51 Robot Puns That Will Program You To Laugh

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When you hear of the term ‘robot’, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You probably think of famous robots such as R2D2 from Star Wars or Alexa from Amazon, and you probably think of robots being part of the future. That is quite true as they will end up taking over. However, robots are not meant to wreak havoc in your life. What they are actually meant to do is save employers money in the end and make your life simpler. Think about it. You could have a robotic maid. Wouldn’t that be just so neat?

For instance, wouldn’t it be a dream to have a robot that can cook and clean and read to your kids while you focus on your work and unwind after? I mean, you don’t want robots to take over your parenting job. But when you have deadlines to meet and you are busy working you only feel more stressed if you think about how you need to tend to your kids – if you have any. Even if you don’t, having a robot as a maid would be so nice. You would never have to worry about having to clean your home again if the robot can do it. And you already have robot vacuums and mops to make your job easier. What else can you say about robots? They can be funny. Especially when it comes to puns. Let’s go over 51 robot puns that will program you to laugh right now.

List of Robot Puns That Will Program You To Laugh:

Following are some of the best robot puns that will program you to laugh.

1. What kind of music would you expect a robot to listen to? Heavy metal.

2. I bought a brand new robot puppy and it was dogmatic.

3. You know that robots need summer holidays just as much as you do to recharge their batteries.

4. The robot needed to go back to school because he was getting quite rusty.

5. How can R2D2 get a hold of opening up PDF files?  Through Adobe Wan Kenobi.

6. The robot just could not help but spend so much intimate time with his robot girlfriend because he couldn’t resistor.

7. The robot ended up declaring for bankruptcy because of not having anymore cache.

8. A type of robot that is never lonely is a mechanic since he’s always making new friends.

9. What do you call a robot that is a pirate? RRRRR2D2.

10. The only reason that the robot did the chore on its own was because of being programmed to do it.

11. Why did the robot have to stay home and away from others? Because of having a virus.

12. Why did the robot have a fit of anger fit? Because everyone was pushing his buttons.

13. Does the robot that you know of only have brothers? The only one that is known has transistors.

14. What is a robotic tractor called? A transfarmer.

15. The only reason that robots don’t like apples is that they are androids.

16. What does a robot do in the bedroom with his lover? Nuts and bolts.

17. What epitaph would you see on a robot’s tombstone? Rust In Peace.

18. What do you call a robot that is no longer trans? A transformer.

19. What sound does a robot sheep make? Be-ee-ep be-ee-ep.

20. What do robots eat with salsa? Computer chips.

21. What happens when a robot eats a large piece of food at once? It takes a megabyte.

22. What it is called when a robot goes into labor? Contraptions.

23. The robot wanted to establish having a conversation with the waitress that was pretty but failed to establish a connection with the server.

24. What do you call an emotional teen robot? A sigh borg.

25. A robot cannot be told what to do as their mind is made up.

26. I couldn’t pass engineering and yet I created a robot with speech capabilities so that says something.

27. A robot’s favorite Mexican food is Silicon Carne.

28. What is it when a male robot hits puberty? The discovery of nuts and bolts.

29. Dating robots will be casual as relationships will be on and off again.

30. What is a robot that smells? C3-BO.

31. Do robots ever need to wear diapers? It depends.

32. What is that movie called about the robot that needs a software upgrade to learn about love and sex? ‘The 40-Year-Old Version’.

33. When is the holy city for robots that practice Islam? Mecha.

34. What will happen if a Danish robot scans a puffin? It Scandanavian.

35. Why do you see robot anniversaries happen in the fall? They were autumn mated.

36. A policeman arrested a robot from Europe but eventually let it go because of not being able to charge it with anything.

37. The only programming that trans robots have is non-binary.

38. That really small robot needs sodium nitrate in order to function. It was a NaNObot.

39. Why cant robots play video games with villains in it? They are not able to CAPTCHA ‘em all.

40. The only reason that robots live in Africa is because Botswana.

41. I had a bad dream where robots were taking over the world but fortunately, I was awakened by my Tesla.

42. I was told that robots will not wash themselves so I finally put one in the bath and said “that’ll shower”.

43. Why can robots be hurtful? They can byte.

44. What do robots wear when it snows? Roboots.

45. What author would you find a robot reading a book from? Anne Droid.

46. What is the musical instrument that robots are good at playing? Cyborgans.

47. What type of robots like the winter? Snowbots.

48. What robot team won the Olympic water sports? The rowbots.

49. What is a light snack that robots tend to enjoy? Microchips.

50. R2D2 is known to use profanity and that is why they have to bleep out all of his words.

51. Why was that robot itchy? Roboticks.

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