50 Vinegar Puns That Will Make You High on Acid

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Vinegar. What is the first thing you think of when I saw vinegar? Perhaps something to put on your salad or fries to make it sour? Sure, that is definitely what I think of. Also, I think of pickles when I think of vinegar as that is the substance needed to ferment the cucumber. So when you eat fries with vinegar on it, along with a burger with plenty of pickles, oh that is a lot of vinegar right there.

Vinegar is also a common cleaning agent that is far safer than bleach and other cleaning agents. And of course, it is safe since you can ingest it, though that depends on the type as well. There are different types of vinegar and some are only meant for cleaning whereas others are good for eating as well. Of course, you have balsamic vinegar that you put on salads as it gives it a distinct taste. There is also apple cider vinegar which is great for weight loss and provides other health benefits. But you can clean with that as well.

Vinegar is good for killing bacteria and viruses which is why it is a powerful cleaning agent, and again, the fact it is safe scores points for it as well. What else can you say about vinegar? Well, it is sour and some people like sour which is why they like it in their fries and salads. Let’s talk about something related to vinegar that is not sour which could be puns! So let’s go over 50 vinegar puns that are not sour.

List of Vinegar Puns That Will Make You High on Acid:

Following are some of the best vinegar puns that will make you high on acid:

  1. Why do you want to leave a bowl of honey on the kitchen table instead of vinegar? Because it is easier to catch flies with honey than it is with vinegar.
  2. Why was that sour kid holding his pelvic area so much? He was full of piss and vinegar.
  3. Why does the cat like vinegar? Because of being a sour puss.
  4. I got a job at the vinegar factory and it pays $20 per sour.
  5. The fries will be ready in a sour to put your vinegar on.
  6. What happens if you fall on the kitchen floor that was cleaned with vinegar? You trip on acid.
  7. What is it called when you make a fantastic vinaigrette for the first time? Vinegar’s luck.
  8. What is the best Irish balasmic salad dressing called? Balsa McVinegar.
  9. Why did the chip manufacturer get into legal trouble? For Assault and Vinegar.
  10. What do you call washing yourself in vinegar? A sour.
  11. What happens if you eat too much food with vinegar on it? You get a sour stomach.
  12. How does vinegar keep food lasting for a while? It prevents it from going sour.
  13. My old man ate too many salt and vinegar chips and now he is a sour man with a chip on his shoulder.
  14. How do the effects of eating too many fries with vinegar affect your mind? You become high on acid.
  15. You put the vinegar onto the salad wrong as you went the wrong way by dressing it.
  16. Every time I clean the floor with vinegar I ended up with cracked floors, so I am in a pickle.
  17. Why can’t you ship balasmic vinegar and ranch topping for salads to a nude camp? They are not dressed.
  18. Why does Miss Piggy bathe in honey and vinegar? Kermit loves sweet and sour pork.
  19. Why do some Middle Easterners put vinegar into their milk? They like sour milk.
  20. The fact that I like vinegar dressing and you don’t makes me worried that our relationship could go sour.
  21. What is confusing about Scandinavian vinegar? You don’t know whether it is swede or sour.
  22. Why can’t you get along with either lemon or vinegar? They are both sour.
  23. What do you call grapes dipped in vinegar? Sour grapes.
  24. Why do you get snarky after eating salt and vinegar chips? You can’t stop your sour-casm.
  25. How can you justify using vinegar for shaving or for dipping nachos into? You may think it is sour cream.
  26. Vinegar left a bad taste in my mouth, I’m kind of sour about it.
  27. Why can you accomplish manufacturing many bottles of vinegar at the factory? Due to the strong man-sour.
  28. Why don’t you want to be touched after soaking up in vinegar? Because you will be pickle-ish.
  29. The cat enjoyed licking the salt and vinegar chip bag because of being such a sour puss.
  30. Why do you want to exercise after pouring baking soda on vinegar? You want to get fizzical.
  31. The fact that I can drink vinegar is my super-sour.
  32. Why does Rapunzel like vinegar? She keeps hanging out in the sour.
  33. We will have to wait another sour for the fries to bake so we can enjoy the vinegar on them then.
  34. We found the vinegar first so it is sours.
  35. I am losing weight with the help of apple cider vinegar which makes me feel en-soured.
  36. What British musician likes salt and vinegar chips? Sour-d Jones.
  37. I would take in the taste of apple cider vinegar but I am scared and too much of a sour-d.
  38. After putting loads of vinegar on the fries, he sour-ed them!
  39. My super-sour is eating loads of salt and vinegar fries at once.
  40. Why did the oven no longer bake the salt and vinegar chips? The sour went out in the neighborhood.
  41. I slept poorly after eating too many salt and vinegar chips last night and this morning my mood was sour.
  42. Why did the fly head towards the beehive when you put vinegar on your fries? You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.
  43. The fact that you ate my salt in vinegar chips gave me a rod in a pickle.
  44. What is a cat that ate a cucumber with vinegar on it? A picklepuss.
  45. Vinegar is an aphrodesiac for me so it makes me want to play hide the pickle.
  46. What is a dressed up cucumber with vinegar on it? A pretty pickle.
  47. The shop that sells the best salt and vinegar chips is several sours a way from here.
  48. I am not sour-ful enough to make my own vinegar.
  49. The recipe involving vinegar involves several sours to make.
  50. I ran out of vinegar puns so now I am in a pickle.

I hope these vinegar puns did not make you too sour!

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