50 Wolf Puns That Will Make You Howl with Laughter

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When you look at the sweet and friendly dog that comes over to you to lick your face and invites you to give them a belly rub, it is easy to forget that your dog really is a domesticated wolf. That is right, your dog is a wolf, even though your dog is domesticated which means that is why you have a family pet. Many would argue that a dog is not a wolf anymore since they descended from the grey wolf originally. However, I think dogs are wolves, just domesticated. And because of so many breeds established over centuries, that is why there are so many different types of dogs.

Some are small, some are large, and some are fluffy, and some have very little fur. But enough about dogs. What about wolves themselves? You could not have a wolf as a pet unless you were to tame it, not a wild wolf that is. But a tame wolf pretty much has the same type of mannerisms as dogs. That is why dogs are pretty much still wolves even though you can have them as pets. What else can we say about wolves? They howl, they prowl in the night, they are out when it is a full moon, and well, the wild ones are wild! Heck, let’s also throw in 50 wolf puns that will make you howl with laughter.

List of Wolf Puns That Will Make You Howl with Laughter:

Following are some of the best wolf puns that will make you howl with laughter:

  1. Why did the dog food disappear? The dog wolfed it down.
  2. Why was Amadeus like a wild pack of canines? His name was Wolfgang.
  3. What do you say to a wild canine? Howl you doing?
  4. There was a hilarious movie about talking wolves and I was just howling after seeing it.
  5. Why did no one believe the canine’s problems? He kept crying wolf.
  6. I saw a long-lost wolf yesterday and approached him to ask howl it was going.
  7. Let’s go to the wolf party because we can have a howling good time.
  8. What did the farmer do when he saw that his livestock was mauled? He cried wolf.
  9. What do you say when you come across a long lost wolf? ‘How are you where-wolf’?
  10. Why did the wolf cross the road? It was chasing the chicken.
  11. When I went to the wolf hotel because I was lost, the clerk asked me ‘howl can I help you?’.
  12. The wolf did not like standing on the grape because he let out a bit of whine.
  13. What do you call a werewolf that has no legs? You can call it anything since it cannot go after you.
  14. What holiday does a wolf love? Howl-o-ween.
  15. Why do dogs never go to school? You want to keep the wolf from the door.
  16. Why is that canine such a hermit? It is a lone wolf.
  17. Why did the canine bear its teeth? Just to keep the wolves at bay.
  18. When you are forcing someone to be in contact with a bunch of dangerous canines, you are throwing them to the wolves.
  19. What do you call a canine that wears a tinfoil hat who pretends to be loyal? A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  20. Dogs can be so manipulative and they pretend that they are upset over something when they just want your attention so they cry wolf.
  21. The wolf fell down and that is why it was howling in pain.
  22. Wolves have nothing in common with banshees other than the fact that they howl.
  23. When a wolf howls at a lion you can only imagine the level of uproar.
  24. What do you call an evil canine wearing a wool collar? A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  25. What do you call a canine that accidentally falls into the washing machine? A wash and wearwolf.
  26. What is the wolf’s favorite day of the week? Moon-day.
  27. Why did the wolf get arrested at the butcher shop? For chop lifting.
  28. That wolf in the woods was howling unexpectedly at 3 am and woke me up for crying out loud!
  29. Where are werewolf movies made? In Howl-ywood.
  30. The wolf howled when eating a skeleton and it makes me think he found a funny bone.
  31. I will wear a wolf costume to go trick or treating so Happy Howl-oween to me!
  32. Why did the canine go to McDonald’s? Because wolves love their fast food.
  33. What author does a wolf love? Virginia Wolf.
  34. The dog got sick after eating, not a surprise since he wolfed down his food.
  35. What is the best breakfast for canines? Wofl-es.
  36. What does a wolf say when he is impatient? Let’s go nooooaaaawww!
  37. The wolf will keep failing until he realizes that chasing his own tail will not make ends meet.
  38. The wolf that went through a traumatic time is living to tell the tail.
  39. The wolf went snowboarding for the first time and had a howling adventure.
  40. There are wolves in the neighborhood which is a huge cause fur concern.
  41. Fur your information, wolves will not attack you if they don’t feel threatened.
  42. That wolf is a sight fur sore eyes.
  43. I saw the funniest werewolf movie, talk about howling.
  44. The way dogs turned into tame wolves over the course of thousands of years is a natural furnomenon.
  45. What do you call a wolf that doesn’t hunt? One that is good-fur-nothing.
  46. What is a canine that uses profanity? Swear-wolf.
  47. What do dogs do when they are in a hurry but are hungry? They wolf down their food.
  48. What is a wolf from another place in the world? One from the fur-eign land.
  49. What do you call the canine military? Army of werewolves.
  50. Why does the dog like to bark at the Moon? Because it gives the dog a howling good time.

There you go, I hope you found these wolf puns howl-arious!

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