50 Butt Puns That Will Make You Laugh It Off

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Your butt. What is the first that comes to mind when you think of your butt, or anyone’s butt? Oh, probably nothing but a whole lot of laughter. What is so funny about your butt? You use it to sit, and what is so funny about that? Everyone has to sit on their butts and that is what chairs are designed for. So what is really so funny? You have chairs in the office, in waiting rooms, in schools, in restaurants, in your home,  and no one really thinks about the design of those chairs. If they did, would they laugh since the butt is so funny?

The butt is only funny because it is seen as a taboo thing. Your butt is the place where #2 comes from which is a taboo thing to talk about. Also, that is the place where flatulence comes from, and anyone that has gas is mocked which is not fair. Because everyone does it. And that is why they are embarrassed about the potential risk of it happening in public. Who wants to fart in public or even with their family? That is too bad considering that the butt is just a normal part of your anatomy. But it is funny. That is because society makes it that way and cultures have adapted to it as a funny thing. Let’s look and laugh at the butt even more by going over 50 butt puns that will make you laugh it off!

List of Butt Puns That Will Make You Laugh It Off:

Following are some of the best butt puns that will make you laugh it off.

1. What is the drug that is associated with the butt? Crack.

2. Why is the bum just simply not pretty? It is butt ugly.

3. What as two butts and is known to go on a killing rampage? An assassin.

4. How can someone who is blind wipe their butt? With toilet paper no different from others.

5. Have you been told that ghosts have the best butts? Dead ass.

6. That butt surgeon was the best and was also rectal-mended.

7. Alligators never butt dial but they crocodile.

8. I would like a new butt for my birthday because mine has a crack in it.

9. What is a food that you associate with butts? Crackers.

10. Ah my butt hurts. I have some disbumfort.

11. Why did he get one of his butt cheeks sunburned? He only did a half ass job applying sunscreen.

12. That butt joke I heard was so funny I just cracked up.

13. Why are butts no good? They have holes in it.

14. I injured my butt and I am far from cheeky about it.

15. What is it called when one butt cheek is larger than the other? Assymmetrical.

16. Why was the ghost arrested for haunting someone’s butt? Due to the possession of crack.

17. Why are people with large butts trustworthy? They cannot lie.

18. Butt jokes are allowed because they are just quite holesome to me.

19. What is a grumpy butt at a fun gathering called? A party pooper.

20. The one with the two butts ended up dying because of being ass-ass-inated.

21. Hey is it okay to take dermis from your butt and graft it for your friend in need? I am ass-kin for a friend.

22. What do you do if you need answers that have to do with a butt? Ass-k questions.

23. That one who farts all of the time I want nothing to do with and I simply do not want to be ass-ociated with them.

24. I hate being constipated as it is the ultimate pain in the butt.

25. Why do you want to keep the phone away from your ass? Because the last thing you want to see happen is some butt dialing.

26. Where do cigarette butts go? Into the ass-tray.

27. We have to motivate our butts right now to stop this shit from happening.

28. What is the reason that the duck has feathers on the tail? To cover up the butt crack.

29. Can you tell me if butt cheeks is one word, or should I really spread them apart?

30. My butt nerves don’t seem to be strong anymore and I am dead ass serious about this.

31. The new butt plug was worried about the old butt plug because it has seen some shit.

32. What is another name for a fart? A butt symphony.

33. How are a brown noser and a butt kisser different? Through depth perception.

34. You don’t want to swipe your debit card through the butt crack. You may get a message of ‘transaction denied, insufficient buns.’

35. Your butt is squishy because if it wasn’t, then sitting would be a pain in the ass.

36. What happens when a cat’s butt looks like a trophy? It is a catastrophe.

37. I participated in an art contest and submitted a statue of myself shaped like a butt. But the judges clearly said I made an ass of myself.

38. Why would one of your butt implants deflate? Because of half-assing it.

39. What form of punctuation is the same as a butt amputation? A semicolon.

40. This is the year of the butts and we see that. After all, it is hindsight is 2020.

41. I would love to see your butt because it would be f-ass-inating.

42. Why did everyone laugh at the bum statue? It was the butt of everyone’s jokes.

43. What is a bum that is shaped like a fish? Hali-butt.

44. What do you call a person that looks like a butt and is ugly? It is butt ugly.

45. How are families like buttholes? They are meant to be tight.

46. Someone butt-dialed me again and I am getting so tired of this shit.

47. What is the medicine to take when your butt hurts? Ass-pirin.

48. Why are butts so crass and rude? They are simply so ass-inine.

49. That butt song you sang really stinks, no offense.

50. What happens when you put a battery up your butt? You are powerful.

There you go, are you laughing your butt off after reading these?

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