51 Bike Puns That Are Wheely Funny

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Bike. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word? It is a green and effective form of transportation. And riding a bike opposed to a car is preferable for many reasons. Firstly, as I just said it is green. It will not emit harmful gasses to the environment like cars and other vehicles do. And riding a bike means that you are protecting the environment from any further damage to it. And the other thing about bike riding is that you are getting a good workout while you are going from point A to point B.

If you ride a bike to and from work, you do not have to worry about taking the time to do a workout at another time that is more inconvenient for you. You are working out as you travel. And by the way, the other advantage is that riding a bike while you are using it as your main form of transportation is so cheap. You do not need to worry about insurance and fuel costs, not to mention a bike is so much cheaper than a car. But what is the issue with a bike as well? Well, it will take a lot longer to go from point A to point B and it is more tiring. There are pros and cons about everything. Lets now get a laugh about bikes by going over 51 bike puns that are wheely funny.

List of Bike Puns That Are Wheely Funny:

Following are some of the best bike puns that are wheely funny.

1. When you are advocating the use of bikes, it is well spoke’n.

2. Riding a bike for long distances is wheely tiresome.

3. When you ride a bike, you need to get a handle on it and also get a brake.

4. What was the reason for the bike to stop moving? It was two-tired.

5. The difference between a trike and a bike is not huge, except for one wheel difference.

6. I fix bikes at the shop but because I am more fitting to the media, I can’t help but being a strong spokesperson.

7. My bike keeps running me over each morning and this has turned into a vicious cycle.

8. What do you call it when you change the bike’s tires for the final time? Retired.

9. My bike broke down out of nowhere and that was wheely unfortunate.

10. The only reason the bike was unable to stand on its own was that it was two-tired.

11. My bike crashed into a lemon tree the other day so now I have been feeling bitter and twisted.

12. What happens when you crash your bike into a recycling bin? It turns into a decycling bin.

13. Each time my bike injures me I crash it onto the ground on purpose and this has turned into a vicious cycle.

14. The reckless bike riders kept taking corners on two wheels.

15. What is the lowest price to pay for a bike for sale? Around 2mph, anything less and you’ll tip over.

16. It was hard to believe that the bike with no wheels worked out so well as it was not tired.

17. What is a funny bike called? The Yamaha ha ha ha.

18. If you need to be in touch with the bike manufacturer, talk to the spokesperson.

19. I would not have known that you had hurt yourself on the bike if you have not spoke’n up.

20. My bike just keeps falling over and I can’t stand it when it happens.

21. What do you call it when you ride a bike just once and then do it again? Recycling.

22. There was a guy that fell out of the tree and landed right on the seatless bike and it totally rectum.

23. What do you call someone who always rides a bike that is obsessed with killing? A cyclepath.

24. When I was rising my bike I encountered a flock of sheep and they attacked me but thankfully I was only grazed.

25. What is a flower on a bike called? A petal.

26. That guy who was attempting to sell a donkey while riding his bike was really peddling his ass everywhere.

27. What is a bike that converts to a bed called? A sleep cycle.

28. That guy who was building the bike made a big mistake with it as he spoke too soon.

29. What is it called when you are cycling in a storm? Cyclone.

30. I decided to cycle through the meadow the other day and my bike looks so cute now as I now have a daisy chain.

31. Alfred Hitchock really liked downhill mountain biking and not surprising since he was the master of suspens-ion.

32. I know someone who rides a unicycle very well but can be socially awkward as he can’t handle bars.

33. I did well with my race time today which I did not yesterday and that was because I was in a much different gear.

34. Every year that passes it is more difficult to get a bike pump and it is because of all of that inflation.

35. The bike is gross nowadays as you should see those skid marks.

36. I was suffering and had the need to hit my bike but it hurt me even more and quickly becomes a vicious cycle.

37. The bike rider that was going 80mph tested positive for speed!

38. I said drop bars, not bombs so the one who sold me those handlebars needs to get a grip.

39. Who would be a good marketer for a bike company? The best spokesperson.

40. There was a man who was painting bikes on the roofs of churches. A real Cycleangelo.

41. I knew someone who couldn’t stop riding his bike and rode at least 5 times a day. He is okay now but had to break the cycle.

42. Let me peddle you some bike puns.

43. What is the best type of bike for college kids? The unicycle.

44. What is it called when a bike salesperson has facial hair? It’s a handlebar mustache.

45. What should you do with old bikes that you don’t need anymore? Recycle them.

46. Why was that woman who rode on a bike not very liked in her neighborhood? She was the local bike.

47. Don’t get angry about me telling you to get off of your bike, so get a grip.

48. That bike did not last as long as you said as you spoke too soon.

49. Why is someone on a bike 24/7 no different from a prisoner? It’s life behind bars.

50. That bike I want to get is expensive but I want it so I better fork out the cash.

51. How does a biker propose to his partner? “I wheely love you.’

There you go, there are 51 wheely funny or corny bike puns. I hope you enjoyed them either way.

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