52 Tech Support Puns That Will Wire You Up

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You have a computer and it acts up, and the one thing you need to do is to call tech support. You either need to bring your computer into their office for the technicians to fix, or maybe they have some simple instructions to deliver to you so you can fix it yourself. Or maybe your computer is caput and you need to get a new one!! You cannot really avoid that since the world operates on computers and that will be likely to happen even more so since the technology is evolving so quickly worldwide.

You cannot get on with the world without a computer anymore, and you will need to constantly buy new computers to replace the ones you have often. That is because you need to be up with the times technologically as it is always evolving.

Therefore, technology is helpful but a pain. But let’s set the seriousness of it aside and go over some tech support puns that will wire you up.

List of Tech Support Puns That Will Wire You Up:

Following are some of the best tech support puns that will wire you up:

  1. Tech nerds do not like computer science puns, not one byte of it.
  2. A computer superhero is a screensaver.
  3. The computer programmer loves his new pillow because it is down-loaded.
  4. Computer geeks love dancing at the disco because it is techno music. ‘
  5. What is a computer hacker who prevents the test version of the software from getting distributed? A beta-blocker.
  6. If you don’t succeed at first, call it version 1.0.
  7. The computer programmer was so full from dinner he could not take another byte.
  8. Why did the computer programmer’s dog get reprimanded? Because of byte-ing him.
  9. Why is the computer programmer so mad all of the time? He has a chip on his shoulder.
  10. How does the vampire that is also a hacker kill anyone? With a kill-o-byte.
  11. A computer and a bag of Doritos have something in common and that is that they have a lot of chips.
  12. What is something that a computer and an elephant have in common? They have plenty of memory.
  13. How does a computer know what you did years ago? It has a great memory.
  14. The computer programmer has plenty of ambition and you know that by his hard drive.
  15. The computer programmer resigned from his position due to too many work arounds.
  16. The computer programmer had to wear glasses to improve his web-site.
  17. The computer programmer went on a lunch date to have a byte or two.
  18. Elephants will never use the computer because they are afraid of the mouse.
  19. An internet page dedicated to anime is a web site.
  20. How is the internet like a soap opera? There are spoilers everywhere.
  21. The ones running the computer network bought web presence by all of them chipping in.
  22. You can find a black widow online by checking the website.
  23. Spiders love one feature of the computer and that is the webcam.
  24. When a lumberjack goes into the website, that is known as logging in.
  25. The term E-sharp to someone who is obsessed with smart gadgets is tech-savvy.
  26. Which pharmaceutical opiate drug is preferred by software engineers? That would be codeine.
  27. Computers aren’t gay because they are binary.
  28. Why are computer programmers so hyper? They drink too much java.
  29. What is it called when a ballerina becomes a computer programmer? The Nutcracker Suite.
  30. What does Yoda do when his iTunes won’t respond? Force Quit Siri, he does.
  31. What is every Star Wars fan’s favorite classic video game? Space inVaders.
  32. Too bad the online origami store folded.
  33. The search engine that most mice prefer is I dunno, ask cheese.
  34. The lambs with the funny side like to post their creative videos on Ewe Tube.
  35. Old programming wizards end up doing one thing when they retire, and that is that they recurse.
  36. Beware of computer programmers that carry screwdrivers.
  37. Computers allow you to make mistakes quicker than any invention in human history, except defective condoms.
  38. A programmer would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code.
  39. The best way to ease into computer programming is bit byte bit.
  40. The computer programmers eat so many carrots so they can C better.
  41. Failure is not an option as it comes bundled with your Microsoft product.
  42. Why is it so hard for computer programmers to get a prescription for pain killers? That they have a history of codeine.
  43. Which was the first professional to go all digital? Proctologist.
  44. What do they call the high-tech device used to measure how gullible a person is? GulliBULLometer.
  45. What does the tech guy in the IT department call a drive-in server? A carhop.
  46. Which tech device does Super Mario use to communicate with the dead? Lou-ouija board.
  47. Which three programming languages are used by Star Wars programmers? JabbaScript, JawaScript, and StarWord.
  48. Maybe if we told everybody that the brain is an app, they’d all start using it?
  49. What do you call the guy who sorts out all the confusing info at Twitter gathered on recon missions? An intel processor.
  50. What dance do you take your computer to? The disco!
  51. Computer programmers for gambling need beta testing.
  52. Why did that guy get fired from his job as a software engineer? He could not get on with the program.

Did you like those puns? I hope so because I published them on the web, and speaking of which I need to now look for a new computer since this one is on its way out!

Do you wish to add your own tech support pun to the list?

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