51 Llama Puns That Wool Make You Laugh

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Llamas are cute, and they are sassy and large animals that can be quite fascinating to those who are not overly familiar with them. They are pack animals which means they are highly sociable. Their personalities are unique and they have a real spunky side to them as well. It is really not hard to become close to a llama and just downright fall in love. But how many times can you actually spend time with a llama? Not very often and whenever you are able to, it makes the occasion quite special.

Spending just a few minutes with a llama at a zoo where they are hanging out can make some fun memories that will last a lifetime. Other than that, how often do llamas really come into your life? And how often do you even really think about them? Probably quite rarely. However, now, there is the time to spend thinking about them and showing some appreciation for them. You can do it by having a good chuckle when you hear some llama puns. Here are 51 of them below that will make you laugh.

List of Llama Puns to Make You Laugh:

Following are some of the best llama puns that wool make you laugh:

1. ‘I need you to do me a favor and feed the llama as I head out’, says you. ‘No prob-llama’, I say.

2. If you are concerned that your membership card will get eaten by a llama, then get it llammanated.

3. Why don’t you want your llama to dress in clothing that is out of style? Because he will look llame.

4. What is the lambda fraternity that was talked about in Revenge of the Nerds? Llama Llama Llama.

5. It is time to say hello to the oh, oh Llama mia, here I go again.

6. What does a Spanish llama ask? ‘¿Como te llama?’

7. What does a llama say when they don’t want to waste a day when their fur is behaving? ‘Llama take a selfie’.

8. What does a llama say to another that they are in love with? ‘Llama be the one’.

9. It is time to do some yoga with the Shangri Llama.

10. What kind of fancy car does a llama like? A llamborghini.

11. What did the llama say to the one who he was tired of poking fun at him? ‘I hope you got the last llaugh’.

12. When you offer something to a llama that they need to ponder, what do they say? ‘Llama think about that for a bit’.

13. What does an immature llama do when they are unhappy about something? A dummy spit.

14. What are the fur on a llama that is not in good condition called? ‘Spit ends’.

15. Why did the llama not want to go take a bath? It was against their wool.

16. How do you know if a llama is being deceptive? They pull the wool over someone’s eyes.

17. Why do llamas spit on those who they actually do like sometimes? Because accidents wool happen.

18. What play did the llama version of Shakespear write? All’s Wool That Ends Wool.

19. You are going to feed that llama for the first time? That is great. I hope it goes wool.

20. What is a llama mixed with a dog called? A Wool-f.

21. What did the llama want to dress up as for Halloween? A werewool-f.

22. I am sad to leave the llama alone again. Spending time with him was fun wool it lasted.

23. I would love to see the llama spit on the jerk but the only way that could happen is if I was a fly on the wool.

24. How do you wish a Spanish llama a Merry Christmas? You say ‘Fe-leece navidad’.

25. The llama area was so quiet that you could have herd a pin drop.

26. The llama that broke into the mall made a loud crash and everyone fleece from the stores.

27. That llama is a thief because I realized when I got home that he fleeced me.

28. Don’t get close to a llama that you don’t know well as they could spit on you. It is not worthwool your time.

29. I overherd them talking about those llamas having fun with one another.

30. Have you herd the latest llama puns?

31. I am the llama expert in my field.

32. How do you know if a llama is optimistic? They see the glass hoof full.

33. How long can I spend time with that llama? Only for a hoof an hour.

34. That llama is as happy as a dog with two tails.

35. That llama artist is truly a tailented painter.

36. What do you say about a female llama who you have met for the first time? You have never met herbivore.

37. The llama is hanging around you as it is just pasture house on the right!

38. Manure making some strange llama puns right now aren’t you.

39. You cannot take a llama on the bus so instead, you have a hoof it home.

40. Why did the llama want to go to sleep? He just wanted to hit the hay.

41. Who is the most spiritually evolved llama? The Dalai Llama.

42. What is the llama’s favorite activity to do? Ceramic grazing.

43. What do you say to a llama that you want to make tea for? ‘Llama make that for you’.

44. What is the name of the popular llama rapper around? Kendrick Llama.

45. Yo llama’s so funny she can make a herd laugh at once.

46. What do you say to several llamas that are walking around loose on the bus? ‘Buckle your seat pelts right now’.

47. What do two llamas in love say to one another? ‘Let’s cud-dle’.

48. What did one llama say to the other that was annoying him? ‘Cud you stop it please?

49. That llama isn’t that cute. I cudn’t see what the big deal was when it came to fussing over him.

50. What did the mom llama say to the baby llama that was staying up too late? ‘It’s pasture bedtime.’

51. What did the llama say to his friend to make him calm? “Don’t you worry, it wool be fine.”

Hopefully, these llama puns put a smile on your face so that the rest of your day can go wool.

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