50 Plumber Puns That Won’t Waste Away

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When something goes wrong with your sink, bathtub, shower, or toilet, you have to do one thing and that is to call the plumber, You have to wonder how they do the job that they do because no one can imagine it. However, plumbers are here to serve you since they make good money, and someone has to do it! You have to respect the plumbers around for that reason, and what else can you do when it comes to plumbers? Maybe make some jokes about the work they do! Oh you know, like come up with some puns! Here are 50 plumber puns that will never go to waste because they are too funny to otherwise!

List of Plumber Puns That Won’t Waste Away:

Following are some of the best plumber puns that won’t waste away:

  1. I was once a sanitation engineer, however, the city dumped me.
  2. Backups are usually what you want, unless it is a sewer.
  3. Old plumbers don’t disappear, they waste away instead.
  4. Why do toilets always run? They have no idea how to jog.
  5. Why do toilets have to be on garbage heaps? That is because people take dumps there.
  6. I was going to tell you the joke about the toilet but decided against it because it is too dirty.
  7. Why did the volcano near the bathroom explode? It was not able to find the lava-tory.
  8. The toilets at the police station have been stolen and now the cops have nothing to go on.
  9. The plumber who accidentally dropped his watch in the toilet really had shitty timing.
  10. What is a bathroom superhero? A flush Gordon.
  11. What is a doctor in the sewer? Doctor Poo!
  12. What did the cruise ship worker find in the toilet? The captain’s log!
  13. You know that life is like a sewer because you get out of it what you put into it and sometimes it stinks.
  14. The salary that the plumber makes at the new construction building is gross profit.
  15. Why did the plumber have to wear glasses? He could not see shit without them.
  16. What do proctologists and plumbers have in common? They see a lot of shit on the job.
  17. Why cannot you believe anything that the plumber tells you? Because he is full of crap.
  18. What did the plumber say at night when the power went out? ‘I cannot see shit’.
  19. Why are so many plumbers depressed? They find the work draining.
  20. The plumber was so down the other day and when you think about it, he really does go through a lot of shit.
  21. Why do you want to help a plumber if you notice that his mental health is not good? You want to make sure he never gets to the point of committing sewer-cide.
  22. The plumber had to quit the job at the contractor company since there is so much shit that happens there.
  23. You never want to get into a fight with a plumber because he will always bring up old shit.
  24. What do you call the sewage in rich areas? Affluent effluent.
  25. The plumber insists on personally using every new toilet he installs due to the fact that he wants to boldly go where no one has gone before.
  26. The plumber quit his job and went into another career because he thought it was a waste of his time.
  27. Why do plumbers have locks sealed on their lockers? That is because they don’t want anyone stealing their shit.
  28. What does the plumber say when something goes wrong with his work? ‘Oh shit!’.
  29. The plumber said one thing about the clog which was it was not worth a plug nickel.
  30. The difference between a plumber and a seamstress is the way they pronounce the word, sewer.
  31. Plumbers like Daleks because Daleks of the Who-niverse know how optimally to use a sink plunger.
  32. When the plumber made the connection to the boiler, the radiators became piping hot.
  33. When the plumber made the report that the alligator came up through the toilet, he said that the whole thing was a croc of shit.
  34. The cop had to sit on the toilet only to do is duty.
  35. You have to wonder if the plumber is the only professional that can take a leak and fixes it.
  36. The plumber made a discovery in Superman’s bathroom and it is that he had the Super Bowl.
  37. The plumber quit his job since the pay really stunk.
  38. You can get along well with the plumber because he just goes along with the flow.
  39. What vegetables do plumbers like? They like leeks.
  40. What do you call a plumber who is also a snob? A conno-sewer.
  41. The one place that football players go before hte game is the Toilet Bowl.
  42. The southerner plumber’s favorite sauce is wranch dressing.
  43. The plumber said that the sewer really is a happening place since so much shit really goes down.
  44. Veterans and plumbers have one thing in common and that is that they cannot tell you how much shit they have seen.
  45. What is a Mexican plumber’s favorite holiday? Sink-o de Mayo.
  46. Sorry to tell you this but your plumber puns are so shitty.
  47. What did the plumber say when you criticized his work? ‘Now that was such a shitty thing to say’.
  48. The only way the plumber can access the internet is by tapping in his password.
  49. The plumber told me how to make clean water out of raw sewage and that was by filtering it, and filtering it again, and then boiling the crap out of it.
  50. I had another plumber pun in mind, but I forgot it, oh shit!

Okay, now you read these and I really hope you did not find these puns too shitty. If so, forgive me but please send them to someone who will appreciate them if you don’t like them. Don’t flush them down the toilet.

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