50 Museum Puns That Are Fascinating

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Do you ever like going to the museum? There are so many museums around here that are quite fascinating, and the one that I really enjoy going to is the art museum across the street. Well, it literally is not across the street but it is a few blocks from here. There are so many interesting artifacts and historical pieces that you never knew existed. That is why they are put into museums. Many people think that museums can be boring. You have to go to the one that will fascinate you. Anyway, now that we are onto this topic, let’s go over some fascinating museum puns! Here are 50 of them.

List of Museum Puns That Are Fascinating:

Following are some of the best museum puns that are fascinating:

  1. What is it called if a famous French art museum instantly enamors you? Louvre at first sight.
  2. Why was the Art Museum curator considered brilliant at judging paintings and sculptures? He had art-official intelligence.
  3. Why couldn’t the guy get into the famous knife exhibit at the museum? People kept cutting in line.
  4. Why couldn’t the guy go to the contraception museum? They wouldn’t let him come inside.
  5. What did the cat burglar say to the cops when questioned about his theft from a Paris museum? I did it for the Monet.
  6. What did the visitors say about the vampire’s art featured at the Transylvania museum? What a monster-piece!
  7. How did a dinosaur feel after being reassembled at the museum – and then woke up? Puzzled.
  8. Why are there old dinosaur bones in the museum? That is because there aren’t any new ones.
  9. What is the timeless pants exhibit at the Levi Straus Museum called? Jean-Eaology.
  10. What do you get if you cross a surrealist painter and a pugilist? Muhammad Dali.
  11. Why was the tempera-mental artist arguing with the museum curator? He wasn’t in his right frame of mind.
  12. What excuse did the art museum thief give the police officer? I’ve been framed.
  13. What does the pirate plunder from the museum when he’s on shore leave? Arrrt.
  14. What will you see at the Air and Space Museum? An empty building.
  15. Earth without art is eh.
  16. What do Americans call the area of the country with the most museums? State of the Art.
  17. What happened to the guy who tried to steal all the head sculptures from the museum? He was busted.
  18. Why are fencers used as security personnel at French museums? Because they’re always en garde.
  19. How can you tell you’re getting old? The alarm goes off when you walk out of a museum.
  20. Which cultural facility do exterminators visit most often? The mouse-eum.
  21. Where can you view a collection of rare antique rat traps? The mouse-see-um.
  22. Why does the Alzheimers Museum have so many repeat visitors? That is because there’s always something new to see there.
  23. Why don’t T-Rex skeletons attack museum visitors? Because they don’t have the guts.
  24. Which puns do art critics enjoy? Perfectly illustrated punch lines.
  25. What do you call artwork of marginal quality? A doodle.
  26. Old art museum keepers die when they paint themselves into a coroner.
  27. If an artist sketches his workspace, will it include a desk drawer?
  28. Why did the console gamer get a headache at the art museum? Too many frames.
  29. What happened when the Scrabble museum was robbed? Curators were at a loss for words.
  30. The museum keeper who put the picture up in the museum went to jail for being framed.
  31. Where do artistic cows display their artwork? At the moo-seum.
  32. Why do yogurt experts like to go to the art museum? Because they are cultured.
  33. What 80s band liked going to art museums? The culture club.
  34. It is hard to trust museum keepers as they have plenty of skeletons in the closet.
  35. The bard looks for inspiration at one place and that it at the muse-eum.
  36. Who is the pickle lover’s favorite artist? That would be Salvador Dilly.
  37. What is erotic abstract art? It’s the shape of things to come.
  38. What do you call a moonshine painting equipment? A still life.
  39. Which dizzy aunt was Vincent Van Gogh’s favorite? Verti Gogh.
  40. Where can you view an exibit of lunar rocks? At the Space Moon-seum.
  41. Why did the jury tour the city’s museum? To view Exibit A.
  42. Why did petri dishes spend the day at the museum? That is because they were cultured.
  43. How do you influence a fine artist? Easel-y.
  44. These art museum puns are not very thrilling, as they are poorly illustrated.
  45. How did Salvador Dali begin his days? With a morning bowl of surreal.
  46. What do paleontologists call it when a truck full of dinosaur bones has a wreck on the way to the Museum of Nature and Science? A Jurassic Jam.
  47. Why did Vincent Van Gogh become a talented painter? Because he didn’t have an ear for music.
  48. At the museum they’re beginning to disassemble the mummies exhibit. So it is a wrap.
  49. I have to go to work at the museum this evening, moving suits of armour around, and I don’t like knight shifts.
  50. What’s a geologists favorite museum? A smithstoneian.

I hope you found these museum puns fascinating! I think I will check the one that I like out right now.

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