51 Penguin Puns That Will Keep Your Time Laughing Frozen

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Penguins. What do you think of when you hear of this word? You must think of flightless and large birds that are black and white and waddle around. And these are one type of bird that cannot fly. They also don’t seem to do much so you may not really associate penguins with anything other than living in cold environments and sliding off of ice cliffs into the freezing water.

The fact of the matter is that not all penguins live in frozen environments, but they all do live in the southern hemisphere unless they are in zoos elsewhere. Most penguins do indeed live in Antarctica. And those are the birds that need to live in cold environments. However, there are other types of penguins that cannot live in cold climates and live in warmer climates. Those types of penguins live on the coasts of Australia, South Africa, and South America.

Penguins can be large and tall such as those four-foot Emperor penguins that waddle around, and you have those small penguins that jump around such as the Chinstraps. What is it then that you really know about penguins? You probably don’t know much about them otherwise unless you are a marine biologist or a penguin fanatic. But it does not matter what you do know or don’t know about these flightless birds. Let’s have a laugh by going over 51 penguin puns as you’ll be frozen in time laughing.

List of Penguin Puns That Will Keep Your Time Laughing Frozen:

Following are some of the best penguin puns that will keep your time laughing frozen.

1. Why are penguins perfect wedding guests? They always wear tuxedos.

2. Who was the Emperor penguin wearing a toga? Julius Freezer.

3. The only way that penguins can make a decision is by flipper coin.

4. What does the sea say to the penguin? It does not say anything as it just waves.

5. What do you call it when a polar bear and a penguin make spam calls? Cold calling.

6. What relative does a penguin like the most? Aunt Arctica.

7. What head of the penguin navy do other penguins rely on? Admiral Byrd.

8. Why did the penguin cross the road? To go with the floe.

9. What is a penguin called at the North Pole? Lost.

10. What do penguins do when they are mad at each other? They give one another the cold shoulder.

11. What is a happy penguin called? Pen-Grin.

12. What is the type of music penguins like? Sole.

13. Where do penguins store their money? At the snow bank.

14. What is a type of fish that penguins catch at night when it is dark? Starfish.

15. The only thing that penguins can drink out of are from beak-ers.

16. The only dance that penguins go to is the snow ball.

17. What musician do penguins like a lot? Seal.

18. How do penguins like to drink their booze? On the rocks.

19. Where do penguins enjoy going for a good swim? At the South Pool.

20. Penguins are amazing race car drivers because they are always in pole position.

21. What is the type of vegetable that penguins will be happy to eat in their salads? Iceberg lettuce.

22. Where do penguins go to the movies? At the dive-in.

23. What type of fast food do penguins like to go for? Ice-burgers.

24. What is the type of hats that penguins like to wear? Ice caps.

25. The penguin’s favorite part of the racing car is the one and only egg-celerator.

26. What is the only reason that penguins have to carry fish in their beaks? They don’t have any pockets.

27. How do you help a penguin that is sick? Give them some tweetment.

28. What is the penguin’s favorite summer drink? Iced tea.

29. What was the reason the penguin crossed the ocean? Only to get to the other tide.

30. The song to sing at a penguin’s birthday party is ‘Freeze a jolly good fellow’.

31. What happens when a penguin ends up laying an egg on the hill? You get an eggroll.

32. How does a penguin make pancakes? It flip-pers it.

33. What does the penguin say after taking you out for dinner? ‘Put it on my bill’.

34. There was only one reason that the penguin crossed the road two times and that was to prove he wasn’t chicken.

35. What do penguins that are evil know how to make very well? Deviled eggs.

36. What do you call a penguin that is cold? A brrr-d.

37. Why would you never see a penguin in Great Britain? They are terrified of Wales.

38. How did the penguin pass the exam? He winged it.

39. Why did the egotistical penguin get on your nerves easily? He was always fishing for compliments.

40. The only reason the penguins were very popular because they were ice guys and gals.

41. The only way a penguin can build their own house is one way, igloos it together.

42. What is the main form of transportation for a penguin? An icicle.

43. Why are penguins in Antarctica sad? They are ice-olated.

44. Why are penguins just so mean? They are so cold.

45. What do you call a penguin that goes to the North Pole in a manic state? Bi-polar.

46. What do you call a murderous penguin? A stone-cold killer.

47. Why is it fitting for a penguin to work at a tuxedo store? It suits them.

48. Why must penguins only wear tuxedos? Because nothing else is suit-able.

49. There are thousands of penguins in that area as I cold see them miles away.

50. What do you call a stew that is made by penguins? A pot of cold.

51. How can you be like penguins? By being cold.

There you go. The next time you go to a zoo and go to the penguin area, you can tell these puns to other visitors. You may either get the cold shoulder by them, or you may find that some will laugh themselves frozen. It really depends on who ends up visiting. But just imagine that anyway. And have some fun while you are at it.

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