50 Otter Puns That You Will Find Otterly Funny

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Otters are cute, and unless you are a zoologist, you likely don’t know much about them other than the fact that they live in the water. Otters are a carnivorous mammal and they come in 13 different species which means they are either marine, aquatic, or semi-aquatic. This means they live on either land or water. They eat fish mostly, as well as other sea creatures.

Otters are part of the Mustelidae family which means they are related to wolverines, polecats, monks, matters, badgers, and weasels to name a few. This is a species that is not really known by many people except for animal experts. One thing however that you can agree on is that they really are adorable but they are wild animals. You want to only look at them from a distance. They can also do some funny things as they swim along such as bumping into one another. What else could be funny that is relevant to an otter? How about puns! Let’s check out 50 otter puns that are truly otterly funny.

List of Otter Puns That Are Otterly Funny:

Following are some of the best otter puns we could find for you.

1. Why are otters always freezing? Because they can’t seem to get a little otter.

2. What does an otter couple that is on the brink of breaking up say to one another. ‘It is time to see some otters to date’.

3. It is so easy to get beavers and weasels mixed up as I otter know better.

4. The zoo had a bunch of sea animals escaping out of nowhere and it was truly otter chaos.

5. I want to make the best meals for the sea creatures around and this means I have an otter you cannot refuse.

6. Why did the seal slide along the path to cross? He needed to get to the otter side.

7. What does a sea mammal think as it is taking his last few breaths of life? It is time to get to the otter side.

8. Which do you like better, the weasel or the mink? No, I like the otter one.

9. Where do sea mammals want to go when they think of traveling far out? To otter space.

10. What is an otter that has the ability to pick up an elephant? Sir.

11. What is a type of car that can drive into rivers? The otter-mobile.

12. Where do otters like to save their money? In river banks.

13. What is better, to be a polar bear or an otter? Whichever one is (h)otter.

14. These otter puns are not making me otter-disappointed.

15. I’m otter-ly dumbfounded at the fact that no one appreciates these otter puns.

16. My boyfriend that loves otters gave me a mug that says ‘you’re my significant otter’.

17. The sea creature that yells across past the river yells out ‘hello from the otter side’.

18. When you go through a tough time, be like a sea creature and get to the otter side stronger than ever.

19. That weasel got into the garbage once again as he should be otter-ly ashamed of himself.

20. What do you mean that mice are sea creatures? That is otter nonsense.

21. My otterney advised me to plead guilty for ruining that dam.

22. What do you mean when you whispered you did not like my pet weasel? Can you just stop ottering things under your breath?

23. We need to go to the zoo now otterwise we’ll be late.

24. What is said often in the river when a party of a group is expected to happen? ‘Let’s not start until the otters come’.

25. I want to leave the river now as this is boring so I am otter here.

26. What is a term for a good-looking sea creative? Otteractive.

27. The river has the one of a kind otter-mosphere.

28. That poor sea creature is struggling to get to the land so we otter stop and help him.

29. Only the real otterocious otter puns are in this list.

30. Why is there a lot of sex in the river happening? Due to the strong physical otteraction.

31. Do sea creatures live forever? No, they don’t have an otternal life span.

32. It is really time to holt off on the otter puns.

33. The production of gourmet food for otters was put to a holt.

34. I really wanted to see the cute otter in the river but on the way there I felt and spraint my ankle.

35. What did one otter say to the other that was hogging the food? ‘Stop being so shellfish’.

36. The two sea creatures in the river that hung out together ottermaticaly became good friends.

37. What type of book does an otter write about his life? An otterbiography.

38. How can you determine an otter’s cause of death? Through an otterpsy.

39. I absolutely otter creatures from the sea.

40. Have you seen that latest otter meme? It is so otterable.

41. What do you say to a famous otter when you want to get something with their handwriting? ‘Can I get your ottergraph’?

42. Since otters cannot get menial jobs anymore, it is hard on them and due to the ottermation of many repetitive jobs.

43. Why is that otter so judgemental? Due to that ‘holtier than thou attitude’.

44. Why does the otter have a hard time in history class? He could not listen to any more about the otterocities committed during WW2.

45. There are no more otter toys being made right now because production was brought to a holt.

46. The otter has a painful foot because he spraint it.

47. Why was that otter so dishonest and deceptive? Because he is really a weasel.

48. The ottermost layer of the dam is the hardest.

49. I have to say there is really some otterworldly feeling about this particular river.

50. That weasel that I encountered is otterly deplorable.

There yo have it, those 50 otter puns that I hope you found to be otterly funny.

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