49 Cocoa Puns That Will Make You Crave for More

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When you hear the term cocoa, what is your first thought? Oh, you probably think about how delicious a piping hot cup of hot cocoa is on a cold winter’s day. You cannot go wrong with that at all. You can always sprinkle some sugar in it to sweeten it up more, or even add some whipped cream and then sprinkle some chocolate shavings on it if you want to go all out. You really cannot go wrong with any of that.

And then you can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s night as well as cozy it up while watching your favorite program as you watch the fire burn the fireplace. Oh, I am getting too cozy just by thinking about it. You just cannot go wrong with that. And you can also get a tasty cup of hot cocoa as well when you go and run over to Starbucks to get something sweet to eat and to drink during the day – or if you want to hang out with a few friends at night.

You don’t only need cocoa for making hot cocoa as you can use it as a recipe for some tasty desserts. It is all so yummy. Do you want to know what else is yummy? Thinking about cocoa puns, let’s go over 49 of them right now because they are so delicious.

List of Cocoa Puns That Will Make You Crave for More:

Following are some of the best cocoa puns that will make you crave for more:

  1. A nutty flavor hot chocolate? Oh, that is so cocoa-nuts!
  2. I am in the mood for a hot drink in the morning so please wake me up before you cocoa.
  3. Hot chocolate doesn’t last because it is easy come, easy cocoa.
  4. Let’s cocoa to Starbucks to enjoy something delicious and sweet.
  5. I wanted to get some hot cocoa which is why I have bean having so many cravings.
  6. Drank hot cocoa when it was too hot? Oh yeah, bean there, done that.
  7. If you want that hot cocoa then you better bean up your act.
  8. I can’t believe you finished up the last sachet of hot cocoa and now I have a bean to pick with you.
  9. Sugar-free hot cocoa is why diabetics get the bean light when it comes to enjoying that type of hot chocolate.
  10. Cocoa powder is as dry as a bean.
  11. Cocoa powder in a large bag is so heavy it’s like a bag of beans.
  12. I can sniff the hot cocoa brewing in the basement because I have a bean sense of smell.
  13. Keto cocoa shakes have turned me into a bean, mean, fighting machine.
  14. Do you know how cocoa is prepared? You just have to look at it behind the beans.
  15. The Adventures Of Hot Cocoa: Coming to a bean near you!
  16. You will want to nib it in the bud before your cocoa habit gets out of hand.
  17. I have an a-bean-dance of cocoa powder in my cabinet which is why I am donating some.
  18. In the grind scheme of things, having a cocoa addiction is not so bad.
  19. Giving a mug of hot cocoa to someone homeless is a random act of grindness.
  20. Hot cocoa is always on my grind during winter.
  21. You have to bear in grind that hot cocoa by itself is not fattening, it’s everything you add to it.
  22. Was that hot cocoa you sipped too hot? Because you look like you have seen a roast.
  23. The cocoa thief is on the list of America’s roast wanted.
  24. You don’t like how I made the hot cocoa? It’s amazing you judge no matter how much I blend over backward for you.
  25. I’ll blend you some cocoa powder since you don’t have any.
  26. I burned my mouth from drinking that piping hot cocoa, but it is on the blend now.
  27. Don’t get the most expensive cocoa powder because you want to blend your money wisely.
  28. Let’s cocoa get a chocolate cake.
  29. Cocoa powder is part of the icing on the press cake.
  30. I don’t cocoa to the coffee shop for coffee if I have a chocolate craving.
  31. I have a craving for hot cocoa especially now that I have a bean in the oven.
  32. Let’s cocoa get some dessert.
  33. When you are in a chocolate shop, money really is easy come, easy cocoa.
  34. What do you do with excess cocoa powder past its ‘best before’ date? Bag it and bean it.
  35. When you drink up hot cocoa fast, it’s like it’s bean and gone.
  36. Where did the unused old cocoa powder end up? At the bottom of the bean.
  37. Don’t cocoa in the kitchen right now as it’s too hot.
  38. The mug for my hot cocoa is now squeaky bean after the wash.
  39. Why would someone who does not have much money buy the most expensive cocoa powder? They live beyond their beans.
  40. What do you call friends who are good for making hot cocoa? Friends with bean-efits.
  41. Hot cocoa with a slice of bean-ana cake is a perfect snack.
  42. I had the best cup of hot cocoa at the new coffee shop that was once an a-bean-doned house.
  43. The best coffee shop that makes awesome hot cocoa is in a subur-bean town up north.
  44. The guy who loves hot cocoa has bean in this house several times.
  45. Thanks for the lovely hot cocoa with all of that whipped cream as that was a bean-evolent gesture.
  46. A cup of hot cocoa with a grind slam pancake breakfast is a great thing to wake up to.
  47. Why is cocoa powder without sugar so mean? It is bitter.
    48 I found the best cocoa powder on the supermarket shelf before anyone else did. Grinders keepers!
  48. If you don’t want to use unsweetened cocoa powder for the cake recipe, I hope you have a bitter idea of what to use.
  49. I will cocoa grab you a sweet beverage.

There you go, delicious cocoa puns just for you! I hope you found them sweet!

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