53 Duck Puns That Will Quack You Up

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You take a walk in the park where there is a stream and there are some cute ducks around swimming there. You stop and take pictures because the scenery is so beautiful. And there are some of you that have eaten ducks at the fanciest French restaurants as well. Either of those scenarios would make you think there is anything funny about ducks. They are either beautiful to look at or they are simply so tasty.

Well, the only funny thing that can be relevant to ducks is your kid having fun with that rubber ducky in the bath. You may have memories of doing the same thing when you were young. So that is funny. However, that is not the only thing that is funny that is relevant to ducks. That is because there are some really funny duck puns you will want to read and laugh at!! Are you ready to read 50 of these duck ‘dad jokes’? Let’s go!

List of Duck Puns That Will Quack You Up:

Following are some of the best duck puns we could come up with:

1. I might be a goose but then again I don’t know because I am just so quackers.

2. What is the duck’s favorite snack for bedtime? Cheese and quackers.

3. Do you find duck puns funny? Because personally, I find them quite fowl.

4. That duck psychic is not legitimate at all because she is the biggest quack around.

5. What did the duck say to his long lost son? “Hey son, don’t you know me, I am your feather.”

6. I have had it with my friend who is just obsessed with ducks the way she is. I find it so loony.

7. What did the duck say when he ordered takeout? “Just put it on my bill”.

8. The platypus went to the restaurant owned by the duck. Once he finished dinner, then the duck billed platypus.

9. It is so hard to make duck statues because you have to grout those quacks perfectly.

10. Why couldn’t the duck family take in the cygnet that was orphaned? That is because it was ‘swan more mouth to feed.

11. Ducks have a low tolerance for stress due to the fact that they quack under pressure so much.

12. What is a duck that explodes? It is a fire quacker.

13. Why did the alligator eat the farmer’s cows and ducks? That is because he wanted milk and quackers.

14. Why does the duck have feathers on its behind? In order to cover the butt quack.

15. What did the angry duck say to the other who rubbed him the wrong way? ‘Duck off’.

16. What is the duck’s favorite breakfast? It is Quacker’s and Oats.

17. What is an annoyed duck in an ocean called? A salty quacker.

18. Why did the guy take on the geese but not the ducks? Because he simply did not give a flying fock.

19. I had to get the duck a muzzle that was inexpensive because he kept biting everyone. It isn’t anything special but it fit the bill.

20. Why can’t ducks ever provide spare change? That is only because they have bills.

21. Ducks are the best detectives because they know how to quack each case quite well.

22. The police suspected the duck was the criminal because he fit the bill of the one who committed the crime.

23. How in the world can a duck fart? With his bum-quack.

24. Why could the duck not get his life in order? He was addicted to quack.

25. What is a duck that ended up in the cement that was drying that was meant to become a sidewalk? A quack in the pavement.

26. What do you call a duck that is the head of MENSA? A wise quack!

27. Why did the duck fire his psychologist? He thought he was such a quack.

28. Autocorrect is annoying and it has gotten to the point that I have no more ducks to give.

29. What is a duck that is wearing plaid clothing? A lumberquack.

30. These duck puns are really meant to quack you up.

31. What is the duck’s favorite sweet popcorn snack? Quacker Jacks.

32. What do you call Daffy Duck who became a private investigator? A duck-tective.

33. The only motor oil that a duck can use is Quacker State.

34. Why do ducks have feathers? Well, I don’t know but I am sure if I heard the answer to that it would quack me up.

35. What did the duck say to the repair duck who fixed the fridge? “When will you send the bill for this?”.

36. Why does autocorrect always go to ‘duck’ when you really intend to use another word? It does not approve of you using fowl language.

37. My porcelain duck needs to be returned to the store because it is quacked. 

38. What was the reason that the duck was arrested? He was caught selling quack.

39. Why do ducks cry easily? Their tear-ducks are sensitive.

40. Why wasn’t the duck able to make that purchase? His credit card was duck-lined.

41. Why wouldn’t the duck tarot reader get much business? She was believed to be a quack.

42. Why can ducks surf the internet with their toes? Because they have webbed-feet.

43. Who is the best singer around according to female teenage ducks? Drake.

44. Why do ducks have an easy time heading from South America to Antarctica? They know how to swim the Drake passage.

45. What do you do when you want to be funny? Quack a joke, of course!

46. Where do the ducks like to go on vacation in the USA? Either North or South Duckota.

47. Why do ducks like the new gadgets that are coming out? Because of the evolving and cutting edge ducknology.

48. Why do ducks have a bad reputation of using profanity and inappropriate language? They are fowl-mouthed.

49. What did the duck say to the other who did not plan something correctly? “Boy, you nest up”.

50. She lost money by giving in to the false charity that the shady duck was advertising. She fowl victim to that scammer.

51. What do you do to quack up? You read these duck puns.

52. What do ducks use to celebrate? Firequackers.

53. How did the duck manage to ignore all the rumors? He stopped giving ducks.

Are you now quacking up from all of these duck puns? I hope so!

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