50 Disney Puns That Will Make You Frozen

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Disney. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of Disney? You may either think a man who was a genius whose legacy lived on even longer than he would have ever guessed while he was still alive. You likely will think of the earliest characters which were Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Pinnochio, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, and so many more. Those Disney cartoons have been around for nearly a century and they are still quite popular.

Do you remember getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch those fun cartoons? I sure do and that was a lot of fun and makes me nostalgic just by thinking about it. Those were definitely the simpler days. And have you ever been to either Disney Land in California or Disney World in Orlando Florida, or in Paris, France? Oh, I love all of those places. The Disney characters have evolved over time as well as you have the Frozen characters such as Elsa and Olaf, and let’s not forget about Pocahontas. I also really like Alladin. Oh man, there are so many Disney characters around that I could write a novel about each and every one of them. However, that is not necessary. Let’s go over something else.

Let’s talk about the puns that are Disney related! Those are funny and will make you want to sing zippity do da. Let’s go over 50 of those right now.

List of Disney Puns That Will Make You Frozen:

Following are some of the best Disney puns that will make you frozen.

1. What time does Donald duck wake up? At the quack of dawn.

2. Why was Tigger spending a lot of time in the bathroom? Because of Pooh.

3. Why did Mickey Mouse have to go to the doctor? Due to all of those Disney spells.

4. Why does a particular Disney princess love wintertime? Because of having the name Snow White.

5. There is another edition of the Disney movie where Rapunzel does not have her hair chopped off. That is the uncut edition.

6. What does Ariel like to spread on her toast? Mer-malade.

7. What maker of a car does Luke Skywalker like? Toy-Yoda.

8. What Christmas Carol will Tarzan sing along to? Jungle Bells.

9. When Minnie is mad at Mickey, it just makes him feeling mouserable.

10. What was the reason that Mickey Mouse wanted to join NASA? He wanted to learn more about Pluto.

11. There is one reason Peter Pan always flies and that is he can neverland.

12. Give Alice a break for asking too many questions considering she is always in wonderland.

13. What instructions does Daisy Duck give after buying lipstick? She says to put it on her bill.

14. The lions had to go to Simba’s ceremony since it was the mane event.

15. How do you know that Snow White is a Libra? She is the fairest one of all.

16. Why did the 101 Dalmatians enjoy dinner? Because it hit the spot.

17. What nickname does Pooh Bear call his girlfriend? Hunny.

18. You cannot ever trust Scar as he’s always lion.

19. Why can’t Cinderella be a good soccer player? She keeps running away from the ball.

20. What car will you see Minnie Mouse driving? A Minnie-van.

21. Why is being a dwarf depressing? Well, 6 out of 7 of them were never Happy.

22. Why did Jasmine go to the supermarket and head right to the fruit stand? She only wanted a date.

23. What are Mickey and Minnie’s favorite dessert? Mice cream.

24. Why did Cinderella waste her money with the life help she was supposed to get from the counselor? The coach was a pumpkin.

25. What does Mickey Mouse say to his friends who are sad? ‘I am all ears’.

26. What is the bovine version of a Disney Princess? Moo-lan.

27. It is sad how Eeyore does not have friends and it is all because he plays with Pooh.

28. What do you do if Donald throws a ball at you? Duck!

29. Woody had to give Bulleye some cough syrup since he was a little horse.

30. Anna and Elsa did not learn the whole alphabet considering they got lost at C.

31. Captain Jack Sparrow needed to have his ears pieced so what do you think it cost him? A buck an ear.

32. There is one Disney movie about a stupid boyfriend and it is called Dumb Beau.

33. What drink does Cheshire Cat like? Evaporated milk.

34. You will only see Minnie Mouse wearing one thing consistently. It is a Minnie-skirt.

35. Ariel only wears seashells because D shells are too large and the B shells are too tiny.

36. What can you tell Simba if he is strolling too slowly? Mufasa.

37. Why is Gaston the smartest Disney character? He won the no Belle prize.

38. Sleepy only wanted to take firewood with him so he’d sleep like a log.

39. The only blush Mulan wears is rouge.

40. My opinion is that Captain Hook is single-handedly the best bad guy in the Disney world.

41. What Disney princess likes Mexican food? Taco Belle.

42. Simba wanted to know what a Z-bra was, and he learned that it was 26 sizes larger than an A-bra.

43. How does the Beast teach you directions? He shows you where B-east and B-west are.

44. Why was Elsa angry at the bank manager? Her account was frozen.

45. If you watch Lion King carefully, you will see there is a lot of Simba-lism.

46. When Mickie and Minnie saw each other for the first time, it was glove at first sight.

47. Where does Captain Hook go when he needs to get a new hand? The second-hand store.

48. Goofy wore two pairs of pants while playing golf because he heard he might get a hole in one.

49. What rapper does Thor like the most? MC Hammer.

50. Why is Elsa bad at holding a grudge? She just won’t let it go.

There you go! There are 50 Disney puns for you to make you sing zippity do da.

Do you wish to add your own Disney pun to the list?

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