50 Bath And Shower Puns That Are Soap Good

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What happens if you never take a bath or a shower? You smell and you end up becoming gross. And why would you not want to take a bath or a shower anyway? I think the most refreshing thing to do is to take a bath or a shower, whichever you prefer. I personally like taking baths better because I can relax, read a book, and sip on a glass of wine. And did you know that taking a bath for a half-hour burns a lot of calories? That beats having to do a heavy-duty workout. You cannot go wrong with getting fresh and feeling good and getting thin at the same time. Anyway, let’s talk about something else relevant to baths and showers, and that is by going over 50 puns having to do with those! And they are also going to leave you feeling nice and clean too.

List of Bath and Shower Puns That Are Soap Good:

Following are some of the best bath and shower puns that are soap good:

  1. Why do ice like to take baths and showers? They want to be squeaky clean.
  2. Where does a vampire like to take a shower? In the bat tub.
  3. What do ghosts use to wash their hair? Sham-boo.
  4. Chuck Norris does not take showers as he takes blood baths instead.
  5. The pirate takes a bar of soap with him all of the time in case the ship is sunk he’ll wash ashore.
  6. I was once a tap dancer until that time happened when I fell into the sink.
  7. When the guy from the marching band takes a shower, he brushes his teeth and you know that when he takes his tuba toothpaste out.
  8. When the zombie takes a shower and is about to fix their hair after, you know they are about to style their hair by using scare spray.
  9. Why did the vampire have to take a shower so quickly? Because of smelling so bat.
  10. The word after taking a shower decided it was a good day to change his hair since it was a good day to dye.
  11. What do you call the tub where sopranos wash? A soap opera.
  12. The dinosaur took a shower after the meteor struck which is how it became ex-stinked.
  13. After Bruce Wayne takes a shower, he stands on a bat mat.
  14. The kid who got dirty after playing in mud ended up in hot water.
  15. When suds get into your mouth while taking a shower, that is known as a soap opera.
  16. The only reason you want to relax in the bathtub is that after a long day, you cannot drink wine in the shower.
  17. After the guy takes a hot shower, he always takes pictures of himself when the mirrors are blurred so he must have selfie steam problem.
  18. Whenever you undress in the bathroom, your shower always gets turned on.
  19. Feathered dinosaurs are afraid to take baths because they don’t want to get ex-stinked.
  20. The shampoo that the cannibal loves the most is Head and Shoulders.
  21. A lot of musicians in a hot tub are known as Vegetable Soup.
  22. Space aliens put beef in their shampoo because they are used to meteor showers.
  23. A shampoo shortage in Jamaica is dreadful.
  24. The only soap that a dolphin uses in the shower is the all porpoise cleaner.
  25. I was once addicted to hot tubs, but I have been dry for over a year.
  26. Geese use Head and Shoulders shampoo because what’s good for the goose is good for the dander.
  27. A charming man who has an allergy to most alkaline skin-washing products is a soapless romantic.
  28. The after shampoo product Batman uses is Conditioner Gordon.
  29. Your smartphone and a bathtub have one thing in common and that is that they have various rings.
  30. What do you call a criminal that refuses to take a shower? A dirty crook.
  31. Your mind needs to take a bath because it is so dirty.
  32. What do you call a waltz done by those who have not taken a shower? Dirty dancing.
  33. What did the burglar take from the bathtub? The robber ducky.
  34. A burglar that steals everything from your home except for the soap, shampoo, and shower brush is a real dirty crook.
  35. The opposite of the dirty destination is the clean getaway.
  36. After the vampire took a bath he brushed his teeth so he would not have bat breath.
  37. The lady in the bathroom noticed that the new mirror was cracked was beside herself.
  38. A true Trekker sings Klingon opera they are in the shower.
  39. How are kids like hot tubs? They both are expensive to maintain, considering the amount of time you spend with them.
  40. Why do you want to give a panda bear a bath? You need to prevent it from being ex-stinked.
  41. The Amazon package was found in the tub of ice because it was de-livered.
  42. When you buy a bigger bathtub you have more bath room, but less bathroom.
  43. You end up sleeping in the bathtub when you are feeling drained.
  44. The one thing about shower puns is that they are ideal for anyone of any age because they are so clean.
  45. Buckets are sad compared to bathtubs since they pail in comparison.
  46. I enjoy lingering in the bathtub and I drink wine because face it, I am a soak.
  47. What are swimming pools? They are chlorified bathtubs.
  48. What is a lepper in the bathtub? Stew.
  49. You woke up in a bathtub full of ice? You gotta be kidney me!
  50. I dropped my phone in the bathtub and now it’s syncing.

How do you feel after reading these? Are you feeling clean? Because you should and I hope you are refreshed so you can go on with your day with a fresh and clean mind. That is why bath and shower puns are what you need!

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