50 Cellphone Puns That Make The Call

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When was the first time you got a cellphone? Were you a kid, or did you end up getting it when you went to college? I was in high school, and the only plan I could use was the emergency plan at the time. That is because my parents could not afford me to hang out on my phone all day, and besides, I would not get my schoolwork done if I had. However, at times I did need to use it if I ran into trouble or call a friend to let them know if I would be late for something. However, when I did get my first job as I was in college, I did end up getting a phone plan that allowed me to use it beyond emergencies. I often used the net on my phone, but I had to keep it away from class or else that would have been a terrible distraction for me. My professors would not have stood for it. Oh well, but I love my cellphone and I know that it is the lifeline for many. So what more can be said about cellphones? I don’t know but let’s go over 50 cellphone puns that make the call, shall we?

List of Cellphone Puns That Make The Call:

Following are some of the best cellphone puns that make the call:

  1. The reason that cellphones are called what they are is that they make people prisoners.
  2. The iPhone that does not fool around is so Siri-ous.
  3. A cellphone cannot work underwater when it is wringing wet.
  4. What do you call a cellphone that no longer works? A dead ringer.
  5. How do you know that the cellphone ended up in your ear? When your ear is ringing.
  6. What is the purpose of a landline? To find a cellphone that is somewhere in your house.
  7. Did you know that thieves prefer to steal Android phones instead of iPhones? That is because they like to Hangout and not Face Time.
  8. What is your iPhone charger called? Apple juice.
  9. The cellphone said to the back pocket that it wanted to make a booty call.
  10. Why is it not a good idea to have phone sex without protection? You do not want to contract hearing aids.
  11. The Stormtrooper ended up buying an iPhone because he couldn’t find the ‘Droid he was looking for.
  12. A bald spot on a salesman at the cell phone store is the gap in coverage.
  13. When the guy accidentally butt-dialed his proctologist, the doctor was clearly getting tired of that shitty joke.
  14. What do you get when you cross a cellphone with mouthwash? A telescope.
  15. What cellphone brand does not need a lock? Nokia.
  16. What is a cellphone crossed with a nightcrawler? Ringworm.
  17. A cat with a cellphone says to someone who couldn’t hear them ‘Can you hear me meow?’.
  18. Do you know what an unlimited cellphone plan is? There is an easy explanation to it since there is no limit to how much they can charge.
  19. The skeleton did not need a cellphone since there was nobody that he could call.
  20. The naked guy could not get any cell service because of a reason: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.
  21. What is a cellphone crossed with a skunk? Stinky service.
  22. If you see an iPhone getting stolen, does that make you an iWitness?
  23. When you fall asleep on your cellphone, you download a nap.
  24. Wasn’t life so much easier when Blackberry and Apple were only fruits?
  25. The couple that got married under the cell tower had a nice wedding but the reception was amazing.
  26. The one thing that cellphones and dirty bathtubs have in common is that both have various rings.
  27. The Italian brand of cell phone that is shaped like a dumpling is known as the Gnocchia.
  28. The things that the consumers say about the price of the new iPhone X/S is that it is excess-ive.
  29. The perfect music for cellphones are symphonies.
  30. What is something that does not ask any questions but demands an answer? Of course, your cellphone!
  31. iPhone users don’t bother sending the Meteor emoji to Android users because it doesn’t have the same impact.
  32. The skeleton calls his friends on his cellbone.
  33. The only cell provider priests use is Virgin Mobile.
  34. How do you express yourself when you’re exasperated? Take out your cellphone and send vexed messages.
  35. What is an iPhone without me? Just a phone.
  36. The thing you say to someone when you drunk dial them is al-cohol you later.
  37. Chuck Norris never dials the wrong number, instead you picked up the wrong cellphone.
  38. In what way did tech-savvy dinosaurs message each other? Tyrannosaurus-Texts.
  39. Bisons cannot use cellphones since the roaming charges kill them.
  40. The cellphone plan does Dr. Noonien Soong uses is the one with unlimited Data.
  41. The only way you get an iPhone to sync is to name it Titanic.
  42. Birds cannot use cellphones since they are afraid of winging the wrong number.
  43. A fashion designer almost dropped the cellphone in the pool and that was a clothes call.
  44. I did leave you a voicemail when I called you from my cellphone so you will have to take my word for it.
  45. Star Trek TNG Captain Piccard never uses an iPhone since he prefers Androids.
  46. What sounds like a Mexican cellphone store? Taco Bell.
  47. You can see a galaxy explode at a Samsung store.
  48. What is a very rotten and disgraceful download you could get if you use your iPhone? Bad applet.
  49. The guy who named his cellphone Privilege is the one who never checks it.
  50. I was not joking when I said my cellphone does strange things as I am dead siri-ous!

I hope you enjoyed that. Oh, look at the time! I have to make a call, with my cellphone! I will be back soon!

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