a little bit of alcohol can be good for you, such as red wine and beer. There are antioxidants, which means they help you fight infections even more. They are good for your immune system but at the same time, you only want to drink those in moderation as well. Too much booze is not good for you as it can damage your liver. But a little bit can be good for your immune system and also your heart. What else is there to say about booze? I don’t know but let’s laugh drunk by going over 49 alcohol puns right now.

List of Alcohol Puns That Will Raise the Bar:

Following are some of the best alcohol puns that will raise the bar:

  1. There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol once in a while so give it your best shot.
  2. Drinking too much alcohol can make you wine-y.
  3. Don’t wine about the bar closing early tonight.
  4. Why did the drunk climb on the roof of the bar? Because he heard that the next one was on the house.
  5. Alcohol may not solve all of your problems, but you will want to give it a shot.
  6. Why does drinking too much booze cause you not to feel pain? Because your nerves are shot.
  7. What do you order if you want a small alcoholic drink? A mar-tiny.
  8. How do you make a phone call when your fingers are covered in booze? You drunk dial.
  9. Why are dogs not allowed to go to bars? They can’t hold their licker.
  10. How is someone getting drunk the same as a bear drinking honey from the beehive? They get buzzed.
  11. I hate being told that I drink like I fish so I just tuna out.
  12. What is Chuck Norris’ favorite drink? The sock-ee.
  13. Why did the Easter Bunny show up at the bar? It was hoppy hour.
  14. Not all people who drink too much black out, as they are absinthe-minded instead.
  15. What type of booze do lumberjacks drink? Logger.
  16. What is the most popular dance at a keg party? A tap dance.
  17. Why is a debate between vodka and whisky intriguing? It is spirited.
  18. How do you fix a broken bottle of Jonnie Walker? Just use scotch tape.
  19. Why are there not enough sober people? It is not in everyone’s vodkabulary.
  20. How do you know if a rabbit had too much beer? It is very hoppy.
  21. Why is gin made from a ghost? It is a spirit.
  22. What do you say to someone who is excited about drinking whisky? ‘That’s the spirit!’.
  23. What did drunk Shakespeare say? ‘To beer or not to beer’.
  24. How did Moses make the best beer during Biblical times? Hebrew-ed it
  25. Why is beer a better remedy than any other drink? It cures everything that ales ya.
  26. What do you call beer made from redheads? Ginger ale.
  27. What do you say about beer that was crushed under something heavy. The beer is flat.
  28. What drink do you order if you feel you need to loosen up? A screwdriver.
  29. What should you try if you are in a hurry but you want to take a shot? Rushing vodka.
  30. I am concerned about my relationship with whisky as it has been on the rocks.
  31. Why do spirits in haunted houses have a profound affect on you? Because they are intoxicating.
  32. I have an idea, lets make like a spirit and get sheet-faced.
  33. What is the best place to order the smallest drink? A mini-bar.
  34. I will not drunk dial you, I promise, so alcohol you later.
    35.That dog cannot take a sip of whiskey because he cannot hold in his licker.
  35. What do you do whenever you hear someone criticizing you about how much you drink like a fish? Just tuna them out.
  36. Why should you take a pitcher? It’ll last longer.
  37. The only beer that you will see served on a bucket of ice is the pale-ail.
  38. I admit something, as I prefer my whisky straight but my bars gay.
  39. What is the best type of whiskey served on a cold winter’s night? Brr-bon.
  40. If you drink too many martinis, they have the potential tequil-ya.
  41. The type of drinks that geometrists drink is the Jose Squarvo.
  42. I enjoy drinking but tequila is where the lime is drawn.
  43. Who is your spirit animal? Perhaps it is Grey Goose?
  44. Why did the carpenter go to the bar? He had to order a few screwdrivers.
  45. I love fancy booze but I am not sure wine.
  46. What kind of booze do horses make? Eq-wine.
  47. When you mix booze with literature, you get Tequila Mockingbird.
  48. When you mix booze and pressure in a small space, you get barfite.
  49. Where do rodents get their booze illegally? At squeak-easy.

There you go, there are 49 booze puns that really are quite intoxicating. Now I feel drunk just after using these!

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