51 Hot Dog Puns That Are Deliciously Great

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Hot dogs. What is the first thing you think of when you hear hot dogs? The words Frankfurter, frank, or wiener may also come to mind. You may think of a popular birthday party food as the common lunch consists of hot dogs and chips and a soda. Or you may even think of hot dogs at the ballpark which is the most delicious ones around. Why are hot dogs at the ballpark or any sports arena so good? What is their secret? Maybe it is one of those things where ignorance is true bliss as you don’t want to know what they really do put into their hot dogs to give it extra flavor.

But those hot dogs are so delicious. And what toppings do you put onto your franks? Some like to put the standard ketchup and mustard. Others add some hot spicy peppers, and others add cheese and chili. The sky really is the limit when it comes to putting toppings on your hot dogs. Oh, and other things that come to mind when you think of hot dogs could be on the naughty side and I will just leave that to your imagination. Let’s instead have a few giggles about hot dogs through puns. Yes, lets now go over 51 hot dog puns that will be so deliciously good. Are you ready?

List of Hot Dog Puns That Are Deliciously Great:

Following are some of the best hot dog puns that are deliciously great.

1. That guy loves to eat hot dogs for lunch, so what is his name? Frank.

2. What do you call a puppy that has been out in the sun for too long? A hot dog.

3. When I took the first bite of the hot dog and the ketchup squirted in my eye so now I have heinzsight.

4. How do you become brave enough to start eating condiments on hot dogs? Just mustard up the courage.

5. That German club with the different types of hot dogs in it sounded good but I declined to go because it was too krauted.

6. I do take my time when I put toppings on my hot dogs because I just relish those moments.

7. American hot dogs are not as good as German franks as they just may be the wurst.

8. Why are Germans afraid to get cheese on their hot dogs? That would turn out to be the Wurst-Käse scenario.

9. I was wondering if hot dogs are good for my diet but then I discovered they are truly the wurst.

10. Hot dogs look alike all because they are in bread.

11. Even though some people hate hot dogs, I simply relish them.

12. Someone said that he made a 10 lb hot dog but I think that is bologna.

13. What is the type of saw that cuts hot dogs? Sawsage.

14. When you turn mammals that fly into hot dogs, things just get from bat to wurst.

15. Why are hot dog ads prohibited from going to NASCAR? No one else could ketchup.

16. What is a hot dog and potato cross? A dictator.

17. The movie about the hot dog was an Oscar Wiener.

18. I want to name my hot dog ‘the moment’ because I like to relish it.

19. We should have a hot dog-themed wedding as that was decided after having a frank conversation with my other half.

20. What is a hot dog race called? Wiener takes all.

21. How do you cool down a warm puppy? Ketchup is always good for a hot dog.

22. What do you say to someone who is holding a delicious looking bread surrounding a hot dog? ‘Nice buns’.

23. What do you say to someone who hands you a hot dog for lunch? ‘Franks a lot’.

24. What do you call a not so nice person who won the hot dog eating contest? A real wiener.

25. What does the hamburger say to the hot dog? ‘We meat again’.

26. What is the theme at the 4th of July hot dog party? Red, white, and barbecue.

27. What? Did you eat 10 hot dogs at once? Salami get this straight, did I hear that right?

28. Someone who is able to neatly put their ketchup and mustard on a hot dog deserves a condiment.

29. Why do you eat so many hot dogs during the warm weather that you did not eat before? Because of playing ketchup with summer.

30. I prefer my hot dog puns and buns intended.

31. When I am eating my hot dog I stay in the moment so I relish today and ketchup tomorrow.

32. No more hot dogs during the fall? I’m going to flip when summer’s over!

33. What do you call a hot dog that is designed in an adorable way? It’s barbe-cute.

34. When you are having a hot dog barbeque with your buddies, relish the good times.

35. I mustard you a question, so do you care for hot dogs?

36. There are so many hot dogs around but I pickle this particular one.

37. We ended up grilling too many hot dogs so now we are in a pickle.

38. When you love the taste of the hot dog, you will dance your buns off.

39. I relish the opportunity to ketchup at another time for the hot dog lunch.

40. You are the weiner of the hot dog eating contest.

41. When you are afraid of the German sausage eating you instead of the other way around, you are fearing the wurst.

42. The one thing that can beat any burger at golf is a links sausage.

43. What is a cold Frankfurter? A chili dog.

44. Why are hot dogs so full of anger? They are just boiled.

45. What is a scary hot dog that has nothing inside? A hollow-weenie.

46. Why did the actor who loved hot dogs turn down the part of the movie? The acting role was not good enough.

47. Did you hear about the sausage that was lost? There was a missing link.

48. Those German sausage puns are truly the wurst.

49. Why do you become so honest after eating hot dogs? They make you frank.

50. The unhappy hot dog vendor quit his job because he didn’t relish it.

51. When you are a son of a hot dog, everyone at school calls you a wiener.

There you go and I hope you did not think these hot dog puns were the wurst!

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