51 Pokemon Puns We Bayleef You Will Fall in Love With

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Watching Misty, Ash, and Brock each morning while you were eating your eggs and toast for breakfast seems like a lifetime ago. And when you think back to that time, it is so easy to reminisce how life really was simpler. Pokemon is most definitely one of those things that remind us of simpler times. It would have been perfect to watch it all over again but that’s not possible due to having not enough time anymore, unfortunately. But we can get a fun blast from the past anyway by indulging in some fun Pokemon puns.

Let’s now have some fun with 51 Pokemon puns right here and right now. You are going to love these!

List of Pokemon Puns We Bayleef You Will Love:

Following are some of the best Pokemon puns for you to have fun with:

1. What did two Geodude say to one another? Come on, let’s rock!

2. Where does a Pokemon want to visit for a vacation in Europe? Paras France.

3. How is it possible for a pirate to also be a Pokemon? Easy, the one that goes Arr-bok!

4. Where does a Pokemon go after it passes away? Into a Koffin.

5. A Pokemon just became a police officer. What will it say on its badge? Magic-cop.

6. What is a hockey player’s favorite Pokemon? Goalduck.

7. Where does a Pokemon go to get a post-secondary education? StarU.

8. A boy Pokemon fan says that his girlfriend Pokemon fan is his Charmander out of affection, and why? Because she is making him hot!

9. Pokemon fans remind me of Deoxys because they are completely out of this world.

10. That boy is really a Mismagius in disguise since he makes his special girls’ wildest dreams come true.

11. What do you call someone who sneezes into their pie? A Pi-kachu!

12. Why can’t you hide from a Pokemon? Because it can still find a way to Pikachu!

13. Why does a Pokemon want to choose a food to eat that is low fat? Because the pounds will pack on if the food it eats is not Butterfree.

14. Someone said to me that they did not know how someone could play Pokemon Go for hours and hours on end. My response to them was Wynaut.

15. A Pokemon hates looking into the mirror when I get dressed because of seeing all of the Jigglypuffs.

16. Why does a Pokemon love medical marijuana? Weedle make anyone feel so much better.

17. Why does a Pokemon have tummy troubles after eating icecream? Because it is Zaptos intolerant!

18. What is something that happens often in auctions that have the Pokemon theme? Bidoofs do.

19. What does Meowth think when it sees itself in the mirror not understanding that it is a mirror? A copycat.

20. How is it possible to get Pikachu onto a train? Only to poke him on.

21. How are a mattress and Snorlax different from one another? You sleep on one and the other is slept on all of the time!

22. What is an adventurer that chews on toffee while climbing up Pikes Peak? The one and only peak-a-chewder.

23. What does a magician Pokemon say before disappearing? Abra-cadabra.

24. What kind of home improvement tool does a Pikachu need in its toolbox? A Pikascrew-driver.

25. You are so gorgeous I need to take another Pikachu!

26. What does Ash say to someone who he wants to work with for a long time? I choose you, and only you.

27. The Miltank had to go from point A to point B just to get on the udder side of the town.

28. Why does a Pokemon enjoy looking at the nighttime sky? To look at the Staryus.

29. What tarot card does a Pokemon psychic pull that represents a change in events? The Whale of Fortune card.

30. How does a Pokemon get the other Pokemon wet for fun during a hot summer day? Due to the use of the Squirtle gun!

31. Why do Haunters like to vacation in the midwest of the USA? Because it is by Lake Eerie.

32. What is the biggest and baddest Pokemon storm imaginable called? A Pokemonsoon!

33. Why did Ash struggle to see in the dark room? Because the LightBulbasaur needed to be changed.

34. Where did Nurse Joy and Brock have the best time on their special date? At the Pokeball.

35. What happens when the Loudred only gets stronger? To put in some earplugs.

36. Why cannot a Pokemon dog spend too much time outside at night alone? It can be sprayed by the Skuntank.

37. Why did the Pokemon go after all of the candy that was thrown into the air by other fans? Because it had to Ketchum all!

38. What does Pikachu say to someone when he agrees with them? Raichu are!

39. Pokemon had no tolerance for rude behavior because it was completely onix-ceptable.

40. What type of Pokemon stands by the door at the courtroom? The bayleef.

41. Why does the Pokemon love Motley Crue? Because they cannot get enough of the album Doctor Sphealgood.

42. The Pokemon did not have to worry about waiting in line for too long as it just needed to wait for another 10 Sekans.

43. Why does Pikachu look forward to the Christmas holidays every year? He cannot wait to make that Gengarbread house!

44. Why does Pikachu have a strong interest in the Middle East? He appreciates the Persian culture.

45. What romance film does the Pokemon love? Pidgeot Jones’s Diary.

46. What game did Pikachu love when he was a baby? Pikaboo!

47. The boy Pokemon wanted to be in the company of the girl Pokemon as he wanted her to stay mawile.

48. Besides penguins, what animals live near the South Pole? Seels.

49. The Pikachu statue did not break even when it was dropped from a high story because it was hard as a brock.

50. A Pokemon likes to use a humidifier at night because it likes the air misty.

51. Hypno was energetic immediately. He wasn’t Drowzee anymore.

So there you go, if you want to get a good laugh at the end of the day as well after reading these, you can do so. After you get into your pyjamesmas and climb into bed!

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