50 Pho Puns That Are So Pho-King Good

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Pho. What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you think of pho? How about the fact that it is delicious. And some of you may be scratching your head because you don’t know what pho really is. For those who don’t know what pho is, it is a Vietnamese soup that consists of noodles, spices, meats that are thinly sliced, or fish, and vegetables. The soup is topped with bean sprouts quite often. It is really good and no one can go wrong with pho. Pho can also be a meal in itself.

The bowls that serve pho are not as small as they give you generous sizes of the soup. However, oftentimes appetizers are ordered in Vietnamese restaurants that serve the specialty soup such as spring rolls or shrimp balls. The sky is the limit as far as what type of appetizers you can order. And the sky is the limit as well in regards to the type of pho that you can enjoy. You could go for a seafood pho which consists of crab meat, shrimp, scallops, and squid. Or you could just go for beef or pork pho. And you will love the glass rice noodles that come with it as well. If you have not tried pho before, then you are missing out on a lot. Go and grab some as it is amazing. Now, aside from that, let’s take a look at some pho puns right now.

List of Pho Puns That Are So Pho-King Good:

Following are some of the best pho puns that are so pho-king good.

1. That Vietnamese restaurant I went to was so pho king good.

2. Beef Vietnamese soup is so pho king delicious.

3. Shrimp soup that is so large that the bowl takes up the table is not a figment of your imagination as it is pho real.

4. Why the pho would you go to another Vietnamese restaurant if you like the one by your neighborhood so much?

5. Vietnamese food is really good pho you.

6. The Vietnamese cuisine is good pho anyone.

7. I had this soup at the Vietnamese restaurant and it was un-pho-getable.

8. Shrimp and scallop soup is so pho-nomenal.

9. Sometimes soup can really have many noodles pho you!

10. At the Vietnamese restaurant, don’t worry, we will get the spring rolls pho sure.

11. You gotta cut those glass noodles in the Vietnamese soup because they are so pho-king long.

12. Soup that has glass noodles with meats and shrimp is one pho-nominon.

13. I will love soup pho-ever.

14. That Vietnamese restaurant in the city has been around pho a very long time.

15. Let’s grab the Asian soup at say, around pho?

16. This Vietnamese dish is just pho you.

17. What do you call someone who is obsessed with Vietnamese noodles? A pho-natic.

18. I was so lucky to try that new Asian dish as I do consider myself as pho-tunate to be the first in line.

19. There is no pho-king way that there has ever been a two-liter soup eaten.

20. What is the latest noodle technology? The latest version of the iPho.

21. What zipcode do you see a Vietnamese restaurant in Beverly Hills? 9021 pho.

22. The Asian eatery in the city is just pho-bulous.

23. What street number would a Vietnamese restaurant have? Anything with pho.

24. Yes, you hurt me but if you buy me dinner I can pho-give you.

25. Don’t pho-get to order the spring rolls as an appetizer.

26 If I keep making these pho puns, one day they will bahn mi.

27. What do you call a fake pho? A pho’gery.

28. The Vietnamese restaurant around the block is open twenty pho seven.

29. Why was the patron at the Vietnamese restaurant offended? Because someone said pho queue.

30. The WiFi password at a Vietnamese noodle shop is 123pho5.

31. The professional chef who is a master in Vietnamese dishes is truly the pho-king boss!

32. I thought about opening up a Vietnamese-Italian fusion restaurant but then I decided against it and said pho-geddaboudit.

33. Why do Russians love pho? Because they are so-viet.

34. I heard a terrible pun about noodles and it was the pho-king worst.

35. Why is it so enjoyable and fast when you feast on a Vietnamese dish that consists of soup and fried herbed calamari? Thyme fries when you’re having pho.

36. I was going to make my own Vietnamese soup from a package of ingredients I got but it was too complex and I said pho kit.

37. In the unknown parts of Vietnam be careful with who you meet. You don’t know who’s a friend and who’s a pho.

38. The vegetables in Vietnamese dishes are so good pho you.

39. I saw a crab in my soup! I mean what the pho?

40. The one who loves Asian food as much as I do is really the one made pho me.

41. Why the pho can’t you tell me where that noodle restaurant is?

42. The fact that you love noodles like I do shows you are the one pho me.

43. What is a Chinese food item you don’t see at a noodle house? A pho-tune cookie.

44. I wanted to get that Vietnamese soup but it costs a pho-tune.

45. I want to try that noodle house that just opened up but it is just so pho away.

46. Where would you find a good noodle house in Germany? In Frank-pho.

47. If you want to go to the noodle house tonight, you have to make a pho reservation.

48. I hope you can pay for the noodle dinner since I pho-got my wallet.

49. We have to make a reservation at the Vietnamese noodle house for pho people.

50. Putting chocolate in your noodle soup is absolutely pho-bidden.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed those pho puns as much as I enjoyed listing them. And I don’t know about you, but I think I am in the mood pho some hearty noodle soup now!

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