51 Wood Puns That Wood Make You Laugh

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Wood. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of wood? The material you get from trees, that is used to build frames for furniture, buildings, as well as pictures. Therefore, wood is necessary to use for many purposes. And also any forest is also referred to as ‘the woods’. That is because forests are literally filled with lots of woods from the trees. And forests are quite relaxing to hang around as that is what many people do when they want to go bathing in nature. They hang around ‘the woods’.

Another thing that wood is known for is that it is the very thing that is used when the paper is created. Now, many environmentalists are trying to conserve trees and wood which is why you are finding a lot more paperless products and paperless bills and invoices. In fact, many companies encourage consumers to go to paperless options due to the fact that they want to help save the trees and not have to chop down wood to turn into paper. That is a great thing to do. However, what will happen when it comes to building buildings and furniture? What will they use for frames if they stop using wood? Okay, this is not an environmental post. This is a post about puns of course and wood puns that is. Let’s go over 51 wood puns that wood make yow laugh.

List of Wood Puns That Wood Make You Laugh:

Following are some of the best wood puns that wood make you laugh.

1. I need to learn more about wood, so can I ax you a question about it?

2. I wood like to say a tree pun but I will branch off to other jokes and leaf it be.

3. What do you say if you see a piece of wood at the bank that is pointing at the ceiling? ‘This is a stuck up’.

4. What is the reason that you cannot cook wood on the stove? Because it is a non-stick pan.

5. What is a piece of wood that has absolutely nothing to do? Bored.

6. What sound do dogs make when they chew on the wood? Bar bark.

7. I worked as a lumberjack in the woods but I couldn’t hack it up so they have me the ax.

8. What is a man who is looking for his lady in the woods? A dear hunter.

9. You know that Elijah Wood googles himself often? Of course he wood.

10. I am unsure of how long I have been chopping wood for so I need to check the logs.

11. There is one reason I love going to the woods and that is fo-rest.

12. Why would you go to the bank with a bag full of wood pieces? To get a shavings account.

13. If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, it’s a great thing as it means the illegal logging business is a success.

14. What is the rebellious beaver’s favorite kind of wood? The knotty pine.

15. Why has there never been a case of a wooden car being successful? It wood not go.

16. It’s 2020, and I was going to take a walk in the woods but I just realized that tick season is starting and I would prefer my Corona without Lyme.

17. Where do boats that carry wood go to? The arbor.

18. There was a documentary about a woman that got breast implants made of wood and I thought to myself that wood hurt, wooden tit?

19. You know that Ash used to be wood but was fired.

20. Why was Lizzie Borden found dead in the woods? She had an ax-idental death.

21. How to do you get logs of wood at the mall that is on the second level? Go up the ax-elator.

22. What singer would open up budget hotel complex in the woods? Kenny Loggins.

23. How do nutty people go through the woods? They take the psycho path.

24. What type of wood do pigs like the most? Mahogany.

25. What is the result you get when you burn unseasoned wood from the Bayou? Creole-sote.

26. The wood glue does not stick and I suppose I got the wood not glue instead.

27. What is a wolf that has gotten lost in the woods called? A where-wolf.

28. Wow, I just grabbed a lot of wood from the Home Depot, it was a lumber jack.

29. Why aren’t names carved into wood all that sweet? They are sappy instead.

30. Who is the most famous woodcutter around? Tim Burr.

31. What do you call a tree that is grieving? Mourning wood.

32. Did you hear that wood fired pizza? Where will pizza find a job?

33. I got lost in the forest so I have no idea when I would be out of the woods.

34. Where can I find someone to date who is passionate about wood like I am? Timber.

35. I stopped chopping wood because I was becoming board.

36. The wood lover’s profile was chiseled and a-skew.

37. Oh no I did knot want to see you in the woods again!

38. Who is the master destroyer of wood? The professional termite.

39. I want to develop more interests than just wood so I need to branch out.

40. What do you call a northern home made of wood and sticks? A twig-loo.

41. I need to connifer with my teammates in the woods.

42. I’m going out on a limb here but I bet he is hiding in the woods.

43. We conkered the beast in the woods.

44. How do you show a lumberjack gratitude for cutting a piece of wood for you? You say ‘Thank yew’.

45. My wood split into two and that was not meant to happen, son of a birch!

46. He needs to spend time alone in the woods so leaf him alone.

47. Are you planning to chop down the tree? I wood not if I were you.

48. I’d spend all day at the forest but I wood likely get board there.

49. Let’s hang out in the woods, just yew and me.

50. What does a stick say when it falls? ‘Wood yew help me get up’?

51. What wood you do if these puns didn’t exist?

I knew yew wood find these puns funny! Enjoy the day!

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