50 Sloth Puns That Will Slowly Make You Laugh

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Sloths. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sloths? You probably think of slowpokes. And that they are. These animals that live in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America spend their time on the trees hanging upside down and they literally do nothing all day and all night. That is how they earned their reputation as they literally spend their days doing nothing. They are also very slow to move. And that is why those who are lazy and don’t do much other than lay around eating junk food are referred to as sloths. Isn’t that one of the Seven Deadly Sins for laziness?

Anyway, here are some interesting tidbits about sloths. They are closely related to anteaters. Not many people probably know that because they have a slight appearance of monkeys but are not primates. Some have three toes on their back limbs and others have two digits on their front limbs. And they would be content literally all day to lounge around, just like someone who is referred to as a sloth because of being lazy. You can only see sloths in two areas. Either the tropical rainforests or in zoos. That depends on where you decide to go if you want to see these creatures. They can be funny, right? Especially when it comes to puns about sloths. But you may laugh at them slowly and by the time you read through all of 50 of them below, you will be laughing!

List of Sloth Puns That Will Slowly Make You Laugh:

Following are some of the best sloth puns that will slowly make you laugh.

1. Why don’t sloths kiss on the first date? They take it slow.

2. What type of dancing do sloths like to do? Slow dancing.

3. What do sloths and turtles have in common? They are slowpokes.

4. What type of chocolate treat named after the sloth be a lot like? The Turtles.

5. Why are sloths like hippies? They are tree-huggers.

6. What is it when a sloth eats a second helping of food? Sloths seconds.

7. What type of chips do sloths like? Fritos.

8. What happened in the movie March Of The Sloths? They went 2 miles, and it’s 12 hours long.

9. What does a sloth say to you when you are upset? ‘Hang in there’.

10. Why does a sloth want to be with you all of the time? They love to hang with you.

11. That sloth is not very friendly. In fact, it is quite anti-slowcial.

12. What does a sloth say to you if he does not like the pace you are moving? ‘Slow it down’.

13. Why don’t sloths get digestive troubles? They eat slowly.

14. Why did it take the sloth a lot of time to learn math skills? Because of being a little slow.

15. What do you call a sloth-like creature around Scotland? Loch ness Slothster.

16. Why was that sloth pondering some great things? It was feeling philo-sloth-ical.

17. Why do sloths always come out ahead? Slow and steady always wins the race.

18. What is something that a sloth would prefer to do during the day? Sleep.

19. Why does a sloth need to ponder what you said? It needs to sleep on it.

20. What month is sloth month? Sloth-tember.

21. I heard that sloth puns are slowly becoming popular.

22. What does a sloth say to stop you in your tracks? ‘Not so fast’.

23. How does a sloth make you feel better and to calm down? ‘Don’t hurry be happy’.

24. What does a sloth ask someone who is agitated about something happening? ‘What is your rush’?

25. Why don’t religious people want anything to do with sloths? They are one of the Seven Sins.

26. How does a sloth express its love? ‘I love you slow much’.

27. Why don’t you want to rely on a sloth’s schedule? They could be napping at any time.

28. What exercise do sloths do? Sloth yoga.

29. What does a sloth Santa Claus say? ‘Slow ho ho’.

30. What is a sloth’s slogan? ‘Just do it, later’.

31. What is the sloth’s biggest challenge that hurts them when they do projects? Procrastination.

32. What part of any movie does a sloth relate to? Anything that is in slow motion.

33. What is a sloth party called? A sleepover.

34. The national zoo’s sloth gave birth but ate 2 of the 3 babies, so now she is guilty of two sins which are sloth and gluttony.

35. What is a sloth that barely moves a muscle? A slow-off.

36. What do sloths make when the ground is snowy? Slow angels.

37. What do sloths throw at each other during the wintertime? Slowballs.

38. What is a cat and a sloth cross called? A slow leopard.

39. What do you call a sloth that has the ability to pick up an elephant? Sir.

40. How can you successfully apologize to a sloth? You have to bear your heart and soul.

41. What Scottish rock band has a sloth as a member? Slow Patrol.

42. When is the only time a sloth says ‘moo’? When it is learning a new language.

43. Why did the sloth get fired from his job? He was too slow to work.

44. Where does a sloth connect with other sloths? On slow-cial media.

45. What does a sloth say when he wants to you to know he was right about what you said the first time? ‘I told you slow’.

46. What does a sloth say when he makes it known that he does not care? ‘Slow what?’

47. What does a sloth say when he is disappointed how something turned out? ‘Slow much for that.’

48. What does a sloth say when he says goodbye? ‘Slow long’.

49. What do you call a walking sloth? A sleepwalker.

50. What is it called when you see a sloth that cannot move? Sleep paralysis.

There you go, there are 50 sloth jokes. If they didn’t make you laugh this time, think about it again and then you will laugh. It just might take longer, that’s all!

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