50 Puns About Quitting Your Job You Can’t Quit

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Everyone has a story of quitting a job at one time or another, including myself. I remember being taken advantage of at the fast-food restaurant so I literally had enough of it. Therefore, I quit. And I am sure you can recall a time when you had to quit a job because it was grueling and the pay was not good. Let’s now make light of the situation by laughing at it because I can come up with 50 puns that are all about quitting your job. You may even relate to some of these as I do, sort of anyway! I hope you have a chuckle at them! So I am giving you a job to do to read all 50 of these and please do not quit it before that.

List of Puns About Quitting Your Job:

Following are some of the best puns about quitting your job:

  1. I used to be a velcro salesman, but I quit since I could not stick with it.
  2. The farmer quit his job since his celery was not high enough.
  3. I was once a tailor but I quit since the work was so-so.
  4. I got a job looking for gold, but it did not end up panning out.
  5. I once sold computer parts but it had to end since I lost my drive.
  6. I was hired to work at a coffee shop but ended up quitting as I got tired of the daily grind.
  7. The baker quit his job as he hated making donuts, he just got tired of the hole thing.
  8. The grand piano tuner ended up quitting his job due to the flat pay scale.
  9. There was a breadmaker who was crusty and short-tempered who had to quit before he became toast.
  10. The historian left her job at the museum since she did not see a future in it.
  11. Someone who was a road digger quit his job when he became re-trenched.
  12. The exterminator quit his job because it was a real rat race.
  13. The vegan chef quit his job after they cut his celery.
  14. The accountant was tired and finally quit his job after seeing that his paycheck did not add up.
  15. I was once a nurse but after I lost patience, I quit.
  16. The battery salesman quit his job after he did not get a charge out of it.
  17. No one wants to keep their job at the donut factory since everyone gets tired of the hole thing.
  18. The travel guide quit his job since he lost interest.
  19. The one who quit his job at the battery factory did so because it was not a powerful position for him to continue.
  20. The tow truck driver no longer wanted to work for AAA because he thought it was a complete drag.
  21. The car insurance claims adjuster quit his job at the insurance company as the job turned him into a total wreck.
  22. The traffic engineer quit his job with the city because of too many run arounds.
  23. The seasonal road pothole repair worker quit his job as the paychecks were quite patchy.
  24. The guy quit his job at the shoe recycling plant as he found it sole depressing.
  25. He quit his job patching potholes since he was in a real rut.
  26. The gold miner quit his job because he felt he was given the shaft.
  27. The guy quit his job at the oil exploration company because he found it to be a real bore.
  28. The subway construction worker quit his job after he developed tunnel vision.
  29. The train conductor quit for un-fare treatment by the rail company.
  30. The mechanic ended up quitting his job since he found it to be extremely exhausting.
  31. The air traffic controller left his job since it was touch and go, plus there were too many ups and downs.
  32. The vacuum salesman left his position since the pay really sucked.
  33. The race car driver no longer wanted to keep his position because he ran out of gas.
  34. The taxi driver no longer wanted to drive taxis because the pay was un-fare.
  35. The race car driver no longer wanted to continue with his position since it was a slow-paced one.
  36. The semi-truck driver quit his position since he was not in it for the long haul.
  37. The bicycle maker no longer wanted to work at that position because he really got two tired with it.
  38. Did you hear about the motor home salesman quitting his job? He had to do it because there was nowhere to go at that company.
  39. The guy at the helium company no longer wanted to work since he hated his boss’s tone of voice.
  40. The UFO chaser no longer worked in his position since became too caught up in his work.
  41. The greenhouse worker did not like his job anymore since it was not growing anywhere.
  42. The farmer ended up going into another career for the sake of it being sow, sow.
  43. The pecan grower ended up changing jobs because it was seriously driving him nuts.
  44. The orchard owner changed careers because the job was a fruitless endeavor.
  45. The peach grower one day announced he was quitting and made it clear that the orchard job was the pits.
  46. The maid no longer wanted to work as a maid because she got tired of her clients wanting her to work dirt cheap.
  47. The accountant ended up changing careers since he became tired of the constant balancing act.
  48. The vacuum cleaner door-to-door salesman was tired of his job because everyone at the door used dirty language.
  49. Everyone thought that the janitor quit his job but word got out that he ended up kicking the bucket instead.
  50. Did you hear about the virologist quitting his job? It was said that he became sick and tired of it.

I hope you did not quit the job that I gave you of reading these before reading #50!

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