50 Jazz Puns That Will Make You Sing

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Jazz. What is the first thing you think about when you think of jazz? You think of jazz music. You gotta love jazz songs as they make you want to sing and dance. However, they do say that jazz is not a very positive type of music because spiritual people say that you can reach ‘low level spirits’ by putting on jazz music. However, how reliable is that information, really? I mean I have put jazz music a lot on in my kitchen, especially each morning when I try to relax before going to work as I sip my coffee looking out the window. I have never felt so calm in my life, to be honest.

I have also attended jazz clubs where they are enjoyable and have such an enjoyable atmosphere as well. Those who say that jazz is not a positive or uplifting genre of music don’t know their stuff. I have an acquaintance as well who is a jazz musician and she loves her hobby. So those who say that jazz is evil again really do not know anything about the genre like they think they do. The only thing is that she is smart to make it her hobby instead of a business because you will lose out. What else can be said about jazz? I don’t know but I will throw out 50 jazz puns your way which will make you sing.

List of Jazz Puns That Will Make You Sing:

Following are some of the best jazz puns that will make you sing:

  1. I will listen to music and all of that jazz.
  2. What kind of flower likes to dance? The jazz-min.
  3. I am feeling horny so I will play the trumpet.
  4. You have been very vocal about your love for jazz music.
  5. Why are jazz musicians sad? They just can’t help but feel a bit blue.
  6. What is a jazz musician’s favorite cheese? Blue cheese.
  7. What is a jazz musician’s favorite place in the playground? The swings.
  8. Hey please swing by my house to pick up the saxophone.
  9. Jazz players are just so lovely and saxy.
  10. Did you hear about the jazz musician that made a million bucks by playing music? He started off with two million bucks.
  11. The difference between a jazz guitar player and rock guitar player is that the jazz musician plays 100 chords for two people and the rock guitar player plays four chords for thousands of people.
  12. Jazz musicians make no money whereas rock musicians are rich, there really is not jazz-tice.
  13. Have you ever been to the home of a jazz musician? No, because wherever the jazz musician lives isn’t their home.
  14. I can listen to music all day jazz as there was no tomorrow.
  15. I met a nice lady who plays the saxophone, her name is Jazz-mine.
  16. Those who perform music in the streets do a great job that their performances are ma- jazz- tic.
  17. What do you call a ninja that plays the trumpet or saxophone? A nin-jazz.
  18. I was just talking about you as my favorite jazz performer so now that you came here, I say speak of the devil.
  19. What do you call someone who defends jazz music? The devil’s advocate.
  20. What is a jazz musician’s favorite cake? Devil’s food cake.
  21. What Australian animal likes jazz music? The Tasmanian Devil.
  22. If you want to be a participant in the music event, then you must jazz-tify that you really do play music.
  23. Why can’t children under 18 years of age listen to jazz? There is too much sax.
  24. Who is that grey man that is large is can sign jazz? Elephantz Gerald.
  25. Who was a very sad jazz singer? Elvis Depress – ley.
  26. As a jazz musician I was kicked out of the Catholic church because I was sax-communicated.
  27. Why does a jazz musician drink gin straight? He can’t find the tonic.
  28. The jazz musician that trashed the instruments ended up being banned from the club as he was a sax offender.
  29. I want to get into the mood by listening to jazz because it is so saxy.
  30. Why did the jazz musician get arrested? For sax-ual harassment.
  31. Who is that famous German jazz musician? Jazz Hans.
  32. What do you call a jazz-loving duck that spends too much time drinking water? The bill withers.
  33. What saxophone player in Salt Lake City also plays in a basketball team? Utah Jazz.
  34. What is the ethnicity of a fisherman who is also a jazz player? Anglo-saxon.
  35. Why does a jazz musician know how to wear sneakers properly? They know how to put their soul on track.
  36. Why is it a bad idea to upset a jazz player? You will make them snap.
  37. Let’s play some jazz as it is calming during a corn barbeque because it is so easy on the ears.
  38. Why is great jazz no different from great wine? They both can confuse others.
  39. What is the jazz band called established by an unmarried couple? The Premarital Sax.
  40. Why can’t a ginger be a jazz player? There is not enough soul.
  41. What is a jazz player’s favorite cuisine? Soul food.
  42. Why do South Koreans love jazz? They have a lot of Seoul.
  43. Why does Punky Brewster love jazz? Her real name is Soul-eil Moon Fry.
  44. Why does a woman fall in love with a jazz player? He is just too saxy for words.
  45. I wanted to go to the jazz concert but the snowstorm got in the way as the city got sax-ed with it.
  46. A jazz musician who can play two different saxophones may either have a crush on you or your partner as they are bi-saxual.
  47. Why did George Michael love jazz so much? He had a song called ‘I want your sax’.
  48. What transgender YouTube star loves playing the saxophone? Jazz Jennings.
  49. That music you have playing is boring so please jazz it up.
  50. I have more music puns on the way and all of that jazz.

I hope you loved the jazz puns to the point it made you sing. I am now in the mood to put on some jazz music!

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