50 Comedy Puns That Will Leave You Laughing

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Do you like comedy clubs? I have to say I love them and I spend a Saturday evening going to one every now and then. Some acts are great, others not so much. You have to be so brave to be a comedian because you could easily be told you are terrible and the audience could make you feel terrible about your humor. That is only if you are truly bad, but it even hurts if you please most and one individual tries to ruin it for you. Therefore, I think comedians are quite gutsy. Anyway, speaking of laughing, how about we go over some puns? Puns about comedy? Yeah, how about that! Let’s now laugh at 50 comedy puns right now.

List of Comedy Puns That Will Leave You Laughing:

Following are some of the best comedy puns that will leave you laughing:

  1. Which new online dating site guarantees a funny first date? Match Dot Comic.
  2. Why do skunks make such hilarious stand-up comics? They’re born with innate scents of humor.
  3. Which king of lawn seed do cutting-edge comedians prefer in their turf? Wry grass.
  4. Why didn’t the butcher comedian tell jokes about sausages? Because they’re the deli wurst.
  5. Which trait does a comedian baker knead to tell funny bread jokes? A rye sense of humor.
  6. Which cut of pork does a goading comedian order? Ribs.
  7. What happened after the stand-up comic went to an optician for a new pair of glasses? His observational comedy got much better.
  8. Which kind of bread do hammy Painful joke writers really eat up? Pun-pernickel.
  9. Why did the meatpacker give up his gig at the comedy club? Because he butchered all his jokes to pieces.
  10. Which new online dating site guarantees a funny first date? Match Dot Comic.
  11. Why did the standup comedian run out of punny new joke ideas? He was at his wit’s end.
  12. What happened when the optician decided to try stand-up comedy? He made a spectacle of himself.
  13. Why did the trucker do well as a stand-up comedian on open mike night? Because he had great delivery.
  14. Why are German butchers such terrible comedians? Because their jokes are the wurst.
  15. Why did the overweight standup comedian finally go on a diet? Because he was at his width’s end.
  16. How can you tell you’ll never be a great joke teller? You always seem to punch up the f–k line.
  17. What is the name of the new online dating portal for comedian webmasters? Funny Meeting You Here.
  18. What happened when the gnome comedian told his best gardening joke on stage? The audience soiled themselves.
  19. Why did the vampire’s stand-up comedy gig at the cemetery go so badly? Because the crowd was pretty dead.
  20. Why did the electrician comedian stop telling jokes? Because they made his head hertz.
  21. What do gnome standup comedians call a tiny pun? Puny.
  22. What is it called when a zombie steals a comedian’s jokes? Plague-giarism.
  23. Why do electrician comedians like to tell Painful power joke Puns? For the shock value.
  24. What does it take to become a great zombie comedian? Dead-ication.
  25. Why aren’t zombie comedians very funny? Most zombies won’t eat clowns.
  26. How do you describe a jocular sewage joker? Pun Gent.
  27. Why did the zombie bite off the comedian’s hands? The jokes were too funny to handle.
  28. What do they serve for lunch at the comedian workshop? Hot dog puns.
  29. Why did the zombie comedian get booed off the stage? Because his jokes were rotten.
  30. What did the eye doctor comedian call his comedy club act? A Cornea-copia of Jokes.
  31. What do they serve for lunch at the comedian workshop? Hamburger puns.
  32. Did you hear about the hamburger comedian who told really funny jokes? He was really on a roll.
  33. What is the definition of comedic warfare? Killer jokes.
  34. Why did the stand-up comedian only do killer jokes about the mob? He wanted to die laughing.
  35. What happened when the butcher’s comedy routine went udder? He cow-lapsed.
  36. Why do crow comedians tell really dumb jokes? Be-caws they can.
  37. Who tells the clucking punniest chicken jokes? A comedi-hen.
  38. Did you hear about the punny chef standup comic who was know for his antics and capers?
  39. Did you hear about the chef comedian who was a-maize-ing at making corny jokes? His puns were very cheesy.
  40. Why doesn’t the Italian chef comedian tell pizza jokes? They’re far too cheesy for his taste.
  41. Why do Jedis make terrible standup comedians? Because their schtick feels so forced.
  42. How does a fish comedian make an octopus laugh? He tells a whale of a pun.
  43. How does the Frankenstein monster comic make everybody laugh? He keeps them all in stitches.
  44. Why didn’t the comedian tell his latest cell phone joke? Because it had a bad reception.
  45. Why was the cheesy comedian so good? Because his act was pure crackers.
  46. Why do Bigfoots like to tell jokes? Because they’re killer comedians.
  47. Which kind of comedy does Batman like best? Dark humor.
  48. Which old commedian sold bakery when he wasn’t perfrming on stage? Soupy Sales.
  49. Which kind of dinosaurs were the comedians of their day? He-He-Rex.
  50. Why are standup comedians so scared of ghosts? Because they always boo.

I hope you had a good chance to laugh! I am going to make a reservation for the comedy club this weekend!

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