50 Curry Puns That Will Cheer Your Dhal Moment

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What is the first thing that you think of when you hear about the spice, curry? Curry a yellow and pungent is used in many Middle Eastern and Indian dishes. You also have to have a taste for it as well which not everyone does. Curry is made of a variety of other spices that include turmeric, ginger, coriander, cumin, as well as fresh and dehydrated chilis. Of course, curry is the main spice that comes from the leaves curry tree that is in the spice itself. However, the other herbs will provide curry its unique taste.

Curry is not only used in dishes as it is also used in cheese, butter, and mustards, as well as other types of sauce. And the spice is generally used for sauce preparation. Curry has been used as a traditional spice since the 18th century and is used in Western countries as well. The other areas that use curry as a spice are in East and Southeast Asia, as well as the West Indies, Many African countries, and even in the UK.

In Fiji, roti is another dish that includes curry as well as many types of rice. That is another country that is known to have curry in its dishes. However, once again, not everyone likes it which is why those who like the taste will enjoy the dishes. Let’s now talk about something that everyone will like such as curry puns. Let’s go over 50 of the spiciest curry puns around.

List of Curry Puns That Will Cheer Your Dhal Moment:

Following are some of the best curry puns that will cheer your dhal moment:

  1. The reservation is at 7 at the Indian restaurant so we better curry along.
  2. What do you do when you want to give someone something they don’t like? Give someone a bit of curry.
  3. I have to make another East Indian dish at the cooking class so I better curry up and prepare that.
  4. Curry up and wait for the rice to be ready.
  5. I’m going as fast as my legs can curry me to clean up the spilled rice.
  6. Oh you spilled some rice on the floor? Keep calm and curry on.
  7. The Indian spice mix in with the crowd can leave without a trace.
  8. I noticed evidence of curry and I think I’m being followed by Indian spice.
  9. That curry rice dish isn’t as great as you think so herb your enthusiasm.
  10. If you want to get some Indian takeout from that poorly designed restaurant you need to drive up onto the herb.
  11. You are a master at making rice and I found this out since I herb it on the grape vine.
  12. The Indian restaurant was so quiet that you could have herb a pin drop.
  13. I am glad you made it to dinner featuring my curry rice recipe. Cumin side and make yourself at home.
  14. You made me curry rice? You’re such a dhaling.
  15. The fact you had bad curry shows you definitely had a raw dhal.
  16. Ouch the curry burned my tongue, there is never a dhal moment.
  17. All work and no play makes Raj a dhal guy.
  18. I accidentally pocket dhaled the Indian restaurant.
  19. The internet speed at the Indian restaurant is basically as slow as dhal up.
  20. The ones who left the bad review about the curry dish at the Indian restaurant are a bunch of karahi babies.
  21. The curry spilled on the floor as you were preparing the rice? Curd be worse.
  22. I curd there is a new Indian restaurant opening up.
  23. The last I curd the Indian restaurant was coming up with a new recipe involving curry.
  24. To tell you the truth I curd do with a curry right now.
  25. This does not taste like a curry dish, you curd’ve fooled me.
  26. As I left the Indian restaurant, I left the door achar so it wouldn’t lock.
  27. The amount of curry I used in my dish is naan of your business.
  28. The Indian restaurant owner is the Jack of all trades, master of naan.
  29. Madras needs to be dry-cleaned for the Indian wedding.
  30. You curd it at the Indian restaurant first.
  31. Do you like curry, thyme, or cloves, or naan of the above?
  32. It is naan other than the best curry dish around.
  33. Curry dishes are so potent when I go to the bathroom I can feel it on my anise.
  34. What planet of yours has curry on it? Your-anise.
  35. I love eating my curry dishes in bed because I have a really comfortable madras.
  36. The curry dish was priced well and the quality is naan too shabby!
  37. Your prized curry dish is the ghee to my heart.
  38. Ghee, these curry puns are getting a bit old, don’t you think?
  39. Next tamil remember to bring my Indian cookbook.
  40. When is the best time to have a hot curry dinner? When it is chili.
  41. I knew this was a risk but I gingerly made the final curry pun.
  42. I gingered up after having a spicy curry.
  43. Burning your tongue due to hot curry is no laughing matter.
  44. If you eat too much curry, you will end up in a korma.
  45. We need to leave raita way to get to the Indian restaurant at the time of the reservation.
  46. That curry dish is very rice.
  47. The best weapon is mace made with curry.
  48. After eating something too spicy, those jerks looking at me were laughing and they had to jeera-t me.
  49. Curry smell so strong that it gets all over your cloves.
  50. Curdn’t you be a little bit quieter at the Indian restaurant?

There you go as you now have your 50 spicy curry puns and I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Are you feeling hot now after reading that? I hope so because that is the intention.

Do you wish to add your own curry pun to the list?

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