50 Mint Puns That Are So Cool

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Mint. What is the first thing you think of when you hear of mint? You may think of a plant that is so cool and refreshing. The gum you chew that has a cool and refreshing tinge to it must be mint, whether it is peppermint, spearmint, or just plain mint. You feel great after chewing it. Then, of course, you can suck on mints after eating a garlic meal, or after eating onions so you don’t smell like garlic or onions. Mints are something that many restaurants give out after eating out there, especially if the meal you had eaten may make you smell after.

Then, of course, there is mint tea. Sometimes if you have an upset stomach, mint tea is there to help settle it and cool you down. Sometimes if you are tired in the morning and the caffeine from coffee is not strong enough to wake you up, mint tea can end up giving you that pep you need. Especially a cup of peppermint tea, or if you sniff peppermint essential oil, that may be enough to wake you up. And of course, there is ice cream, chocolate mint ice cream which is definitely a tasty dessert which you cannot go wrong with. What more can be said about mints? I don’t know, perhaps we can go on about puns! Let’s go over 50 mint puns that are ever so cool.

List of Mint Puns That Are So Cool:

Following are some of the best mint puns that are so cool:

  1. That mint chocolate ice cream was truly dyna-mint!
  2. What do you call green sweet leaves on the Christmas tree? Orna-mints.
  3. Thank you for your support as I am learning to bake gourmet desserts so I can use all of the encourage-mint I need right now.
  4. The ice cream shop doesn’t have enough ice cream as they are waiting for their next ship-mint.
  5. Did you hear the announce-mint that the dessert cafe is cutting back staff?
  6. If you don’t like peppermint tea, forcing you to drink it is like the ultimate punish-mint.
  7. Don’t throw your gum wrappers across the lawn as litter is not at all good for the environ-mint.
  8. The owner of the ice cream shop never gave his employees the treat-mint they deserved as they worked very hard.
  9. I stick to my state-mint about chewing gum in class.
  10. I made the assess-mint of that gum and I have to tell you it was the best one I have chewed!
  11. The chocolate bar is so long but you can always eat it in different seg-mints.
  12. I was so happy to see you at the dessert cafe at that time and now that we are together, it is mint to be.
  13. The countries leaders are not exactly sweet and peppy, as you cannot expect the govern-mint to be that way.
  14. I tried that tea and I was not happy with it as that truly was a dissapoint-mint.
  15. After driving that tea, my stomach feels better so there is some improve-mint.
  16. You need the right equip-mint to make mint ice cream.
  17. I made so much money at the dessert cafe when I worked there, it was like I really made a mint.
  18. Oh spearmint, not peppermint, I mint to say that!
  19. I went on the forum about sweet leaves and vegetation and left a well-thoughtout com-mint.
  20. Having a candy after the meal is not a require-mint, but it is the right thing to do.
  21. That tea was so good, as that was the refresh-mint that I really needed.
  22. You have to go to the candy depart-mint to find what you are looking for.
  23. The fact that I did not know what sweet tea I drank was a cause for embarras-mint.
  24. I have never tried chocolate tea as I guess that would be one heck of an experi-mint to try.
  25. Buying the coins would be one heck of an invest-mint.
  26. The manage-mint at the ice cream parlor is left to be desired.
  27. I just drank that sweet tea and thought for a mo-mint that it was something else.
  28. If you like peppermint but I like spearmint, why must we make a big deal over that as it does not really work an argu-mint.
  29. I am waiting for the next chocolate ship-mint for the flavors that I like to come in.
  30. I love mint tea so if your punish-mint for me is to drink as much of it as I can, I am happy with that!
  31. When you experience brain freeze after eating chocolate mint ice cream, you end up being in a real predica-mint.
  32. A develop-mint has come up at the ice cream parlor and that is that there are no more chocolate chip mint ice cream flavors right now.
  33. You said you would buy me some peppermint gum, we had an agree-mint for that.
  34. If you are forced to chew mint gum and you don’t like it, that would be tor-mint.
  35. I lost my job at the candy shop so now I have to file for unemploy-mint.
  36. The ice cream has more of a minty flavor than it did before, so that is an improve-mint.
  37. Why are mint leaves green? That is because of their pig-mint.
  38. You will want to imple-mint some refreshing tea into your morning routine.
  39. I can’t make mint ice cream as I don’t have the right equip-mint for it.
  40. I wanted to make an order to get more peppermint gum, but my credit card pay-mint was declined.
  41. When you get a tasty candy handed to you, that is just some encourage-mint sent your way.
  42. What is the best time of the night to eat some mints? After Eight.
  43. What do you call a mint with a bow and arrow? A spear-mint.
  44. Why do you put seasoning on some mint? To make pepper-mint.
  45. I did not get into the baking school so I guess it just was not mint to be.
  46. That tastes like spearmint, not peppermint which is what I mint to say.
  47. If my mint puns become popular, I could really make a mint!
  48. Who is a girl that loves to eat a lot of mint that is in love with the holidays? Candy Cane.
  49. Why does a maker of mint gum like to sell the newspaper? They like to say Extra Extra.
  50. I wanted to have mint ice cream for my birthday to make it monu-mint-al.

There you go, there are 50 mint puns that I hope you found refreshing. You will want to read these each morning to help wake you up too!

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