50 Art Puns You Will Want to Frame Up

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Art. One of the school subjects you had back in the day that you actually liked. It was a non-stress subject where you could paint, drawn, and sculpt your emotions away as you had relaxed. You could tap into your imagination and make the best use of your creativity. Therefore, art is definitely fun and appealing.

Perhaps you also have an appreciation for art given the fact that you like to hang up certain pictures that are made with either abstract art or not. But you like the touch it adds to your home, as any form of decoration is a definition of art.

Also, that favorite novel that you read, or that awesome song that you like to listen to all of the time are also brilliant works of art. Perhaps you are an artist of some sort whether you are a musician, a painter, a creative writer, or a sculptor. It brings you a lot of satisfaction even more than money. It has been most definitely established that art is relaxing and fun. But is it funny? It can be. It most definitely can be but not in the ways you are assuming. Because you likely did not think that art can be funny in a dad-joke kind of way. Well here are 50 art puns that you are about to read that will change your mind.

List of Art Puns You Will Frame Up:

Following are some of the best art puns that will make you want to frame them up.

1. I wanted to paint the sky but unfortunately, I blue it.

2. Many people appreciate art but I am the one that is drawn to it.

3. Never ever take that artist who created that sculpture for granite.

4. I want to make sure that I am kept safe with my art supplies so I’ll canvas the area.

5. I wanted to make an art masterpiece with my pencil, but it broke so now it’s pointless.

6. That artist had the magic touch for drawing the crowd.

7. That art teacher was terrible and all she was good at doing was drawing blank faces.

8. I am so attracted to that Paris art museum it was like Louvre at first sight.

9. What is a painting done by a dog called? It is a paw-trait.

10. You can’t trust artists as they are sketchy and will frame you, so you get the picture.

11. Don’t worry about not being able to give that artist directions. He’ll still get around easel-y.

12. What did the artist say when he called the dental office to make an appointment? ‘Matisse hurt’.

13. How do artists from Japan say ‘goodbye’? They say ‘cyan-nara’.

14. That artist was so happy when he finished his Bas carving and he yelled ‘what a relief’.

15. An artist fills in a CV by drawing on experience.

16. Why does the cardiovascular system look so intriguing? Because it is a work of artery.

17. Why did the painter like to paint? He was drawn to art from the beginning.

18. What makes artists so colorful? They know how to draw on their emotions.

19. Why do people prefer to paint their Easter eggs? Wallpapering them is hard.

20. Why did the cops arrest the painting? Because it was framed.

21. The painter died out of nowhere, and the autopsy revealed that he had too many strokes.

22. Why did the painter end up in jail? He had a brush with the law.

23. Why don’t artists give in to peer pressure? Because they know how to draw the line.

24. Why did the artist take in a lot of fiber supplements? Because of being consi-painted.

25. What do you call someone hanging on the wall? Art.

26. What painter is also an animal you would find at a petting zoo? Vincent Van Goat.

27. How does an artist pick up the phone? ‘Yellow’.

28. What farm animal is a brilliant painter? Pablo Pigcaso.

29. I tried to tell the artist that his artwork was not up to par in a subtle way, but I don’t think he got the picture.

30. What type of person draws or paints pictures of criminals? A con artist.

31. That guy who was charged for stealing those paintings was likely framed.

32. When an artist is in dire straits, what song does he hum in his head? ‘Money for Nothing’.

33. That blonde paint is perfect for my purpose as it is not overly bright and spreads very well.

34. Why did the painter want to visit the polar bears? He wanted to see the art-ic.

35. The painter spent too much time grabbing groceries at the supermarket and quickly regretted not grabbing a shopping art.

36. The painter’s painting was so amazing that it was rated off the arts.

37. Absence makes the painter’s art grow fonder.

38. Why did the painter struggle with coming up with a new creation? He had a major brain art.

39. The artist was dealt a bad hand in life and he thought it was karma he was paying for. It was really the luck of the draw.

40. Why didn’t the artist want to improve his painting skills? His attitude was ‘If it paint broke, don’t fix it’.

41. That artist tried to work on his painting, drawing, and sculpture in a day but he was stressed. He bit off more than he could hue.

42. The art show was unfortunately canceled hue to lack of interest.

43. The artist did not want anyone judging him for his poor choices since no one had ever considered to walk in his hues for a day.

44. That artist knew his painting was not the best one around as he was told. It just seemed to be good to be hue.

45. The painter did not need to get a new canvas like the one he had was still in tint condition.

46. What is someone who is an artist, accountant, carpenter, and a scientist called? The Jack of all shades.

47. Since the artist knew he would be able to get his supplies on time, he finally could breathe a cyan of relief.

48. Every picture teals a story about an artist’s life.

49. What does an art lover think about her partner who is a successful artist? A match shade in heaven.

50. The artist who drew my favorite picture really shade my day.

There you go, I hope those art puns shade you very happy.

Do you wish to add your own art pun to the list?

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