50 Gift Puns That Will Surprise You

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What is a gift? A present that you get for your birthday, for Christmas, for an anniversary, or Valentine’s Day? Or a present that you get for any other occasions such as having a new baby, a new home, a wedding, or graduation? The list can go on as far as occasions that are worthy of you getting a gift. But does a gift necessarily mean you will end up with a present that is tangible?

Personally, I think the term gift can go beyond that. The gift of life is one thing. That is something that is priceless. You are lucky to be alive, and even better, to have good health. That is why you want to cherish your gifts, and that is why you want to stay as healthy as you can. Your good health is a gift to never take for granted. That is why you want to eat healthy foods, exercise, and just take good care of yourself.

And truthfully, all gifts are blessings. Living another day is a blessing, and that even goes for bad days. Not everyone can have that kind of gift, and not everyone has the gift of growing old. Therefore, gifts are not only tangible presents that you get for special occasions. What else can you say about them? Well, I don’t know but let’s take the lighter route and go over 50 puns about gifts that are just something you have to appreciate.

List of Gift Puns That Will Surprise You:

Following are some of the best gift puns that will surprise you:

  1. What is a present from God? The gift of life.
  2. You saw the present in the closet and that in itself is a dead giftaway.
  3. Your mother is demanding the most expensive presents from you but don’t gift in.
  4. If you shoplift that present, you will gift yourself a bad name.
  5. Gift credit where credit is due.
  6. I got you a nice present but you did not get me one, a friendship should be about gift and take.
  7. What do you say to someone who has no idea what present to give to their friend for their birthday? ‘Don’t gift up’.
  8. It would be a blessing to hear from you again so please gift me a call.
  9. You don’t like my present? I am sorry, I mean I gift my best.
  10. Why is today a gift? It’s no time like the present.
  11. What do yuo say to someone who got you the right gift? ‘All present and correct’.
  12. I love that gift, a hundred and ten present!
  13. If you don’t get your boss a gift, you are barking up the wrong treat.
  14. I cannot get the most expensive present, I mean money doesn’t grow on treats.
  15. That dog is like a gift for me, it is a golden receiver.
  16. The stomach remedy is a gift for my gut as it receives gas pains.
  17. That gift is not for you, as you don’t want to receive everything you see.
  18. Why are presents sometimes better for someone else? Because it is better to give than to receive.
  19. I have no idea how the gift works as I have tried every trick in the box.
  20. The gift you have is my life because my life’s an open box.
  21. You are a gift for me and I’m with you receivery step of the way.
  22. That gift is better than you think. Never judge a box by its cover.
  23. What kind of musician loves presents? A wrapper.
  24. Finish up with the presents, because you have to wrap them up sooner rather than later.
  25. My gift to you is a ticket to the basketball game, the Wraptors.
  26. My gift giving is done for today so it’s a wrap!
  27. He manipulated you into getting him an expensive gift because he has you wrapped around his little finger.
  28. Wrap your present in cotton wool.
  29. What is a funny but a confusing gift? A riddle wrapped up in an enigma.
  30. Don’t let anyone know about the gift as you will want to keep it under wraps.
  31. Why should you not have high expectations for an enjoyable gift? because you need to p-wrap-are yourself for the worst.
  32. I asked my boss what he wants for his birthday and just waiting for his wrap-ly.
  33. I purchased him that gift since I read the desc-wrap-tion of it online so it sounded perfect.
  34. Why does everyone else want to get their friends gifts as soon as one person does it? It just has the wrap-ple affect.
  35. The book I got for my birthday is a rribbon good read.
  36. The gift you get for someone who is holistic is one that is free of pree from pa-ribbons.
  37. How do you know it was not a good idea for the guy to give his new girlfriend a gift after he had a bad breakup with his ex? He is in a ribbon relationship.
  38. He did not get me a birthday gift but I could not card less.
  39. It never oc-card to me that you should get a housewarming gift for someone who is renting a new apartment.
  40. For-gift-ness is the best present you can give to someone who is sorry for what they did.
  41. Thanks for the wine you got me for Thanks-gift-ing.
  42. I have some mis-gift-ings when an enemy gives a present.
  43. You spent so much money on the gift and I just cannot wrap my head around why.
  44. I am happy you like my gift so much but why are you so wrapped up in it?
  45. What do you call it when you cover a present in paper by going around in circles? A wraparound.
  46. The new business owner get a gift for being an incredible ent-wrap-reneur.
  47. I did not want to go to the party as I left the gift on the table and left with tr-wrap-idation.
  48. This gift wrap-resents how much you care.
  49. You don’t need that item as a gift because don’t wrap-lace what’s not broken.
  50. A great wrap-ort card deserves a treat!

There you go, I hope you appreciate these gift puns!

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