50 Spice Puns That Will Spice You Up

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Spices. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of spice? It is something that you need in order to make your meals taste better. And there are so many different spices around that can do that. Spices are great as well because they add flavor to your dinners or desserts without having to add extra calories or fat to it.

For instance, if you want something sweet but you are watching your inches on your waist, you can use spices for that. Instead of eating a donut or a piece of cake, you can make a slice of toast and put a little bit of honey on it and add some cinnamon. That will give it a great taste and you will not feel as if you are missing out on sweet fun if you do that. What you saved instead was the extra calories that would have come from candy, cake, or a donut or any other type of dessert.

Spices are also known to have many healing properties as well as they have been used as remedies in Ayurveda for thousands of years. And they are still used for healing today. Spices are good, and that is the bottom line. And finally, when you think of spices, you think of spicing something up to make it more exciting. If you want to make spices even spicier, then let’s add 50 spice puns to the mix right now!

List of Spice Puns That Will Spice You Up:

Following are some of the best spice puns that will spice you up.

1. I wanted to come up with some spice puns but did not have the thyme to think anything up.

2. That spice that I am adding to your dish is cumin right up for you.

3. In what way does Cyndi Lauper order her spices? Thyme after thyme.

4. Why did rioters ruin the spice shops? They had too much thyme on their hands.

5. What spice is popular in Jamaica? CinnaMon.

6. I was just attacked by a man with a spice rack and it was salt and peppery.

7. Another crank call at the Jamaican Spice place. I have had it with that jerk.

8. Someone said that getting older is like making soup and adding more spices as you age. No wonder old people are salty.

9. What is the favorite spice of a bat? Oreguano.

10. I just know when to add the spices to the meals because that is when it is perfect thyming.

11. Did you know that Cardi B’s mother was one of the original Spice Girls? The stage name was Cardamom.

12. Which Spice Girl can hold the most fuel? Geri can.

13. Did you know that puns just are the spice of life?

14. I do what I can to spice up my jokes but no matter what, they are never oregano.

15. The spice merchant had to close up because it was thyme to do so.

16. Old Spice is the same as Polo for men and that is my two scents.

17. How do you greet a spice merchant during the holiday season? You say ‘Seasoned Greetings’.

18. This cook who uses spices so well is one heck of a seasoned chef.

19. What was the reason the Spice Girls broke up? They could not find any cumin ground.

20. What is the spice that is right for ending a relationship? Bae leaves.

21. What was the spiciest musician around? Evils Parsley.

22. What is the spice that an Irish cop loves the most? Garda-mom.

23. I am glad using spices are not fattening or else they would be a waist of thyme.

24. The Old Spice commercials are funny because they know all about using scents of humor.

25. The spice that agrees with people is called cilantro.

26. The chef was sticking his hand in the pot after adding spices and his excuse for doing that was he was feeling a bit chili.

27. The guy who overdosed on curry powder went into a korma.

28. What happens when you spice up a night? You get Netflix and Chilis.

29. When is the best day to put paprika on eggs? Fry day.

30. The iron chef only had to stop cooking because he ran out of thyme.

31. What does a pepper that is nosey do? Gets jalapeno business.

32. I herb it on the grapevine that a new spice store was moving into the mall.

33. I know you need those extra spices for dinner but I’m going as fast as my legs can curry me to the store.

34. You said I am as sweet as sugar and spice? Oh, you’re such a dhaling.

35. Those spices will make you tired so you will want a soft pilau to rest your head.

36. The ghee to success is to spice up your business in any way you can.

37. Why are redheads spicy? They are ginger.

38. I knew of the risk but I gingerly made one last spice pun.

39. It was a sacrifrice that we had to make by giving away our spices.

40. The doctor wanted to help for free by giving spices to ease the pain to their patients and that gave him good korma.

41. Dropping your spices is no laughing mattar.

42. The spice merchant just rudely bhaji-ed into our conversation.

43. It was too spicy? Curd be worse!

44. When you yelled from that pizza being too spicy, I get it was too much but curdn’t you be a little bit quieter?

45. I left the door achar to the spice room so it wouldn’t lock.

46. The chef burned himself so he really got the raw dhal.

47. The fact that you don’t like spicy food is a dhal-breaker for me.

48. If your soup is not spicy enough, just keep calm and curry on.

49. I needed to ask the chef a question but I couldn’t since he was in such a curry.

50. To get your favorite spices during the coronavirus pandemic is to drive up onto the herb of the store.

There you go, those puns are there to spice up your day so have a good one.

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