50 New Year’s Puns That Are Bang

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New Year’s, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about this significant eve and day? Other than the year changing, you probably think of a time to make resolutions and to not stick with them by the time you hit the middle of January. In the northern hemisphere, you probably quickly become dragged down quickly after the holiday celebrations are over with the dark, bleak, and long winter. In the southern hemisphere, you are enjoying your summer and going swimming, and sunbathing.

Either way, even for the ones in the southern hemisphere, they are approaching the dog days of summer by the time the new year celebrations are behind them. Therefore, it does not take very long for anyone to get tired of the time past the holidays. Then you think to yourself whether you are tired of the freezing cold or tired of the blistering heat, ‘why did I care so much about having a celebration?’

New Year’s Eve is just an excuse to celebrate and party, and it is not even about looking forward to having a new year that you know will be challenging in many ways. Even if the bad year passes, the new year may be better in some ways, but it won’t be challenge-free. Anyway, what else can be said about any new year’s related stuff? Oh, I don’t know? Perhaps if you don’t have much of a sense of humor, why not make a new year’s resolution to work on one! Let’s practice that right now by laughing at the following 50 New Year’s puns!

List of New Year’s Puns That Are Bang:

Following are some of the best New Year’s puns that are bang:

  1. Changing years is really being out with the old, in with the new year.
  2. The resolution will not be televised in the new year.
  3. You’re either part of the resolution or part of the problem with things improving after the new year.
  4. There is no eve-idence that people struggle with drunk driving around the new year.
  5. Why will you hear better on January 1st than you do on December 31st? Because it is a new ear.
  6. It is imperat-eve to have the new year’s celebrations at home this year.
  7. Let’s go and enjoy the new year first-ivities.
  8. I am going to be so rich after the new year rolls around as I will have a first-ful of money.
  9. I know I will be too hungover from the new year’s celebrations I doubt I could eat break-first.
  10. I want to make my home first-idiously for the new year’s party.
  11. Is there going to be a new year’s party? No one is taking the initiat-eve.
  12. Christmas and New Year’s Eve bring out such first-ive vibes.
  13. I am not party-cular picky about how to celebrate on New Year’s Eve.
  14. I never drink too much on New Year;s Eve because of the throb-bang headache I will have.
  15. The New Year’s party will happen at the old bang-alow.
  16. I am going to make so much money after the new year from that client for nothing that I will be laughing all the way to the bang-k.
  17. How does cattle celebrate on New Year’s Eve? They moo ‘Cowabanga’.
  18. Countdown your blessings that the year is ending.
  19. On New Year’s Eve you will be full of energy and pop.
  20. What do you call a sucker you enjoy on New Year’s Eve? A lolli-pop.
  21. That one lady at the New Year’s Eve party has such a bubbly personality.
  22. Sorry to burst your bubbly that the problems you have won’t go away in the new year.
  23. You can always pop the question on New Year’s Eve.
  24. I want a fancy New Year’s Eve party even if I cannot afford it since I have champagne taste and a beer wallet.
  25. As New Year’s Eve rolls around, I will have champagne for my real friends.
  26. That sight on New Year’s Eve was eye popping.
  27. The overcrowding downtown on New Year’s Eve is just a sign of the city’s over-pop-ulation.
  28. Pop-eye was always known to throw awesome New Year’s Eve bashes.
  29. The cooking pot that I had running on New Year’s Eve almost caused a kitchen flood since it was bubbly over.
  30. I was tired on New Year’s Eve but after midnight striking, it was like I got a second wine-d.
  31. There goes my New Year’s plans, right out the the wine-dow.
  32. I was feeling a bit wine-ky on New Year’s Eve.
  33. You think I will host a New Year’s Eve bash? Not until wine hell freees over.
  34. I am going to enjoy New Year’s Eve with my booze-om buddy.
  35. I was invited to two New Year’s Eve parties and deciding on which one to go it putting me betwine a rock and a hard place.
  36. I hope you will sit boozeside me at the New Year’s Eve party.
  37. I was having so much fun at the New Year’s bash that I had a ball.
  38. You can midnight kiss that year goodbye.
  39. Why is a particular catroon cat known very well on New Year’s Day? It is Saint Sylvester’s Day.
  40. Why do you go shooting at the range on New Year’s Eve? Because it goes out with a bang.
  41. Let’s eve-aluate the situation on New Year’s Eve.
  42. Just your eve-erage Joe will even throw a cool New Year’s Eve bash.
  43. Drinking on New Year’s? I will take it or le-eve it.
  44. Crashing a New Year’s party only happens based on maleve-olent actions.
  45. I am getting a dog on New Year’s day and it is a golden retri-eve-r.
  46. I have an eve-rsion to champagne.
  47. I get so hungover on New Year’s Day that I am dry he-eve-ing.
  48. Let’s play some 70s music at the New Year’s bash as I am getting some disco f-eve-r.
  49. I was so na-eve to think I would be invited to that bash.
  50. There are other eve-nues to explore when it comes to New Year’s celebrations.

There you go, and Happy New Year (only if you are reading this on New Year’s Eve or within the first week of the new year). Otherwise, at all other times, have a good day!

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