50 Lemon Puns That Will Make You Concentrate

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Lemons. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of lemons? Probably a sour citrus fruit. A sour fruit however that tastes quite good in the water and on seafood, and of course there is lemonade which has a pleasant mix of sweet and mildly sour. Lemonade is such a refreshing drink as it is. Oh and let’s not forget about the lemon meringue pie which is delicious and sweet. You really don’t taste any sourness in that dessert as that aspect of the lemon flavor has been eliminated through its baking process.

Lemons are also a great cleaning agent as well as it is natural and effective. And that is why one of the natural ways to clean your home is by using lemon essential oil. It is powerful when it comes to cutting through grease and grime, and other forms of dirt. Therefore, you can see how awesome lemons are. But on the other hand, it is not a compliment to something when it is called a lemon.

A lemon refers to something that is defective and faulty such as a new car that needed one repair after another as soon as purchasing it. And then after so many repairs, it needed to be replaced once and for all. The same goes for a faulty appliance. However, let’s not focus on anything that is faulty that would be called ‘lemons’, and let’s look at the brighter side of it. Let’s check out 50 lemon puns that are a lot sweeter than sour.

List of Lemon Puns That Are a Lot Sweeter Than Sour:

Following are some of the best lemon puns that will make you concentrate.

1. What do you call a shopping trip where you could not find any lemons, apples, or bananas? Fruitless.

2. Why do lemons and limes tend to not get along? They are bitter rivals.

3. What was the reason that the lemon needed to cross the road? To play squash.

4. I could not squeeze the lemon anymore. There just wasn’t any more juice left to do it.

5. What is the way to make a lemon drop? Hold it high and let go.

6. Why did that guy lose his job at the lemon factory? He couldn’t concentrate.

7. What is the way to make a lemon puff? Chase it around.

8. What is a cross between a lemon and a cat? A sour puss.

9. How do you treat a sick lemon? Give it lemonade.

10. Why was that fruit just simply no good? It was a lemon.

11. What is a helpful lemon called? Lemonade.

12. I like lemons because I think they are sublime.

13. I crashed my car into a lemon tree last week which is why I have been quite sour lately.

14. What is the perfect lemon dessert that is available during Halloween? Boo-Meringue.

15. Why would you rather sniff lemons than a pile of poop? It is common scents.

16. If you figure that lemon juice can be an ingredient in soda, you are sprite.

17. How do you greet someone who is carrying several bags of lemons that is wearing the same color clothing as them? Yellow.

18. After eating those lemons, I was affected so much that I got into a car accident. I kept peeling out.

19. I found a recipe where I have to zest a lemon and I find it very appealing.

20. What happens if a lemon gets infected by a lime? It ends up with Lyme disease.

21. Why are lemons just simply amazing? They are the zest.

22. What were pre-historic lemons called? Dino-sours.

23. Why did the lemon stop rolling down the hill? It ran out of juice.

24. Who was the best citrus singer around? John Lemon.

25. I ate a lemon and I had to see the doctor after because I wasn’t peeling well.

26. After eating those lemons, I found out the hard way it was a bad idea as I got a sour stomach.

27. Why did the lemon hang out with the prune? It could not find a date.

28. Why do you have to put sunscreen on a lemon? It peels all the time.

29. Why does the lemon have to hide when the bullies come? Because it is yellow.

30. Dilemmas in life mean you are given lemons, and then the way you solve is by making di-lemonade.

31. I am so stressed from that lemon meringue pie I made turning out to be terrible that I lost my zest.

32. Who wants to hang out with and date a sour grape? Maybe Mr or Ms. Lemon?

33. What is something that is lemon that can help you solve your problems? Lemonade.

34. How do you wish a lemon a happy birthday? ‘Have the zest birthday’.

35. Why is he attracted to that lemon? It is his main squeeze.

36. What do you call a limo that breaks down all of the time? A lemon-sine.

37. Why are lemons forgotten about? They just peel into significance.

38. That lemon exploded and all hell broke juice.

39. Yes, lemons are sour so get juiced to it.

40. How do you sell lemons in bulk? Peel it high and sell it cheap.

41. How do you make medicine made of lemon taste better? Sweeten the peel.

42. Even though lemon zest has health benefits, it is still a bitter peel to swallow.

43. Why is it a bad idea to drive after eating too many lemons? Because you could fall asleep at the peel.

44. What do you call someone who purposely sells a lemon to make money? A mani-peel-ative person.

45. Those bulk of lemons are sold for a great price and really it’s a peel!

46. What do you call a feast that features a lot of lemon sauces? An o-peel-ent dinner.

47. Right, lemon puns are great…. when hell squeezes over.

48. That lemon giant shocked me so much that I have been shaking at the squeeze.

49. Where do cowboy lemons come from? The wild zest.

50. Where do you find California lemons? The zest coast.

There you go, those lemon puns should make you feel less sour.

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