53 Owl Puns You Will Love Owl of Them

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What is the first thing you think of when you picture an owl? The wise one? The sage? The type who is full of so much wisdom that you know you can learn a thing or two from them? That is what is associated with the owl. Those who are wise usually became that way due to having a lot of difficult experiences in life.

The things that are the hardest to deal with are the strongest teachers around. When you think about it, those who have had it ‘easy’ in life rarely are full of wisdom. That is because they have not been through enough experiences to make them that way. After all, experience is the best teacher around. Therefore, that is how wisdom is developed, and that is someone who you associate with the owl.

However, anything funny can be associated with an owl too if it has to do with puns. Are you ready to read 53 dad jokes that are about owls that you’ll have a hoot over? Let’s go!

List of Owl Puns You Will Love Owl of Them:

Following are some of the best owl puns around to get a laugh at:

1. Who is one of the best-known owl boxers around? Muhammad Owl-ee.

2. What does an owl like to have with a piece of cake? Mice-cream.

3. What do you call a deep voice that comes from an owl? A growl.

4. Why did the owl not pay his cable bill on time? He just didn’t give a hoot.

5. What oldies song does an owl like a lot? ‘Love is Owl You Need’ by the Beatles.

6. What is the best compliment that you can give to an owl? ‘You are hootiful’.

7. Where do owls go when they get married? They walk down the owl.

8. What is the common digestive problem that an owl can get? Irritable Owl Syndrome.

9. Why do owls like to watch murder mystery movies? They like the hoo-dunnits.

10. Who is the master owl magician? Hoo-dini.

11. What type of owl did you see a lot hanging out in the evening during medieval times? A knight owl.

12. What type of math is an owl good at? Owlgebra.

13. What type of restaurants do hungry owls like to go to? The Owl You Can Eat Buffet.

14. Why does that owl not have many friends? He acts like such a wise guy most of the time.

15. What is the time-traveling owl called? Dr. Hoo.

16. What does an owl need to get after he takes a bath? A towl.

17. What is a wooden owl called? A dowl.

18. What eatery does an owl like to hang out? Hooters.

19. Why did the owl laugh at puns about him? He just had a hoot hearing them.

20. What do you call an owl that was caught red-handed stealing something? A spotted owl.

21. Who was the owl that was a crime boss that was infamous in the 1930s? It was Owl Capone.

22. What was the name of the owl that was a shoe salesman and had a lazy wife named Peg? Owl Bundy.

23. What happens in a crime-ridden section of the rough part of an owl city? Plenty of drive-by hootings happen.

24. What was the biggest gift that the best owl musician could have? Being talon-ted.

25. What is the 90s rap song that is related to owls? ‘Hoot, There It Is’.

26. What is an owl dressed up as a donkey for Halloween? A smart ass.

27. What happens when an owl eats too much fiber? It has many owl movements.

28. What rock band does an owl relate to the most? The Hoo.

29. Why can’t owls sleep well? They have owl-ot on their minds.

30. What do you call an owl that has many different jobs? A jack of owl trades.

31. What is an owl that thinks only in black and white and no in-between? The one that has an Owl or nothing mentality.

32. Owl of a sudden I started giving a hoot.

33. What does an owl do that has plenty of plans but procrastinates? One that is owl talk and no action.

34. What does an owl that is compassionate say to someone who needs to talk? ‘I’m owl ears.’

35. Counting all of those owls in the field is more of a challenge than I had thought. I mean hoot would have thought it would be so easy?

36. I’m talon you, it wasn’t me who did that, it was that owl!

37. What funny movie involved a baby owl speaking? ‘Look Hoo’s Talking’.

38. How does an owl cry? “Boo Hoot’.

39. The professional owl got a listing on Hoo’s hoo.

40. What is a baby owl’s favorite game? Beak-a-boo’.

41. Owl parents don’t know what they are doing with their kids so they are just winging it.

42. A baby owl is just as light as a feather.

43. The owl parents of adult owl children are sad because they miss them and are living through the empty nest syndrome.

44. What does an owl say to someone who needs encouragement to move out of their comfort zone? ‘Spread your wings’.

45. What did the owl say to the other when they are finished with their date? ‘Let’s call it a night’.

46. Why did that owl have a drinking problem? Because he is an owlcoholic.

47. What was the mom owl trying to teach the baby owl? The owlphabet.

48. I was upset that my owl puns did not get many views on Facebook but I can’t take it personally. They keep changing their owlgorithm.

49. The owl couple just had their first baby, a boy. What did they name him? Owlexander.

50. What is the cross between an owl and an alligator? An owlligator.

51. Owl these things, so little time. How am I going to do them?

52. What did the male owl told the female owl? “I am owl yours.”

53. What did the loner owl like a lot? He liked to be owl by himself.

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